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  1. I found the video which would show you that I was not lying about the things happened when I got in town. as you can see i told ID 15 to drive because of my lag ... you can also notice the lag by watching the video ... my System was dying that day for some reason.
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    hmmm, seems like to be interesting.
  3. sorry if I caused something with that one-time ramming which was desync as you can see in the Video, but as I can see that Desync caused you nothing. and when you just tried to drive thro me I thought you want to ram me over which is clear in the Video as well. if admins want to know about anything, feel free to ask im up for it. Cheers.
  4. Hey everyone. ID [132] Johnathan Allen Here. -First of all, I should mention that Zetas [ Our Allies ICly ] told us that they need help at LSD so I got there and was waiting for someone to explain the situation for me when I saw Sarrah from Zetas [ID 6], she told me that Red car is the one who robbed us. -as you can see at 2:20 I blocked their way, stepped out and gave them demand which was "step out" they refused and tried to ram me over by their car so I dodged that and shot time like 3 times as you can see in the video I didn't shoot anyone of them because I always shoot the car to get it stalled not people inside it. and when I was chasing the car after the 2:20 my PC got lagged so bad [CPU Usage was on 100%] so that one at Yellow jack was not on purpose because I didn't even hit him on my screen I was lagging so I assume it was Desync. and after that, I don't see anything bad called ramming because I was lagging so bad I couldn't even chase him like others. and ID 15 can admit that as well because if you check the chat log you'd see that when we got in the city I told him that "im lagging you drive" he didn't upload 2 mins after the situation that video got ended because when we got there ID 15 was driving because of the thing I told him. everything would be clear in chat logs. Thanks a lot for reading this and Peace.
  5. +1 would be awesome.
  6. -1 There are people from Asia if they move the server to the US those guys would never have a chance to enjoy the server.
  7. +1 everyone is living in peace! lets end this peace !!!
  8. well seems like that it was a great RP from him 🙂 he would shoot people who are having a hostage which is the Chief ... I have nothing to say. I would accept @ChuckM 's judgement whatever it's going to be.
  9. to be honest i was waiting for someone to let me know about the situation, as I got Mercy'd, but Austin Miller was the guy who was keeping my updated thro /f and when he said they are not gonna Redo the RP I really got pissed and closed the game to upload the video and make the report. and im pretty sure that we didn't start any action since we had the hostage with us, I told them myself not to do anything because if we do something wrong Cops would kill every one of us. man im sure the one who shot first was one of the cops since Jay Gamble and his friends were on their vehicles. and Austin Miller was a Mile away from the Prison.
  10. you can ram 1000 people with your cruiser once, that's okay. but you cant ram them even if one of them is pointing a gun at you! I have friends who got banned because of this. Let's just let Chuck Decide.
  11. First of all, when someone is aiming at you, you can't just go and Ram him, because it's Non-RP aswell, would you risk your life and ram someone when he is pointing a gun at you? and it counts as VDM as I know. as you can see no one started to shoot before you ram me with that cruiser. [ we had the hostage on our side and we couldn't risk our position we shooting at cops! ]
  12. @ChuckM no, as I know we all wanted to do the RP again and rewind everything but when they didn't accept it I decided to report it. as you can see in this video, It was a poor RP.
  13. there was nothing after it as i can remember they just told us that move it on forums .
  14. I dont really think if you know what RP is, i just suggest you to play GTA online for ease that anger you have. and i rammed him once, when i was going to ramm him he wasn't aiming at him when i got closer to him he started to aim at me and shooting, its all clear in the video 😉
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