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  1. Met_Zoli

    LSPD This was not smart

    PD bois catch that bitch
  2. Met_Zoli

    LSPD This was not smart

    This is Jonathan Allen Im a total Stranger, listen up buddy if you want to kidnap someone you need to cut their finger off at least. then they are gonna listen to your orders like Loyal Dogs! good luck in your next Plans mate!
  3. Met_Zoli

    Elena Pierce

    Perfect Girl With Perfect Stories 😃 Keep it up 😉
  4. Met_Zoli

    Johnyx - Johnathan Allen (Ban Appeal)

    @BallinByNature Dude First of all i didn't even know if he DMed her at all because as i said i got involved when that car arrived i wasn't with them when they shot at the girl in that moment after i heard gunshots i went there and started to shoot and as you can see i had a shotgun in my hands i was in LSD's bulding and searching for others when they said they killed the girl yeah i got choked to be honset but when i thought i said well there was a gunshot there shouldn't be any rule breaches and dude you can see all of that in logs ... im not lying here the only thing was that i didn't have time to deffend my self in that report because i had no idea that i got reported ... you saw my Suit in the second video i was wearing a suit so you cant see me in the first video shooting at anyone either ... as i said i got involved in the second video which you just said is not our problem . i dont know how to prove it now but i guess i made everything clear i just needed time to make it clear for her too but i found out about that Report when i got banned you can ask Musket i had no idea why would i even get banned he gave me the link of this report when i asked him about my ban dude its been 1 month after that thing ... and all of those guys in that video can admit that i wasn't with them when they were shooting at the girl ...
  5. Met_Zoli

    Johnyx - Johnathan Allen (Ban Appeal)

    dude, I've read that and in that video, I was just chasing him with my shotgun when Diego Said That thing "Hands up and get on your knees" and after they started to shoot ... you can check the logs that I wasn't the guy who started to shoot first ... you can check it budd i shot when I saw guns in their hands ... -and I should mention it again it was for 1 month ago man ! in this past month there was not a Valid report against me because I didn't try to PVP I was just RPing with others. im okay with waiting brother please just check everything and you will see that I wasn't Breaching any rules in this month...
  6. Met_Zoli

    ID 76 7.2 Deathmatch

    dude, can you stop being salty? and wait for admins to reply? this is not a chatroom. won't reply anymore ...
  7. Met_Zoli

    ID 76 7.2 Deathmatch

    its not If they Check Time Stamp the will see
  8. Met_Zoli

    Johnyx - Johnathan Allen (Ban Appeal)

    @BallinByNature 1 of those metagamings you saw, wasn't fair at all it was only because of my friend's recorder but okay let's not talk about that that's right. but lets talk about that active report which i got banned for you just read what i said about that situation man it was more like a misunderstanding , Not Dm man I mean okay if we are that bad in Rules shouldn't we know that we can't open our fire like that ? as I said we got shot from the Car's direction man and you didn't even give me a chance to defend my self in that report . I didn't have a chance to defend my self in my DM #1 either ! you guys didn't even inform me in the game I mean how can I defend my self when I don't even know what's happening behind my back? and as you can see it was for a month ago man I didn't get reported for DM for like a month! the only thing im doing these Days Is RPing because I knew how bad was my Profile about those reports ... What I mean Is, I might deserve a ban okay. but not Permanent ban man ...
  9. Account name: Johnyx Character name(s): Johnathan Allen Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 01/26/2018 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: DM#2 (FR) & Extensive Administrative punishments Your explanation of what happened: well we tried to search The LSD Lab and we were looking for Clowns [Gang Name] because they robbed one of our guys At Village Lab then when found them at LSD we went to Warn them to put their hands up but they ran away and im always the guy who would Use Microphone to Give Demands and Samo Granados is the huy who types demands when we went inside i Used Shout Voice Method [CTRL+Z] and told them to Put their hands up while i was heading to upstairs but unfortunately they didn't hear me as you see in that video when they decided to run Samo started to shoot them when i saw that he started to shoot others decided to shoot too but as you can see in those videos i had shotgun and i always try to Flank my enemy i didn't shoot to that girl and her friend but when Samo shot everyone shot after because they had no idea that he didn't give them demands ... he shot first then he gave them that demand because he was a guy who had to do it earlier ... but in the second video as you see in 0:23-0:25 before we start to shoot someone from his direction started to shoot at us but i have no idea if it was them , thats why we decided to shoot at them and as you see in that report She made she said that the second situation is not her porblem because she told them to shoot at us and they had the KOS . Why should your appeal be accepted?: well it was my DM #2 and they didn't even inform me about this report they just banned me and as i said Its DM #2 i could deffend myself if i knew that i got reported this is not the first time my First report was like this too i will drop the link down below and you can check both . the thing im tring to say is this, there are lots of people with like DM#4 and more Punishments they only get ban... but i get Permanent ? this is not fair at all no one informed me ingame about this either of course i could deffend my self ... and its about 1 month ago i mean come on how could i even know about this ? Post any evidence or further details: this is my DM#1 which I still think it wasn't ... but its okay as you can see they didn't inform me thro forum nor the game ... and this is the Second report of DM [#2] which I got a permanent ban for ... as you can see the only guy who got informed was @AmooRid3r and I don't talk to that guy because I got banned once because of him so he didn't tell me anything! I talked to others they had no idea about this report ... https://gyazo.com/6abd818410e4412a888ca33a17665a09 and this one is about a guy who got Offense #5 and still playing ...
  10. Met_Zoli

    ID 76 7.2 Deathmatch

    Hey I got ban for telling someone Retard in OOC 😉 and I won't say anything till you upload the full video or admin replies.
  11. Met_Zoli

    RDM Report

    Well hello and thanks for reporting to make sure about that situation ... Im ID 76 [Johnathan Allen] I was chasing you guys with my bike and didn't do anything till you started to shot at my friends then when you jumped out I stopped next to you and if you watch the video I gave you a chance to put your hands up even when I had KOS on you because you were shooting my friends . as I see I didn't do anything wrong here ... I would appreciate if you recheck the video and find the Rule breach I did ... thanks.
  12. Met_Zoli

    ID 76 7.2 Deathmatch

    That video got edited first of all Upload the full video second turn the sounds on and you will see how many times I warned you to drop your gun. and you would see one more thing if he uploads the full video. He didn't Answer the RP and just started to say yo whats your gang. why are you guys doing this etc because he called back up before and waited for his back up ... you have Unix time stamp to upload the full video you can check the logs. and the funny thing is when I killed him he told me that I DMed and ... I told him to Make a report and let admins judge about this and he started to Insult me during /pm too ... here is the screenshot : https://gyazo.com/3a9fa5ce50aaf53e33b0c5f38e435102 https://gyazo.com/f835173896589164e0e06c64586a7e43 please just upload the full video. its 1m of a 3m video ... thanks.
  13. Hello, guys, I was riding my bike around that place ... and suddenly @AmooRid3r Called for back up at LSC and said 2 Zetas are shooting at me ... I got no footage because my friend just said that they are shooting at him and I got there to help him ... and this video he uploaded is not a full video ... they started to shoot first then we opened fire ...
  14. Met_Zoli

    Admin abuse Flucifial

    [email protected] hey buddy thanks for answering this report but I should mention that I decided to wait but is there anything I can do when i am getting shot at by two snipers? after taking those shots I decided to save my life... and another thing about that situation: you specting us you saw those two guys timed out ... why didn't you tell those swat guys to stop till my friends reconnect and continue RP after?
  15. Met_Zoli

    Admin abuse Flucifial

    when i was in the car and waiting for my friends to reconnect it was okay and they were allowed to shoot me 🙂 but when he comes and take the car to leave there would be a problem 🙂