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  1. Hey men, just after a new jester classic, please respond when you can get me one, thanks

    1. Eriksen


      I'll hit you up in a year or two 

    2. Flucifial


      No meta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Eriksen


      ((In stock! 😎))

  2. Can’t believe it man, taken too young. Fly high brother. Rest in peace.
  3. Hello, I am ID 109. Myself and my partner ID 24, saw you leave the LSD lab and attempted to get you to pull over, giving you demands at a low speed, which you acknowledged, telling us “no, fuck you”. I then attempted to stop your vehicle forcefully, which I failed to do so. You then pulled around and withdrew a weapon, I already had a weapon out as you can see from the video. I thought I would’ve been able to get the jump on you at the time but could not, as you were just out of my peripheral vision. As for the radio, you were over frisking my friend at the time so there was no need for me to fear for my life. Might I add that you had very poor roleplay when trying to frisk my partner and he mentioned that in OOC twice, trying to help you out, however you seemed to get frustrated and gunned him down instead, even though he was complying with your demands. Thanks, TobyVintage.
  4. +1 skill system for jobs should be implemented. Fishing, trucking, mining would be the obvious ones. However, there is already a bonus for delivering x packages with courier and trucker
  5. Pending senior admins as this involves staff. Locked for now.
  6. Hello, My shadowplay did not save, as I explained to you via pm and /b when you were all parked up, you did not load in for me in time and I ran through you on my screen, I apologised and revived you but you refused to continue the scenario and started to complain via my PMs and /b. Not sure why you’re reporting us for a situation that you instigated and did not lose anything in the end but that’s on you chief. Have a good one. Pending Seniors.
  7. Hello there, This report involves an administrator, however the evidence is edited. As per the report guidelines all video evidence must not be edited. This report will be closed. Thank you, TobyVintage
  8. Have you tried /showvehicles ingame?
  9. Hello, I have come to the conclusion that this instance of combat logging/leaving during roleplay was intentional, as you took all of your items out of the car, and conveniently "lost power". Although this may have actually been the case, I am not willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Mark_Ohiggins is set to be warned for their first NonRP offense (Combat Logging) In the future, please do your best and try to reconnect if you do leave/crash during a roleplay scenario, or try to make contact with the other party through discord. Thanks, TobyVintage
  10. Hey mate, ID 127 here Your friend was involved in the situation, as he is still a new player he did not lose any items at his time of death. He also broke fear roleplay as he had a small arsenal of weapons pointed at him and spoke over the radio, hence why he was gunned down as he did not follow our demands. Later on you, yourself powergamed by speaking fluent comprehensive sentances with a dirty sock in your mouth. At the time I did not punish anyone as it was not affecting the flow of roleplay and used my personal discretion to allow the scenario to continue. Thanks, TobyVintage
  11. Hello there, Thank you for reporting. @HazeTheBeater Mark_Ohiggins - You have 24 hours to explain why you took items out of your vehicle then timed out/left the game and did not return. Thanks, TobyVintage.
  12. At no point did I personally state over the radio I was there to "clap" cops, I wanted to roleplay the situation out with you but you refused in /b
  13. We could not risk our potential arrest as you had already known who we were, even though we were all masked. Which didn't matter in the end anyway, because we all got charged as you apparently had a "radio" on you even though we took everything off of both of you. Thanks, TobyVintage
  14. I didn't know driving through an NCZ was a rule break? Does that mean everytime I get chased I must avoid NCZs? Final reply. Pending Seniors.
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