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  1. Date and time (provide timezone): Anytime. Character name: Andrew Blanc Issue/bug you are reporting: MD's scripted NCZ has been broken for quite some time now, it's only covering half of the driveway and none of the carpark, our vehicles have had to be parked on the side of the driveway and the just get pushed over or onto the street and stolen and chopped on many occasions Expected behavior: NCZ does not cover enough area, needs to be modified to cover the carpark as it did previously. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  2. It would make more sense for a larger gang to control weapons trade than a smaller street gang with 2-4 members. Did you expect to just start up a gang and walk around with enough ak47s to support a small army? No.
  3. Have you even tried to approach a gang and sort out weapon deals? I've seen on numerous occasions, weapons being sold from official gangs to smaller gangs and groups, it's not that hard. Now it's even better for gangs to make money and control the illegal firearms market by importing and selling weapons with no serial numbers that can be traced by PD.
  4. G'day mate, Your post was reported by the thread owner as they had interacted with you in a roleplay situation a few moments prior to you commenting, you had apparently broken the FearRP rule during that situation. I was forwarded a video of the situation and deemed that you had indeed broken FearRP, rather than punishing you ingame I took it upon myself to warn you for the post you had made on their thread. This is not the first time that you have slandered a faction on their thread, as you've also done it to the Bratva, where the owner of the faction simply told you to post a forum report if you had an issue with their faction, which I also told you last night during our lengthy discord conversation. In the future if you have an issue with a faction or it's members, please post a detailed forum report instead of speaking down of them on their thread. A roleplay thread is there to show off the roleplay that a faction does and portrays it for all to see. Thanks, TobyVintage
  5. Closed as neither party has sufficient evidence and poster has requested for it to be closed.
  6. G'day, Thanks for reporting! I have reviewed the evidence and I will be issuing a warning to Jassem_Brrayana for breach of the NCZ rule, even if you did tell him to leave and he did not comply, it is still a NCZ, meaning you cannot commit any crimes in that area or around it. Thanks, TobyVintage
  7. G'day mate. Thanks for reporting, I have decided not to issue a punishment to the accused player today. As per the video, you were told "One more word and i'll kill you", You spoke again after he took your items from you, thus not complying with his demands. Thank you, TobyVintage
  8. G'day, thanks for reporting. @fastz Would you happen to have a video recording of the situation at all? @GiorgosK Could you please provide your side of the situation in greater detail or provide a video of the situation. You both have 24 hours to respond. Thanks, TobyVintage
  9. G'day mate, thanks for reporting. After reviewing the evidence I have decided not to issue a punishment to the player you have reported. As per the player's story above the video does seem to show a small pause and the player moving off to the side for you to pass without hitting you both, it just appears to be misfortune that you have been hit. Thank you, TobyVintage.
  10. Can confirm this is also happening at the bank. But if you teleport away or enter an interior it comes back.
  11. Video evidence has been sent to Ballin from myself as it contains staff information.
  12. Please use the correct format
  13. Toby Vintage

    72 ID NON-RP

    Hello, Thank you for reporting, after reviewing the evidence and your statement above I will be issuing @Igor_Morozov a warning for a breach of the Non-Roleplay rule. In the future please avoid taking unrealistic jumps on your motorcycle. I do appreciate that you tried to settle this without a forum report but however as the other party could not come to an agreement I have issued a punishment. Thank you.
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