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  1. Toby Vintage

    (ID)96 VDM,7.2.1,7.2.4

    Sorry for the late reply, I have decided to not issue any punishment towards the accused as there is not any clear evidence showing a rule break. In the future, please follow all of the instructions of the person holding you up to avoid breaking the fear roleplay rule and getting killed. You also got rammed off you bike and proceeded to walk around and attempt to steal another vehicle, this would be non-roleplay as you'd more than likely sustain injuries after flying off your motorcycle. -TobyVintage
  2. Toby Vintage

    (ID)96 VDM,7.2.1,7.2.4

    G'day, Thanks for reporting @Sasuke You have 24 hours to provide your side of the story please. Look forward to your response, -TobyVintage
  3. Toby Vintage

    First person

    Should be up to the players discretion whether or not they want to use First Person.
  4. Toby Vintage

    Arman Vierri 6775_3969 (6.4 PG/Non-rp)

    Sorry for the late reply, As your evidence does not provide sufficient grounds to administer a punishment, I have decided to close this report. In the future @armanhesari as per rule 7.5.6, You may be robbed without roleplay when you are injured and bleeding out. Also, please avoid powergaming when you are dead, as there would be little to no resistance that you would be able to carry out that would prevent you from being searched. Thank you for reporting.
  5. Not gunna happen, as with all new updates you will have bugs, just need to iron them out and all shall be good again. Until then, please remain patient and report any bugs or glitches you experience in the correct section.
  6. Toby Vintage

    Arman Vierri 6775_3969 (6.4 PG/Non-rp)

    Thanks for reporting, @dardanr could you please provide further evidence as there isn't anything clear in the screenshots that you have provided. You have 24 hours to respond, thank you 🙂
  7. Toby Vintage

    Application system hinders player experience.

    I would have to agree with you that some of the questions are not worded the best and do require some studying of the rulebook to correctly answer the questions, however most questions are common knowledge and the examples in the rulebook pretty much line up with what the questions are asking. I'd also like to add that applications now rarely take longer than 24 hours, the most i've seen since i've been a support member are ~300 minutes.
  8. Toby Vintage

    Activate More Emergency Service Buildings

    What about more MD stations too? There's the two firestations, one in Davis, the other near La Puerta. There's two more hospitals too.
  9. Toby Vintage


    Threads looking great, keen to see some more roleplay out of you guys, keep up the good work ))
  10. Toby Vintage

    Vintage's Trucking and Logistics - We'll haul your load!

  11. History Established in late 2018, Vintage's Trucking and Logistics was founded by Toby Vintage in hope to serve the community and business owners with a means of reliable and friendly service when it comes to moving freight, delivering packages, supply chain solutions or short-term storage of goods and possessions in our secure warehouse. Services we provide We cater for many different jobs, types of freight and company needs. Simply enquire on our website to setup a contract if you're a business owner or member of the public that requires frequent stock or goods deliveries. We offer regular scheduled deliveries or one-off stock movement contracts to local business owners, we can move most types of freight, including dangerous goods, flammable liquids, pressurised gases or liquids and vehicles. We also offer short-term storage solutions of your goods or possessions in our warehouse. Headquarters We run our daily operations out of a lot in . During business hours one of our friendly staff can be contacted about setting up contracts or employment opportunities. Fleet We currently possess a small fleet of trucks and prime movers but are looking to expand as our company grows and prospers. Our current fleet consists of :- A 2009 Kenworth K100 Series prime mover ((Hauler)) Recruitment We're currently looking for full-time delivery drivers, HR management and warehouse staff. Visit our website below or contact Toby Vintage on #3548646 during business hours Website Our website can be found by following the link below Click Here!
  12. Toby Vintage

    Truckers and payments

    Isn't even worth doing the job, you get more in the hour of trucking from your salary than what you make.
  13. Toby Vintage

    Truckers and payments

    +1 love the idea. Was thinking of buying my own truck and an added bonus for doing so would be great. Would actually add a reason for you to own a truck, rather than just rent one from the trucker yard. Perhaps with this addition we might see some trucking companys pop up and unlock a different roleplay experience.
  14. Toby Vintage


    Looking good so far, keep up the good work ))
  15. Toby Vintage

    Help with making application?

    Basically we want the rule broken to be identified, the reason that it's been broken and if required, provide examples of the rule being broken. With your biography you can make up a story about what your character has done before coming to Los Santos, or how they grew up here. It's pretty much up to you how you want to write it. You have an infinite amount of things to roleplay. You can remain as a citizen, join a faction or a gang etc. If you look around the forums you'll see a few things you can get upto.