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  1. This appeal is for in-game and Discord. Account name: magnolia Character name(s): Cindy Savage Discord name: Rumbunctious Admin who issued punishment: NobodyLTU Date of punishment: 15/01 Reason given for punishment: Savage Your explanation of what happened: Savage last name Why should your appeal be accepted?: In-game: The last time I actively played/participated in Savage activity was when the faction was "good" and people like Mason were still around. Stopped around August/Sept. Had used the character maybe once every few weeks/month to mess around. I knew 0 of the characters in the faction as it was at the end, some of them I knew OOCly due to their involvement in the MD/Weazel on other characters. I do not understand why this ban applied to a faction leader, the ban confused me and seemed like a massive joke to me. Discord: I said this ban wave was ridiculous and could have been sorted in other, much, much better ways. After that I left the discord, and upon trying to rejoin, have discovered I am banned. Post any evidence or further details: I would like to apologize for what I did during my time as head of Weazel. I spent 4-5 days putting in 12 hours of work (per day) and got burnt out. I ended up not doing much and got really frustrated over a lot of things. Things like how I had- one person on the team who was able to function as a reporter and write news-worthy articles. And how I was forced to fire employees after they went over a month without any communication or work. I would like to thank Vera/Applejacks/PBAJ for her dedication to the faction and her immense input into turning it around.
  2. Wishing you all a good farewell

    To whoever partook in the DDoSing: Fuck's wrong with you To whoever came up with the idea to ban everyone ever associated with the savages: Fuck's wrong with you bye
  3. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    THANKS FOR ADDING ME TO THE MAIN POST REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE InvalidSun Sorry, there were a lot of people. I could say we had some pretty cool conversations, and James was sad that Cindy started being rich as hell so he couldn't hit on her anymore lol. Normal person When did James hit on Cindy? :MonkaS:
  4. Never mind

    All I want for christmas is to drive through LS and pass by 20 armored kurumas because ROLEPLAY -1
  5. You stole my profile picture reeee

    1. Albatrosgaminng
    2. RowanMonty


      I’ve had this profile picture since I joined in March so...

  6. Credit cards

    Simple, add credit cards that people can buy so they don't have to carry cash to purchase things from general stores. With this, it should also be changed so people have to own a credit card to pay directly from their bank account to ALL types of shops, including dealerships, as well as if you are buying a vehicle from the market or a house. Credit cards should be sold by the current banks to give them more purpose, the banks would buy cards and stock them (like gun stores do with guns). There should be a few different types of cards (3 is a good amount), and they should have different costs and allowances. For Example: Basic card - $500 starting fee, $200 weekly/daily fee, 1% interest on all purchases, $0 credit allowance Silver card - $2,000 starting fee, $500 weekly/daily fee, 0.5% interest on all purchases, $5,000 credit allowance Gold card - $10,000 starting fee, $2,000 weekly/daily fee, 0% interest on all purchases, $30,000 credit allowance (Allowance would be taken out of bank owners account. Bank owner would be able to choose which cards the bank can sell on its own, and which cards the bank owner must be there to sell (So that contracts can be signed/agreements can be made when it comes to selling cards with allowances). OR Simply make all of the different fees and allowances, as well as amount of different cards, customizable by the bank owner. Bank owner would order cards, which would be nothing more than $100 or so from the server, like gun stores do. The order price should be the same for all types of card, as the risk of allowance (and other perks the bank owner may choose to give) will even out the cost of the card.
  7. [Suggestion] Life Invader Government Faction

    ^ Exactly what Pupui said. And *especially* now that Weazel is getting a new leader, I'm sure a lot of changes similar to these will come about.
  8. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    Reset economy, restrict supers and sports to about 1-3 cars on the server per model. Would create a demand for these cars, thus price goes up.
  9. Loan contract - Tim Lancer

    ((@Osvaldon @NobodyLTU @harmdone))
  10. That was a very touching story, brought a tear to my eye. Don't say you're not a good writer, because this was some of the best fiction I've read in years. Especially that last bit about following the rules. Truly touching. Well done.
  11. Loan contract - Tim Lancer

  12. Loan contract - Tim Lancer

    It has been over 7 days, @NotSoCasualCarlos Are you able to pay me back?
  13. Loan contract - Tim Lancer

    I have loaned Tim Lancer the sum of $100,000, failure to pay will result in a seizure of his assets , in this case a brawler (50k value) and a house (40k value), and if he has anything else at the time that will add up to the full 100k. Payback terms at $120,000 (100k with 20% interest) to pay back, within 7 days. please sign below Tim.
  14. PSA from a frustrated reporter

    Hi, my name is magnolia and I have a character in Weazel News. I would like to kindly, very kindly, tell you that it is in fact possible to roleplay with a journalist. After joining the faction a few days ago, I have been threatened by almost literally every single person I have tried to interview. "Hello sir, my name's Chaz Leone and I represent Weazel News, can I have a comment on what happened here?" (on the scene of a car crash) "Fack off ya mug or I'll take ya head off" "Officer, can you give Weazel News a comment on what has happened here?" (On a scene where a criminal is lying on the ground being tended to by a medic) "I'm reporting this to your boss, what's your name? I don't believe you, show me your license or I will arrest you. Alright, leave the area right now or I will arrest you." Trying to interview people inside a club, suddenly gunshots are heard and everyone runs outside to see what is happening. And what is happening? The news van is being shot up, just because fuck journalists, right? https://gyazo.com/dde489e7257a8f0c1a0480deba6110b6 PLEASE, KINDLY, try to actually roleplay with us evil journalists rather than tell us to fuck off or threaten to kill us and everyone we know
  15. Should be bleet since that is GTA equivalent http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Bleeter