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  1. Loan companies have been inherently flawed since their first introduction. Myself, Counterfeit and Spark spent a long time looking at buying a loan company, and we agreed it would only work if certain features were implemented. Here's a list I salvaged. We talked extensively with Xylum, and it was agreed the features would be implemented in the near future (This was summer 2017). So on that promise, we went in 33% each, all with steady incomes from legal factions to support the loans. Skip forward two months, and nothing had happened with the features. We'd loaned out just under 2,000,000 total and were left with a final profit of -29,326 (Yes, I went back and found the Accounts just for this). We tried pretty much everything we could think of, ICly, to make it run around without script support. RP encounters (criminally reporting, suing, calling them, breaking their legs, nuking their house), however, don't make a difference when the guy who owes you 100k decides to quit the server. If you try to run a system where the person taking the loan has to give you an asset? you'll never give out another loan. And then what about when you file a refund request for the 100k that the leaver took with him? I tried making contact regarding the 100k, nothing happened. I guess I'm down a third of 29k plus 100k. Huh. I'm not blaming the lack of admin/dev attention, in their respective instances, on any admin or dev. I'm sure they have their hands full with things that are important for the server. It just makes it clear, however - there's not a single doubt that a loan company could or should rely on refund requests or pure RP. They need script support.
  2. Me when I see I've been pushed out of Recent Status Updates


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  3. admin why you deny my application ? , why you bully me ??

  4. After the recent addition of 35% taxes, I'm against this. -1.
  5. Cindy Leone

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      could easily beat Vince Williams 


  6. This is now sorted! Thanks @Osvaldon!
  7. Character to be refunded: Cindy Savage (Magnolia) Date and time of incident: 13-10-2018 @ approx 6 PM GMT+2 Requested refund (what and how much): 500 credits Description of incident resulting in loss: I went to CK Cindy Savage, so I changed the name to Stan Walker via the /policedesk. Afterwards, I headed to the plastic surgery to change the model. However, here I discovered you can't change the gender of your character. Thus, I was now stuck with a female model with the name Stan Walker. So I made a report asking if I could have the gender of the character changed, and was told I can't. I was then offered for the name to be changed back and told to post a refund for the credits here. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/72cf33a0f6301f0f7d2c153ada14c430 https://gyazo.com/d5921f9867a7d4e3a5625375ab2f125b https://gyazo.com/67d735a14c1e1c926637c24279e731f8 Comments: Blueberry muffins are both tasty and in most cases nutritious. Have a good day!
  8. Don't think is particularly important in any way, but would be a neat feature. +1
  9. I don't think there's enough RP involved to justify this being a government faction, if even a faction at all. I would rather see the current player-owned banks modified to support a range of these features. I don't think that any business or faction however should be involved with salary money, as that's a core script of the server and should never rely on any player to work.
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