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  1. Me when I see I've been pushed out of Recent Status Updates


    1. Magnolia


      Also me when people like my messages but don't follow me

  2. admin why you deny my application ? , why you bully me ??

  3. Magnolia

    Cant pretend your in a different gang rule

    Welcome to roleplay! -1
  4. Magnolia

    Increase the amount it costs to fix a vehicle.

    After the recent addition of 35% taxes, I'm against this. -1.
  5. Cindy Leone

    1. Magnolia


      could easily beat Vince Williams 


  6. Magnolia

    Cindy Savage 500 credits

    This is now sorted! Thanks @Osvaldon!
  7. Magnolia

    Cindy Savage 500 credits

    Character to be refunded: Cindy Savage (Magnolia) Date and time of incident: 13-10-2018 @ approx 6 PM GMT+2 Requested refund (what and how much): 500 credits Description of incident resulting in loss: I went to CK Cindy Savage, so I changed the name to Stan Walker via the /policedesk. Afterwards, I headed to the plastic surgery to change the model. However, here I discovered you can't change the gender of your character. Thus, I was now stuck with a female model with the name Stan Walker. So I made a report asking if I could have the gender of the character changed, and was told I can't. I was then offered for the name to be changed back and told to post a refund for the credits here. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/72cf33a0f6301f0f7d2c153ada14c430 https://gyazo.com/d5921f9867a7d4e3a5625375ab2f125b https://gyazo.com/67d735a14c1e1c926637c24279e731f8 Comments: Blueberry muffins are both tasty and in most cases nutritious. Have a good day!
  8. Magnolia

    In-game Advertisements

    Don't think is particularly important in any way, but would be a neat feature. +1
  9. Magnolia

    Idea for new government faction

    I don't think there's enough RP involved to justify this being a government faction, if even a faction at all. I would rather see the current player-owned banks modified to support a range of these features. I don't think that any business or faction however should be involved with salary money, as that's a core script of the server and should never rely on any player to work.
  10. Magnolia

    Ability to sell clothes

    big if added +1