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  1. I agree I could have said it differently, in a nicer way. But I dont like the fact that you gave me a warning for it. It wasn't even meant in a insulting way. This guy just started punching me while he had no business on the ledge. One of vice members was being held by the cops and he was with vice as well, just waiting. It's just that an insult is in my opinion is something different then what I said to him.
  2. Account name: theslaughter Character name(s): Bailey Brooke Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Date of punishment: 12/08/2018 Punishment received: Warning Reason given for punishment: Insulting OOC Your explanation of what happened: I was standing on the ledge at LSC waiting for customers since I'm a mechanic. There was also some stuff going on with a customer and the police was talking to him. In the meantime someone stands next to me (none mechanic/customer) and eventually gave me a punch. My reaction to that was in OOC and I said "Fk off" This guy had no business on the ledge. Why should your appeal be accepted?: This is not an insult. Post any evidence or further details: Don't have any. Check logs. Time 15:35 - 15:45 UK+1
  3. I am buying a maxed contender. =================================== Contact info: =================================== Name: Carl Gugasian Phone: #5401753
  4. Carl Gugasian here. Earlier that day I was driving around with Alex on bikes. First we were at LSC. There were some guys talking. We moved on. We were at Weazel News since Alex wanted to advertise something. We stood there and suddenly people showed up on bikes and a car as well. One stepped of the bike and started pointing guns towards Alex, told him to put his hands up. Alex ignored and we both drove away. They started shooting me and Alex and Alex got injured. I successfully escaped and stopped a bit further to call the cops. So I did. They didnt respond. In the meantime they finished off Alex and took his bike. So basicly pointless for the cops to do anything. After that I told Alex this story around MD. I believe it was the guys you can see in the posted evidence that actually shot Alex. I reconize the guys from LSC where we were earlier. Possible they followed us.
  5. Hey all, What do you all think about an ability to sell clothes you find/bought? I bought different kinds of clothes which I had to drop because I dont use them anymore. But what about an option in the clothing store that you can actually sell a piece for like lets say 1/3 of the original price. This should prevent massive piles of clothes somewhere on the ground. I'm not sure if this would be helpfull for server performance aswell. Because having it or dropping it is an object itself. It needs to get loaded into the world. An option to sell clothes prevents having lots of objects scattered around the map that needs to get loaded. And when people encounter piles of clothes they actually start taking it with them to sell it for some money instead of leaving it.
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