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  1. @alexalex303 Thank you for your quick response , I have updated the UNIX timestamp answer and the evidence has been sent to realAlex#0001 via Discord. Kind Regards
  2. Player(s) being reported: Arturo_Antonio [78 Date of interaction reported: 15/09/2020 [I have a slow computer and wifi speed so took me a bit to sort everything out] Unix time stamp from HUD: 1600187916 Your characters name: Lorenzo_John Other player(s) involved: n/a Specific rule(s) broken: Fear Roleplay. [Page 13 in the rulebook] If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands. How did the player break the rule(s)? In this RP scenario I was robbing Arturo Antonio in my own apartment and whilst roleplaying and having a gun to his head and told him multiple times that if he moves he will be dead and at 5:17 of the evidence clip , he roleplayed attempting to punch me in the balls while he is still under fear. In real life if someone had you at gun-point you wouldn't do such things because you would be scared for your life which in this scenario Arturo really didn't seem to bother. Evidence of rule breach: I would like to send the evidence privately to a staff member if possible , due to sensitive information containing in the video and could lead to possible metagaming. Longer clip can always be provided.
  3. You are ruining my roleplay experience man , spamming discord msgs with threats
  4. Why did like 5 of you send threats to my discord ? you think this is funny saying you wil lget my account hacked and shit and banned
  5. You were punished for NLR and you still NLR after i robbed you for your uzis and so desperate for your uzis back that you nlr again? wow..
  6. @pepijn26 Just let me know how did you find out ICLY you was house robbed after being killed? Because that house robbery was clearly because I robbed you and killed you and you NLR
  7. Let me add the fact like 20 minutes after you dying you tried calling me on a unkown number which is probably trying to convince me to go outside trying ti house raid me after I have just finished you off rply and killed you and you respawned and should not remember that I robbed you
  8. Hello , Since I was the victim of you NLR'ing I would like to explain what you did is wrong because I let you inisde my house and I robbed you and then you tried punching me or something and ended up finishing you off and you respawned . Then right after I killed you I went outside the complex and found nothing so you saying that your friends where relying on you is not true because I was on the freq and no one was saying Arturo you okay? You clearly after you respawned told someone from aztecas that you've been robbed when you should not remember. If proof is needed ask me.
  9. Because when performing house robberies if I am correct you must have a valid reason to do so , so what would be actual rp reason be here?
  10. @jason Hello , So basically I apologize for what I did/what happend and I apologize if your roleplay experience of that time was ruined. I would like to just know what was the intial RP reason for the house robbery?
  11. What I meant is if he needs to see any files or that he can freely ask me I will show ^^
  12. If the Head ADMIN needs to ask me anything or show anything just contact me on Hexile#9237 Kind Regards
  13. Understood , thanks for the fast response Bakmeel Kind Regards
  14. If you want to ask any questions , feel free to ask I will happily respond
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