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  1. [SELLING] Jester, Trophy Truck Send Offers to #3995301 Or down Below Jester:230K Trophy Truck:170k
  2. i have a non-cabrio with Plate:FKPD for 420k 2/2
  3. this is not a bug, this is just because the owner of the store hasnt requested a blip (ICON) using weazel
  4. so I'm Officer Vandijk, I arrived here on the scene, so misses Harley, wanted to buy the car from mr Smith, she gave him 350k and they he took off without giving the car, we caught them. I told the man to either give the cash back to her or finish the rade with us overseeing it. then he agreed on going to the bank and giving her the money back. 2 minutes later he changed his mind and said "fuck you officer *spit* and then left the game. He was punished for this by Seas. I feel the woman has the right to get the money back
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