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  1. how much for the Yosemite, contact me #399-5301
  2. Buying Large Property Paying up to 2mil anywhere in Paleto/Los Santos Contact #3995301
  3. SELLING Hakuchou Drag Buyout 1.5mil Offers #3995301
  4. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Robert vandijk Character to Transfer To: Arturo Antonio Requested Transfer: Asset #Hakuchou Drag Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: Arturo is a friend of Robert, they have been living in Los Santos for a long time together. When Robert came to Los Santos he met Arturo and he gave him a tour around town and learned him the basics. Robert wants to thank Arturo for this by giving him a bike, since Arturo was in love with bikes from the day they met.((would make more sense to transfer my bike since my legal char already has 2 credit cars)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? using a friend to transfer the bike
  5. heads up, he asked 6 mil via phone
  6. thank you for the report. as you can see in my video this is gun fight where desync played a large role. in my eyes he was still grabbing the gun and so did I https://streamable.com/pvfho
  7. pepijn26

    Hakuchou drag

    looking for a hakuchou drag, paying 900k, #3995301
  8. pepijn26

    voice problems

    i said it: i just had to reinstall my drivers and did that trick that other guy said above "Double check that the microphone is the default device in Windows. Control Panel > Sound > Recording > Right click the Microphone you want and select Set as Default Device"
  9. pepijn26

    voice problems

    installed drivers and installed again
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