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  1. So much potential! Sounds fucking amazing! Also, this will for sure bring some more RP into the server, that is what we need right now with some people ruining others fun, This business should bring some really fun things to happen!
  2. Haha, Colby vail chilling slightly in the back throwing up gang signs, love RPing with you boys!
  3. What I honestly got most from this Post is that, you are in it more for the money and the grind then the RP. You said that the RP is in general bad, but this entire post was about robbing banks and how shitty the Freelance jobs are. Maybe try some other things such as join DCC or LSC/Bayview! Robbing banks is fun and all but it really doesn't get RPd well. It is the same every time, "Run in, Leave the Fall guy with the hostage and go". and the prison sentence is the thing that makes them not overpowered, people tend to lean away because of 10 hours in prison, also the hostage thing, makes it l
  4. Welcome to the community! Hop you enjoy yourself!
  5. I would like to clarify that as soon as the robbers left, Radomir called me on discord, and asked me if it was against rules to rob at areas like freelance jobs. he then showed me the clip and I told him that he needs to file a player report. Just wanted to Clarify that.
  6. This I do agree with, They should have all 7 open, but I was thinking the Poll was about opening up complete more fields, Like the ones over by Oil dropoff.
  7. In my opinion, I think having only one oil spot is better then more! My reasoning behind this is because if more are added, it is going to get to overpowered. All it will do is fuck the economy even more! keeping only one area to do Oil is possibly going to make people get sick of waiting for a open spot and people will be more likely to join places who need people, suchs as DOC, LSPD, LSC, Bayview, SD and DCC, etc. and to be completely honest more people are needed in those departments!
  8. Story of Colby Vail Colby Vail was a breacher for the US army in Iraq, he would run to doors with his Remington 870, shoot the Frangible rounds to the lock side fired at a halfway point in between the lock or the handle and the door frame in order to hit the bolt holding the door shut. He fought in Iraq for several years until he was shot in his arm by a enemy combatant whilst he was breaching a building. They were forced to send Colby home because of his injury. Colby had recovered from his gunshot wounds about 6 months later, he ended up living on the street, he couldn't afford t
  9. Money = Power With the Family needing more power within Los Santos, They started needing better ways to make money. After sitting around for hours thinking of the best ways to make money fast, Jonas says out “Store! The key to making money is stores!” So With how to make the money out of the way they needed an idea for what all of this money was going to go to. They reached out to one of Colby’s very close friends, “Dimitri, The Boss of The Russian Mob.” After a quick discussion, Colby was told that they would buy LSD and Coke off of the Syndicate. So with a goal in mind on what they were
  10. The Syndicates and Salvation have had some great RP so far! very glad to be allies with them!
  11. We decided to switch from a club to more of a street gang, Hope you enjoy!
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