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Shenzhen Dragons

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Waking up with a feeling of safety is easy to do for most Shenzhen’s but when it came to new members wanting to put their life into the family it was a bit different. They had a test to go through and if they were to pass the trial they’d be able to be put as prospects, but if they were to fail they, then they would no longer be alive.


The point of the recruitment phase is fairly simple. It’s to see if the members who are recruited would be willing to take a bullet for any member within the family at any time. This was the main goal of the recruitment phase along with a ton of questions that had to be properly answered. Being recruited wasn’t necessarily easy since there were a ton of questions. Yet the questions were so simple, but hard to properly answer.


The last part of the test was the hardest out of any of them. It was to truly test if they’d be willing to give their life for the Shenzhen’s. The way this was done was by taking the members blindfolded to a mountain where they’d then be pushed off. If the person was to yet be alive or able to recover from their injuries, they’d be able to prospect for the Shenzhen's. If they were to fail it would’ve all been lost.

Now the job of the Prospects was to prove themselves that they’re worthy and that they can wear the Shenzhen mask with pride and work themselves around the city in a proper manner. This would take time, but if work was done hard enough and trust was proven, then it could definitely be achieved.

Shenzhen Dragons


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Gang Politics

The gangs within the city of Los Santos were ruthless. This was going to be a challenge with Shenzhen being primarily focused on business. The chance of this lasting was probably not going to stay, but the aim was to become neutral with everyone and get good relations with as many gangs as possible, so that business could be handled in peace.


After the first meetings were complete, things were looking good. We had permission to do our thing in peace without any conflict from any of the other organizations. This was a big opening for the organization. This is going to help us get off to a good start and so far it has been going well. Economy is looking bright.

The things that had been discussed so far were things such as Drugs, Properties, and Weapons. We were looking for a price that suits what we do and an organization that we can work with when it comes to weaponry. So far we've had good offers when it comes to drugs and guns, but have yet to accept anything. We wanted to make sure that we had met every organization before anything was concluded.


The Shenzhen's are yet to stand strong with a great roster and are soon to be ready for any form of conflict. All members are suited to a good stash of weapons as well as a source of income. If issues were to occur they'd first be handled verbally, and if that does not work, then we'll deal with it the old traditional way.

Shenzhen Dragons

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