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Implement the Pilot License

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I saw this post from 2018 and I didn't want to bump a dead post.

In the game there is already a pilot license that you can give out if you do /suspend


I am not in favor for public aviation, I think that would be a horrible idea due to desync and people trolling or whatever, that would be an entire mess that I wouldn't want to deal with as someone who does MD rp. I think it would be cool that if you were trained whether in PD/SD or me in MD to have the pilot license in your /license rather than just RPly having pilot wings on your uniform.

Basically you would have another license when you did /license.


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I'm sure it was removed/not enforced for a reason. People are trained RPly from PD/SD/MD privately from what I understand and they keep track of who can fly and who can't. It would also make it where the ones who can fly already have to retake a course similar to what they've already done just to be able to get it on their /license. Although, if the ones who are able to fly already get it on their /license on an OOC level, I wouldn't see a problem with it. 

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It never came through my mind that we should have licenses because we fly every day/week.

It would make sense to have like License [Pilot] comment: authorized for helicopter.

Currently the firearms permit says "comment: authorized for weapon1 and weapon2" so it should not be a huge issue.

Additionally having scripted Captain licenses that you can buy somewhere, being it DMV/City Hall would be cool. If someone operates their boat in a reckless manner or to evade police (and it happens more times than you think) they should have it revoked just like the penal coded states.

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