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  1. Player(s) being reported: Nate_Bev Date of interaction reported: 17/10/2021. Unix time stamp from HUD: Unix time stamp here. Your character name: Ed_Johnston Other player(s) involved: Vick_Rowell Specific rule(s) broken: Non-Roleplay, drove their vehicle off a ramp and into the ocean. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum)\ As can be seen in the provided footage, Nate_Bev evaded in a Panto after being asked to step out of his vehicle for a search, and drove down to the trucker's yard, and at full speed drove directly up a dirt ramp and into the ocean. After my footage saved Nate_Bev proceeded to swim all the way across the the harbor to LSIA. An estimated route can be seen below. Evidence of rule breach
  2. This, so much. You'd have Law Enforcement in first and clear it for secondary explosive devices or other threats before sending in FD to extinguish it. The higher priority is responder safety, not putting out the fire.
  3. From an outside perspective this is a totally valid viewpoint, and you are totally correct there are different proceedures in all areas. As for fire scene, I've quite literally had officers kick down doors and run in to make a save before we've even made entry or pulling hose along side me. Also every fire scene is also a crime scene, officers and detectives as well as fire investigators are there to determine the origin of the fire. And for an explosion you'd easily have multiple agancies both local and federal on scene in a matter of hours investigating.
  4. In my 5 years of working as a Firefighter EMT, 3 of which have been full time, not once have I been to a call were there was not an officer already on scene or arrived shortly after we arrived, from building fires to an ambulance runs.
  5. +1. As someone who deals with this irl, the last thing I want is to log onto eclipse and deal with it here.
  6. This was a bhg withRageMP and has since been fixed in the latest patch.
  7. @jason Below is a google drive link to the video, should be finished processing shortly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BXFGuuSk-Qp2Yev0kmgEN8VZYEdfbifp/view?usp=sharing Sorry for the delay.
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID 66 Date of interaction reported: 09/30/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your character name: Ed Johnston Other player(s) involved: Phillip Morris Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Examples: unrealistic stunt jumping and off-road driving baiting government services without proper IC reason (I would like the reported player to explain their intentions behind brandishing an illegal firearm in front of a police station) 10. Powergaming (PG) Powergaming is playing unfairly through not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions, unrealistic actions, or non-factual statements in /do. Players must capture time stamped evidence (i.e. /time or a non-cropped screenshot with the UNIX.) 7. IC and OOC Interactions Disgusting roleplay is allowed only if all witnesses give prior OOC consent. 5. Disrupting Server Operations and Knowledge of Rule Breaches Players must be a positive community member and remain respectful with everyone at all times. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum)\ We were pursing a Brioso, during the pursuit the reported player drove up a steep hill in the Vinewood Hills area, back onto the road then down a steep incline, off a cliff before spinning out and totally wrecking their car. The player then proceeded to get out imminently and start shooting at my fellow officers. The reported player shot my vest once before they were injured. As per in character regulations I went to rp disarming them, attempting to rp removing their gun and they proceeded to reply with /do no, when asked to clarify why not they said something along the lines of they would have been too strong. They were shot several times and would most certinly be in critical condition. The reporting party proceeded to be toxic in OOC chat arguing about the validity of my roleplay and the situation as a whole. Later on, when attempting to roleplay locating their ID they replied that we would not have one. When asked to provide proof of their rp they responded telling us "no" and "what if I don't". This resulted in the RP coming to a standstill, as this prevented us from charging the reported player. The player avoided 267 minutes in DOC and $29,000 in fines. I was accused my the reported player that I was mixing and being transphobic, as their character is a woman. However, I am free to refer to someone in character by whatever I wish. I did not refer to the reported player's character by him with any OOC intent and is honestly something I do on a regular basis as part of my character. Overall the reported player showed a severe lack of interest in following the rules or roleplaying at all. I believe their intent to coming to the police station, with an illegal firearm was to bait an interaction with the police as a whole. To end this intersection the player logged out and did not return, no crash report was posted, we waited in excess of 15 minutes. Prior to the log I did ask them to save pov, admittedly in /b and not in PM as I should have. Evidence of rule breach Screenshots can be seen below, video will be sent to the handling staff member via discord.
  9. @Gataki My pov does not show who blocked the doors. However I believe that is @ClankH's cruiser. I do not know who was driving it nor do I know who drove it infront of the doors.
  10. Player(s) being reported: Eazy_Mandent 65 Date of interaction reported: 18/09/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 13631937864 Your character name: Ed_Johnston Other player(s) involved: Alex_Schill 131 Specific rule(s) broken: 5. Disrupting Server Operations and Knowledge of Rule Breaches Players must be a positive community member and remain respectful with everyone at all times. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum)\ During the after math of a store robbery situation, I was trying to roleplay cuffing Eazy_Mandent. They did not seem to see my roleplay which I was aiming at them, which is honestly reasonable there were 3 other people trying to roleplay nearby aswell. I attempted to get them to reply using OOC chat and PMs. Eazy_Mandent seemed to think I was trying to forcefully roleplay putting them in cuffs because I didn't do /do successful which is not how roleplay operates. They called me out for this in OOC chat and called me a dumb ass. I felt disrespected as I was simply trying to explain how to roleplay to them. Additionally their attitude in LOC both before and after this came off as antagonistic, making several comments in OOC chat regarding IC actions. I did ask them to save POV aswell which can be seen in my POV Evidence of rule breach Video footage can be sent to the handling staff member as it contains both faction chat and IC tactics. https://i.imgur.com/T4FVpKX.png
  11. Withdrawing my report, please archive.
  12. Player(s) being reported: Darryl_Carter (70) Date of interaction reported: 13/07/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1626228680 Your character name: Ed Johnston Other player(s) involved: None Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash reports discord channel and contact all parties to resume. Players reconnecting must be given all opportunities held prior. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) We had just arrested Darryl_Carter and I was transporting them to DOC when they logged out/crashed in the back of my vehicle. As seen in the video I pulled over and went to the spot they disconnected and waited for 15 minutes and saw no report in the #crash-reports channel on the Eclipse Discord nor did they make any effort to contact me. Evidence of rule breach: A longer video can be provided if needed. (streamable.com)
  13. Hey, thank you for taking the report. I currently do not have ShadowPlay set up to record my microphone but essentially I told ID 83 to get down and put his hands up.
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID 83 Date of interaction reported: 12/07/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1626138257 Your character name: Ed Johnston Other player(s) involved: Hector_Mayfield, Bill_Breacher Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay Examples: Ignoring RP..... How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) ID 83 and I collided at a low rate of speed, which was unavoidable and unintentional on my end, stalling both of our vehicles. After verbally reacting to being collided with I exited my vehicle and held ID 83 at gunpoint and demanded they get down with their hands up as we had been pursuing them. After they complied I roleplayed attempting to cuff their hands behind their back, after a few seconds of no response he got up, entered his vehicle, turned the engine on and proceeded to run me over. Evidence of rule breach: Told to save POV via in-game private message: My POV:
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