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Civilian jobs progression

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Hi everyone,

There is one thing that has been bothering me for a while. I mainly play civilian jobs and don't really enjoy running and gunning, sadly there is little depth for most of civilian jobs. I was wondering what if there was actually level progression for civilian jobs?

E.G. Lets say someone is mainly playing postal job at first you gain 0.75X salary after making 10 deliveries your salary increases and you start earning 1X salary and if you work the same job even further (e.g. 50 deliveries) you advance to 1.25X salary. After quitting the job your level is reset and you have to start all over again

In my opinion this would enhance RP because people would actually consider before changing jobs and furthermore reward civilians who actively engage in the same jobs for more than few tasks. I do understand that it doesn't add too much depth, although it seems like quite simple to implement and could work as short term solution to the problem.

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The unofficial jobs as it stands do not hold a candle to fishing, farming or mining. For obvious reasons they probably shouldn't be comparable to Faction jobs, but it would be nice to have competitive, progression-based jobs that award the effort you put into them.

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+1 Add some elements to farming and i'm in on this as well, the amount of potential progression farming has is massive to generate interest in careers and aspects of life that only come about with role play job progression.

Maybe have larger fields, or additional pay per bag added in to boost the income after some time farming.

An XP bar maybe that boosts income? We could make it cut off 1/3 of the job to by taking out a rake trailer cycle or a weeding cycle as well to show that we only need to do a smaller amount of the job as our experience has increased were we do it right the first time.

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Although I agree with this, and definitely think it would be a cool idea to be able to progress as a side job, and make it your main RP JOB....

There is only one issue: The pay for side jobs is much higher than the Gov jobs at the bottom rung. 

In order for this to work, side jobs at base would half to be cut nearly in half (DCC employees start at 4k, go up to 7500k.....yet money courier starts at 6500-7k)

So for this system to take effect, new players to the server would take a serious pay cut, which I am not a fan of at all. (or Gov jobs would need a raise, which is highly unlikely)

The main benefit of joining a Gov faction is that if you stick with it, it will eventually outpace side jobs. If that advantage was removed, there would be little reason to join a gov faction, which some of them (DCC included) has issues finding long-term, stable employees.


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