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  1. Got 1G in Pink Gate, rent is 10k per month ((week))
  2. Got 1G at Pink Gate if interested
  3. I am BLIND hahaha my bad
  4. So my offer is 70k, if interested let me know I can take it today in couple of hours
  5. are you asking me?
  6. Maxed? can do 70k if still interested
  7. It is in Pink Gate, I can do 270k to buy but if rent to buy it might be more.
  8. Have 1G available for rent/buy. If interested to buy it out by paying monthly interest rate will be pretty high.
  9. Five Hundred Fifty Thousand $
  10. Thanks for offer, it is highest at the moment but expecting more for this house.
  11. Got 1g in Pink Gate rent 10k https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/36024-rentsell-available/
  12. Two properties available for rent or buy. Deposit of one month rent at the start of agreement. 2G between Mask Store and High End Massive storage available, good hidden location. Rent 15,000$ per Month ((week)) Only house in drive through If interested in buying contact 2093188 1G Pink Gate also available to rent. Rent: 10,000$ per month ((week)) If interested to buy it price is set at the doors for 300,000$
  13. Highest at the moment, but still would like around 2m+ as house is very nice and I'd say quietest Vinewood part. If something will change I will hit you up, or feel free to offer something else.
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