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  1. Selling my Specter Custom fully MAXED. Custom number plate 'YOURMOM' 530k
  2. Selling my Coquette. Car has ALL performance upgrades with customized number plate (can be changed for extra 50k) It's up for sale on HE for 420k or can do transfer for 400k (cash first). Contact Niko 2093188 Also interested in trade for Specter Custom or Seven-70
  3. Interested in trade? I can offer maxed Coquette
  4. Any offer for maxed out Coquette?
  5. U mean you are afraid of get scammed? If yes we can think of some safe way to do it,make an agreement, and both would sign it.
  6. nikolay69


    Fancy trading it? I can offer Maxed Coquette
  7. ID 6 Here. So when I ran in I did not see you, I was moving too fast. And yes, I heard you but when I was already up the stairs and I had absolutely no idea where that voice was coming from. And then for a second I thought that the guy in Black Dubsta who was parked outside just across the rode is being robbed so I jump off the roof and aim that way, but when I see him I aim up (had my gun out from beginning). Whole story And main thing there was no written commands seen, and even if there would be I would still think it's happening outside because I did not see him.
  8. Selling fully maxed Coquette with custom reg. 450k Or trade for Seven 70 or Specter Custom Change of number plate available, extra 50k Contact Niko: 2093188
  9. Deal closed, both parties are happy.
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