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  1. ADHD

    The Northside Saints

    Good Luck yall
  2. Hey im id 8 I was bobby pinning the car behind the owner of it i i thought that if i crouched he would not be able to see me, But i knew that if anything goes wrong i have friends around the area to help me. I got told by a staff member that i can bobby pin in public
  3. Elegy RH8 Maxed 1/2 turbo on high end for 205k
  4. ADHD

    ID 13 DM

    tbh I do not have any recordings of that, but me as you can see in the report spidy made it too obvious that this is a setup when he got off the bike instanttly without me even saying anything plus after i shot the triad guy you can see Me and spidy together. Anyway they should have the clip of me and spidy shooting the last man together and being on the same radio freq Edit: At the start of his clip you can see me getting away from them and radioing. I was radioing spidy to tell them that he has a 50 cal so they will rob him
  5. ADHD

    ID 13 DM

    Me and spidy were setting the triads up to think that i want to help them rob spidy when they both got out of the car and one of them started to frisk spidy i had DM rights and did not even need to give demands but i did anyway, The only reason i shot the triad guy because it looked to me like he pulled out a gun at me so i got scared and shot. Now that i think about it i had DM Rights anyway
  6. I do not think its a valid roleplay on my side at all and i apologize. I will take responsibility for my actions 100%
  7. Looking to sell Elegy RH8 Maxed 1/2 turbo for cheap please contact me if intrested 5937257
  8. By the way Im ID 184 and I did not open fire once on you guys It was somebody else who shot you (;
  9. ADHD

    ID 13 DM

    Hey i am the guy who shot him I dont have POV saved cuz my shadowplay did not work but from my sight it looked like he pulled out a pistol and since they were 2 people i was very stressed so i had to think fast. I am very sorry that i shot you my guy it really did look like you were pulling out a gun to shoot me.
  10. i want to rent to house Please contact me as soon as you can 5937257
  11. ADHD

    [SELLING] 1G By Bank

    could you take a picture outside ???
  12. ADHD

    Selling 1G

    where is the house located?
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