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1 hour ago, TheCanadian said:

Will Nandos be catering this event?

Yes, they will be offering Peri Peri chicken meals for free, alongside some burgers and water bottles.

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On the 6th of April, LSPD's Media Relation Division organized an Award Ceremony for all the department's members and for the public. This was mostly done to catch up on the massive amount of awards that were pending and a large number of awards that were valid for many officers of the department. Some of these awards being (but not only) the Field Training Completion Award, given to officers who successfully finished the Field Training Program. And the 2 months service award, given to officers who served under the department for 2 months or more.

The event was taken place at the Los Santos Golf Course. And was open for all who may wish to see it. Attendance was quite large by both officers of the department and the general public, and food and water stands were set up.

The event itself began with a speech from the Chief of Police, Samuel Osborn and then and moved towards a speech from the Investigation Bureau Coordinator, Elena Blake. Then, the award-giving section. For an hour and around 30 minutes, awards from all kinds were given out to officers who deserved them. Over 50 ribbons and awards were given out.

At the end of the award-giving, Chief Osborn moved on to the "special" awards. And invited some officers onto the stairs to receive their respective awards for their service and commitment to the department and the City of Los Santos and Blain County.

After that, Police Sergeant II Paulo Witherfork got on stage and announced his resignation after a final speech to all the department's officers. As it was over, all officers began a walk towards Mission Row, bringing the event to an end.











Captain Jay Bacon, Commanding Officer
Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations
(213)516-1554 — [email protected]


Police Officer III Ilai Daniels, Spokesperson.
Los Santos Police Department's Public Relations
(213)308-6997 — [email protected]



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