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Hi guys,

This suggestion is quite simple.
When some one dies, just left a body in it's place, so we know that a crime has been committed. It also involves more RP to the Medics since they would need to pick up the body. And LSPD would need a coroner unit. The body can be remain there until some one pick it up. Criminals could take the body and chop it to disregard the evidence or just hide it. But the body would be always remain until is picked up by LSPD or MD, or chopped by the criminals or by discomposure, AKA 2 Days OOC.


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YES!! +1 Of all the sever suggestions, this is one I'd like to see the most because it impacts RP police and crime daily and it's very non-immersive when bodies disappear, whether you're there or not.

It could be staged

  1. Person gets injured, laying on the ground, no limits to chat.
  2. Person 'dies/coma' can only /me /do or /pm.
  3. Person respawns at MD and a body is spawned on scene that permits a few commands only police and medical can use like /analysewounds, /identify, /coroner while everyone could /carry (40 vol +body over shoulder animation?).

Similar Suggestion (archived but not implemented 😠


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Nothing worse than rolling up on a 911 call made by a third person and thinking "Were they not injured, or did they die already?"

Would also create more RP for our students and help them ease into the MD life.

The only thing I'd like to see changed, tho, is that these "objects" probably should be moveable, unlike current downed people. I can imagine people dying on the highway and then people crashing into those bodies, potentially also getting injured.

Big +1!

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+1, but two days would be too much ( Both for server lag as the person would be an " object " and not a real player )

Maybe X amount of hours? Like 6 hours? That would leave enough time for people to rp with the body, but also give it time for other people to discover the body, if the player was killed in a remote area.

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On 2/12/2019 at 11:18 AM, Tomis13lack said:

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig +1

helps a lot with some BS that happens on the server where u have a guy kill a guy then they pretend he was never there cuz his body disappeared

Agreed! Would also get them to flee the area because if they're still there when the body is found, they're going to be questioned about it.

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