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Increasing the Robbery xp limit

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So, I'm very new to the server but I'd like to share my two cent on what I think about the current Robbery xp limit.

Soon after creating my first character, I met up with a friend and headed to the farmer job.
After arriving, my friend was robbed ( I was spared as I stated I was under 1000 xp )
We started our harvest shortly after, and when it came to collect, we were yet robbed again.
( This time by a huge group of organized wheat bag thieves )
As a newcomer, I found it frustrating, so I became a trucker, tired of getting robbed.
Lo and behold I got pulled over and robbed, at least until I told them that my xp was lower than 1000.

My friend asked one of our robbers why they acted like it was a cop and robber server, and not a roleplay server, as it is.
He simply replied " Because its allowed " referring to the constant robbing of people.

Everything is still very new to me, and im nearing the 1000 ( currently at 970 )
Im honestly afraid of getting past 1000, because of the constant harassment of robbers.

It is currently stated that " Players cannot rob, scam or steal from new player who are under 1000XP. " ( Rulebook 7.5.5 )
I honestly think it should be raised to at least 2500 xp as it takes some time to get familiar with the server commands/jobs and so on.

On that note, I would also like to hear your thoughts on maybe making some kind of rules against chain-robbing people ( Doing nothing but driving around and robbing whoever you find )
and maybe increase IC punishment, to make the risk seem greater?

Thank you for reading through my suggestion

For:           9
Against:    0

For/Against is based on the replies made to the suggestion thread and not on likes

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I'd say bring it up to 5.000 so players can actually play and "begin" their journey without getting harrased and robbed at every job delivery... 

Personally I never rob people just for the sakes of it , only time I'd rob someone is if it is for the RP or if they are the enemy of the criminal organisation/gang my character is in

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+1 My first 1000XP Was also filled with robbery attempts, where it got flunked because they saw i had under 1K xp. Most people dont check this when robbing you, and you end up having to explain the rules to someone with 20.000 XP, because, "if it wasn't recorded, it didnt happen"
I think it would increase the general server population, that people get a chance to discover the server, and learn to know a few people. I honestly think it disencourages people alot, that when they join the server, the only thing they see is light to no RP at all, and just getting robbed by Two out of three people they meet.
This makes people leave! HUGE +1

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16 minutes ago, Osvaldon said:

Here is a package of planned changes:
1. Move new player spawn to a more populated and friendly area.
2. Increase the new player protection experience boundary.
3. Display the status of a new player in their name tag.
4. Scripted inventory and money protection for new players.

Sounds awesome, thank you!

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