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The Clowns

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The Clown gang first started with Jamal Debose who created his own crew after leaving Vikings and moving on with his own life, few others like Vova who was a high ranking member at the Vikings also left and joined Jamal to have a change of pace and have some fun in the city without having to stress and worry about being in charge of a large group as Vikings

At first the idea was to be just a small group and cause a little trouble in the city and make a bit of money here and there, stealing cars and robbing some stores but nothing major that would put the group into the targets of the Investigations Bureau. Even though you try to stay out of trouble, eventually it finds its own way to you. A lot of was going on with the war that Fog City Crew was waging onto a few big groups, during that time old friends from the Irish Mob made a comeback to the city from that point a lot of business meetings were had and lots of ideas were born that made the top members of the crew think about expanding and setting their sights on a much bigger piece of the pie in the criminal world. After that things started snowballing where we decided to get ourselves our own warehouse, while it is difficult to acquire one in the city of Los Santos we managed to make a deal with another group called Bratva that influenced the growth of The Clowns. The deal was for the warehouse as Bratva was on its last legs so The Clowns made a deal to accept some of their members and take over the warehouse permanently and also removing the threat of Narcos trying to take back Bratva’s  warehouse because Bratva did not exist anymore

Bratva has quite the history in the city as they went through quite a few up’s and downs with their leadership changing several times before disbanding. Bratva started off when a group of like minded Russians met each other in the city of Los Santos searching for their American dream. A known person named Boris Putrin started the whole idea of Bratva when he met other like minded individuals Vladimir, Vadim, Dmitryi and a few others. All of them started as common criminals doing every job they can to survive and make money for themselves. Bratva started getting more and more bigger as the amount of Russian’s and eastern Europeans has increased in Los Santos due to the word of Bratva’s existence spreading and their reputation getting bigger and bigger. When Bratva hit around twelve members. It was a solid group of core members that basically made Bratva what it was not too long after that Bratva started gaining members from different countries, cultures expanding the family that they were. While they had a lot of friends and connections there was one group called Narcos that seemed to want a never ending war and always kept pushing and trying to cause problems for Bratva, but what the whole war ended up doing is ruining Narcos themselves and making Bratva much stronger as they were able to acquire a warehouse with the help of such groups as Shadow Cartel, La Familia and a few others.

Bratva became really strong with powerful allies but the good times don’t always last too long and this was the case here as well. Boris due to interests in his home country, had to leave and left Bratva in Tbag’s hands who joined with some of his people after the collapse of Narcos. Not too long after he took over the leadership Tbag disappeared and Bratva’s strength started to decline, Vladimir took over the leadership but it was too late as the family was becoming smaller and weaker day by day. Narcos coming back and starting their war again did not help and that is why the deal offered by Jamal, Benny and Vova made so much sense




Currently like most high profile criminals we partake in drug production and trafficking as it is very profitable and always provides the thrills that some seek. We also run our own chop shop from Benny’s garage. Taking stolen vehicles and parting them out or sending them out to south America, Mexico, Cuba and sometimes to Eastern Europe due to contacts that we have from some of our eastern European members. While not earning money we usually partake in all kinds of different activities. Organising private poker events for our own members and soon will be doing it for important people in the city of Los Santos or those with deep enough pockets to buy a seat at the table. Even though the gun shipments have stopped, we still have a use for the warehouse and use it to store all kinds of illegal goods




Plans for the future is to hold the Benny’s garage and warehouse, continue running the garage shop and expanding it to make it more profitable. Find a new supplier for illegal weapons as the ones across the border cannot provide their services anymore and continue business of selling them like before providing weapons to other factions in the city and having great financial benefits for our members from the gun trafficking.

There are also plans of creating special events for certain groups and people in the city, acquire businesses to make money and opportunities for the crew.



There is no real way to join us at the moment unless we notice you and decide to send you an invite. If we take interest in you, we will find you and contact you personally. While we are not the biggest faction in the city of Los Santos but we prefer quality over quantity. And we believe that this is more important when trying to build something different. However if you do need to find us, we can be found at Benny's garage as we hang out there a lot.




We have couple of rules which are more common sense than anything and everyone is really expected to know these things like respecting members in the crew, following all of the rules of the server. While the report system works pretty well we do have our own warning/punishment system where if someone breaks the rules of the server like dm, failrp or anything else and for some reason they are not punished by the admins of the server we make sure to make i`t clear to those members of the faction that we do not need people like that and they either have to change their ways and adapt or they cannot be a part of our faction anymore.

With The Clowns we are trying to build something different, that is not the usual hands up, shoot and repeat. We want to build a heavy rp based group that wants to involve themselves in different rp scenarios while in recent months to find such quality members has been difficult but with all of the changes the progress can be seen as the server is leaning more and more towards quality rp and within our faction we want to contribute to this and we also expect from similar standards of other factions that we are allied/friendly with.





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Finally, we have started to host our private poker games, as a test run we invited few of our close friends and allies in La Familia and Shadow Cartel. This was only a first of many events that we are planning with poker and gambling. The stakes were rather low only 20k to sit at the table for testing the waters and seeing how everything works out before going for higher stakes


For the future  of these poker games is to spread the word across the city and gather interest of high rollers that would participate with much higher stakes. Also to make it more regular so that there is set dates and times every week that people can participate and try to get into this poker game


The point of this is to create a private game for friends, allies and other "friends of ours" where they can play without being harassed or annoyed by the players at tequila or having to deal with the usual bingo players that don't seem to understand how poker works 

( Another point of this is to have a much higher level of poker rp, and also dealing with certain issues like someone accidentally hitting the all in button. We deal with this by usually giving the correct amount back to the correct people if its possible and try to have an honest game. Also having a "private" poker game we can deal with a certain bug that sometimes the wrong player wins the pot or the pot gets split due to the bug. All in all it's to provide a better experience for everyone involved and to raise the rp level for poker across ECRP)

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On 10/16/2018 at 11:57 PM, Psychas said:

had and having alot of nice RP experience with Clowns , best of luck! (Alexey Alexeev)

Thanks, always nice to run into you in game. Hope you enjoyed the poker event (updated the second post with that) and hope you have better luck next time and dont lose so much money 😄

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10 hours ago, b3paulius said:

What tier gang you represent?

We are a mid tier faction, as we already posses decent amount of money and most of our members own decent amount of assets in their names. We also drive around in close to high tier cars (post about our cars will be up soon). We are slowly climbing towards high tier but that kind of thing will take quite a while. There is only one real faction that is high tier according to the guidelines and that's the one that owns a lot of super cars and have their own ranch.

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3 hours ago, Logan_Black said:

Official in my personal opinion is a big word for this group , more like branch who is based of La fam and Shadow Cartel, the real official organizations . Good luck 🙂

This comment is being posted just because you got kicked and barely even contributed to this faction at all? 🙂 

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A little while ago we once again organised a poker event for our close friends that were looking to gamble and have some fun


We had our members work as security to make sure that everyone complies with the rules of the event and does not cause any trouble


Unlike the first event this one had higher buy in of 100k and elimination rules or until the clock ran down to 0 from the set time limit


We also had a bartender tending to our guests and players, making drinks




Speaking with guests that have attended the event to watch or just enjoy and have a few drinks taking some time off


One of the guests has fainted outside and was attended to by the security and quickly called an ambulance to make sure he is taken care off properly


As the event got late into the night some guests had to be escorted out to not disturb the players inside as they have been playing for hours and needed to concentrate to be able to play properly


At the end of the night 5 players were still left on the table as they were unable to eliminate more. Couple of players made quite huge profits and some were left with little money from what they started 

All in all the event was a success, everyone had a good time and issue have been avoided with LSPD as they were called multiple times by prank callers but working respectfully with them helped the situation get resolved as quickly as possible without disturbing the game. Next event is being planned soon with slightly different rules to make the game much more enjoyable 

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