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  1. Respect. “Men are respectable only as they respect.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is the quote that Clutch used to base his life on. He gave respect to people if they earned it. Respect is hard to earn, but it's easy to lose. This is exactly what happened on the 15th of November 2019. It was a calm day, where Clutch was just minding his business. Driving around the city, just looking around and finding something to do. This is when an alarming radio call came in. A radio call that would not only change his day, but also his life from that point. We got word that the Zeta's were at war with the Wanted. At first he couldn't believe it and thought it must have been a big mistake. Hence why he went out to find his friends in the Zetas. He stumbled upon them, showed them respect and asked them if what he heard was true. He wasn't a fan of the answer at all. They told him that that was indeed the case, that the reason for it all was a case of disrespect among the groups. Clutch nodded, thanked them but never understood it. He didn't get robbed there, a bit later didn't get robbed by another Zeta. Why? He thought to himself; 'I guess I earned enough respect for them to not touch me?'. He was terribly wrong in this case. It was only a few hours later when Clutch got caught by a group of triads. He knew them all, and they all knew him. It's weird to say, but they were being nice to him although he was being robbed. He was injured, in pain, confused and suprised by what happened next. They brought him to Central MD. Again Clutch thought; 'Are they letting me go, just because they like me?'. Yet again, he was completely wrong in that. They took him to Paleto, where a group of Zeta's and Triads were waiting for him. He got put into this circle and was watched by many close friends and brothers. You could even hear some people say; 'It's Clutch, I don't like this'. Yet all those words didn't help the situation. He was kidnapped, forced to do things and forced to follow like a dog. Which is quite ironic knowing he's known as a Pug. After being humiliated at Paleto, he was brought to this weird warehouse. This is where only the Triads were. Yet, again he knew everyone in that room and it was weird being on his knee's in front of them. The people he respected were now putting him on his knee's, but why? The answer to that question became clear really quick. Somoene that has tormented his past came back. Somoene he once loved, look at him with a grin on her face. Pure evil to be seen in her eyes, and a grin that would make even the hardest criminals shiver. Ofcourse it had to be her, that was going to torture him in front of his friends. Clutch tried to be strong, but failed a couple of times. He got burned, stabbed and humiliated. Out of nowhere they all had to go, and he was left alone with an old friend. And then it became black! It's the next day and Clutch is walking around the city. Lost, confused and haunted by the memories of what happened the day before. How did this happen to him? The one person that always respected everyone. Why did they have to disrespect him like that. People that used to be friends and family, now turned on him for what? These questions made him so lost, he didn't know an answer nor what to do. He only saw one thing to do. He had to stop and go. His whole live was based on respect, and he apparently lost all respect and he lost respect in others. He had to dip out, before his sadness took a toll and made him leave the city in a bodybag. He went home, looked in the mirror and he saw himself. Holding the mask that he loved so dearly. The mask that everyone knows him off. Most people didn't even know his real name. He was Clutch or the Pug. He took the mask and threw it away. This felt like throwing away a part of his identity. Throwing away the respect he build up, and distancing himself from his old life. There he was, on the beach. Looking at pictures of him and the boys in the Wanted. Seeing Jamaar, Freg, Sam, Mike and all the others that he loved so dearly. Only for them to be covered in tears, due to the decision he had to make for himself. In his eyes, he couldn't be helpfull to them, if he wasn't himself. The war and humilation took his toll and Clutch decided to become somoene else. He just had to. Drinking his whiskey and watching old photos, took him all day. He stood up and began to walk away. Clutch made the decision. He's going off the grid. But that doesn't mean he's gone!
  2. I am completely behind @bumbalaga on this matter. Yes, I also understand that seeing bulks all the time gets annoying. Yet, if you are able to disable them that would take away 80% of what Weazel does. If there would be a new way of doing them, I would gladly like to help. I don't support muting the whole ad system tho, since this will discourage people to buy ads massively. I am doing everything in my power to make changes, yet this isn't always easy.
  3. +1, Couldn't find a better pick for bayview! You got my support buddy! - Seth Blackwood
  4. Hey @padpilot, I don't usually react to forum threads but since you adressed 'Faction Leaders' I felt obliged. First and foremost I completely try to motivate and promote better and more realistic RP, since this makes RP more fun for everyone involved. In my eyes this should or could be something decided by the players themselves to do, to increase their own RP. I don't personally feel that this is 'terrible' or 'bad' RP but just the reality of gaming in general. Therefore I don't feel that this should be a responsibility of a Faction Leader. Doesn't really feel right to ask my employees to stop working earlier to go home and log out there. Some of my employees just have a character to work at Weazel, and thats the sole purpose of their character. They just log out and log in at Weazel to get on duty, since they like working for Weazel. If people would love to enrich their RP, this is defenitely something they could do. Yet, I don't feel that this is a responsibility of Faction Leaders. So -1 for me buddy!
  5. Weazel News team is ready for Winter and Christmas. Stay warm everyone!
  6. Management is ready for action!
  7. This faction thread is completely Out Of Character (OOC). Absolutely no information gathered here can be used In Character (IC). Weazel News, or otherwise known as Weazel Network is the leading provider of the day-to-day news and advertisements within the country of America. With departments in Liberty City and Los Santos, they have built themselves a strong network of customers and followers. Weazel News is a company that keeps growing and is trying to take over all the media aspects in both cities, and they will continue to do so. Weazel News is easily reached with a quick phone call on your mobile phone (( /newsagency )). If you need to showcase something or you want to get rid of your properties, just make that quick call! Weazel News originally was founded in Liberty City back in 2005. After rapid success in Liberty City, the Weazel Network tried to expand across all of America. Their plan went successful and their second headquarters was founded here in Los Santos in 2013. Their start was rough with many different managements trying to make it work. Yet, they found out that they were trying to achieve too much at the same time. They decided to focus more on Weazel News instead of the Weazel Network. This decision seemed to be a good one since the business started exploding. Different companies started to use this new kind of advertisement and decided to get contracted with Weazel. Lately, Weazel News has been trying to extend again and get their Network back running. Weazel News specializes in three main services: Blips: Whenever a new business is started, they would love people to find them. Weazel News offers this option by uploading a pinned location to people's GPSes. Research has proven that this increased sales by at least 100%. Adverts: Weazel News is the only and thus leading company in advertisements. Weazel News has the resources to broadcast advertisements on people's phones. Next to that they also have different other ways to advertise people's products. Reports: The Weazel Newspaper and Magazine are places where people can tell their stories. Weazel News is equipped with cameras and microphones so that every story can be heard. These stories have a chance to be published on paper or on our website. As of September 9th, Weazel News has taken over the new and upcoming radio station 'Eclipse Radio 102.3'. Weazel News command saw a lot of potential in this new radio station and are currently working to make this radio station a success. This will be a source of good music, advertisements, podcasts and much more. Stay tuned to hear more! https://bit.ly/2myTHIS The Rumpo is the most driven and most recognizable car within the Weazel fleet. This car is the starting car for any interns and is big enough for all the equipment needed to do a good report and/or advertisement. Whenever someone needs help off-road the Rancher XL will be put into action. This car is able to help you when you are on the roughest and hard places to come. Weazel News management will be driving the beautiful and elegant Oracle XS. Recruitment: In order to apply for a position in Weazel News, you must complete the following steps: 1. Read and understand the Weazel News Employee Handbook. 2. Have at least 6,000 experience points on the character you’re applying on. 3. Fill out the employment application by clicking here. 4. Create a topic in our Weazel News Recruitment Section with this title format: [Application] First Name, Last Name 5. Await response from a member of our Management Team.
  8. Dear Mister Vincent, I would love to invite you to a little meeting at Weazel News to talk about further business! If you are interested, please try to get into contact with me directly or contact my personal assistent Emily Corelle (2487189)! Respectfully, Seth Blackwood CEO of Weazel News
  9. Player(s) being reported: Ed Price, ID 129 Date of interaction reported: 26/8/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1566774144 Your characters name: Seth Blackwood Other player(s) involved: Emily Corelle, Kirky Blackrock, Edward Mercer Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with demands, attempt to escape, or call other players for help in a situation where they are required to display fear under fear roleplay rules. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. Attacking another player with no engagement in roleplay is not allowed. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. 7. IC and OOC Interactions Players are required to remain in-character (IC) at all times. Text chat, VOIP, radio, phone and commands like /ME and /do are to be used only for IC content. IC content must not contain acronyms like “lol” or “u” or smiley faces excluding IC SMS. For OOC content, players must use chat commands that encase the content in brackets. For example: (( this is OOC content )). OOC chat commands are /OOC, /O, /B, /PM and /F. OOC videos or screenshots can be used as IC evidence only if the footage contains the character using the /RECORD command to hold a phone in their hand. Property interiors can have cameras only if the owner roleplays installation and takes time stamped screenshots with the camera angle as evidence. Exteriors only if there is an object. You may roleplay a hidden camera, wire, or dash cam in a vehicle if recordings are unedited and include roleplay starting and ending. Attempts to search must be answered truthfully in /do. Sexual, torture, or extremely gross roleplay is allowed only if all involved parties (participants and witnesses) have agreed to it in OOC text chat, prior to the actual roleplay being performed. Only administrators are allowed force pause RP or investigate rule breaches. Only administrators are allowed to void roleplay scenarios at their discretion. Players are welcome to voice their opinion but should never disobey administrators. A /REPORT does not pause roleplay unless an admin does so. 6. Advertising and Public Chat It is prohibited to advertise or discuss other GTA V multiplayer communities on any ECLIPSE platform including self created content promoted on ECLIPSE platforms. All players must be able to communicate in English and IC chat must be English only. Foreign language in-character must be done as such: “[Language] English Text” Other languages may be used in private only if everyone who can see has agreed to it. Players may use offensive language in IC chat for roleplay but not excessively. Players must not threaten other players or use offensive language in OOC chat or OOC context. Global announcements must only contain realistic IC content and must not be offensive IC/OOC. Global announcements cannot be used to advertise illegal merchandise or activities. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was talking with one of my employees on top of the Weazel Building when I heard a weird sound. When checking out the sound you can see ID 129 smashing into one of the cars with a baseball bat. He did this multiple times, so it wasn't a MC. After approaching him he complied to my demands and I informed him that he broke the DM rule. He responded to my ooc message with his VOIP. We waited on the police and when they arrived he lied in a /do saying that there would be no evidence, and later saying '/do no' when we asked him if the CCTV would have seen him. After that he took it ooc and called me a 'sadass'. Evidence of rule breach: DM and Mixing: https://streamable.com/p8hmx Lying in /do; Just found out that I missed the screenshot slightly so logs have to be checked: OOC insults:
  10. Goodbye to the next Welcome It was an early sunday morning when Clutch got a phone call from somebody that was interested in joining the Wanted. He wasn’t alone he said and he asked me to come over, which I did. Upon arrival there was a group of people standing there. They told me they were ex-Marcello and that they wanted to find a group that they could call a family again. After some hesitation and some deliberation I vouched for the group. Taking them with me to show them the ropes of what the Wanted does and what they stand for. Time past by and most of that group started to leave the city, some were forced and some were done with the Los Santos lifestyle. Yet, there was one guy that always stayed around. His name was Hakan Demerici. Hakan was special, he was always there when you needed him. A man with a kind soul and a lot of determination to do what's best. Months had past and he became one of my best friends, someone I could spend hours with, without it becoming boring. This is why his latest call to me came in like a bomb. He told me he was going to leave the city. That this was a requirement for him to fix some personal issues and to become and grow into a stronger man. He asked me to take care of his baby, his beloved orange seven-70. With pain across my chest I assured him that I would take care of it and keep his legacy alive. This is when I brought him to the airport. He walked up the stairs and gave me one final look before performing his last gang sign. We stood there for a second until he entered his plane back to his roots. Hakan might have left the city, but his legacy will live on in the form of others.
  11. I have not seen that forum post! Sorry about that! :)
  12. Some people from MD, PD and Me have been talking about improving communication between active helicopters. Right now we don't really have a system in which we can communicate with eachother about locations or general directions. We would love to have a similar system as the truckers where we can use a command (/cb for truckers) to talk to everyone thats currently piloting a helicopter. Not only will this increase realism much more, it would also be good to have a decent communication system between pilots as a whole. In addition, maybe showing eachother on the GPS is another thing that you could consider. This way we always know when we are about to get close to another aircraft, which will reduce the chance of ever coming into an air collision situation.
  13. I've been told to just scrap it by an admin. So please close this report!
  14. Date and time (provide timezone): No clue, somewhere on the 24th. Character name: Seth Blackwood Issue/bug you are reporting: I randomly got a 'Cliffhanger' bike added to my car collection. I never bought this nor traded this, it just appeared when I checked /vehiclestats once. Expected behavior: It should not be in my vehiclelist or garage. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://gyazo.com/104b75fe362ffe8629725ad717e7229d Vehicle license plate number*: PRCHXEKU
  15. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jacky Kamulete Character to Transfer To: Seth Blackwood Requested Transfer: 3 Garage House in Vine Wood Hills. Estimated house worth: 227000. Cockingend Dr. 7 Reason for Transfer: Recently I've been granted the opportunity to become Weazel CEO on my alternative character. He's fairly new to town and currently crashed in a 1 Garage house in the ghetto near strawberry. I think it would increase the realism much more if he could have the house currently owned by Jacky, since a CEO in real life wouldn't live in the ghetto. I think a bigger house is common for somoene with a high fuction within a legal business and I hope that the request gets approved. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Don Underwood (Papastouch) will help me transfer the house.
  16. Brothers at Arms Sometimes you just know that you found someone that you can call a brother. Someone that would stand with you through thick and thin and someone that will always support you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes different perspectives on a certain case can lead to a scenario in which two former brothers are turned against each other. Some people may call it politics, some people may call it betrayal but there is one thing for certain; Clutch’s world changed that day. It was a calm day and Clutch asked his ‘Brother’ to meet up with him, due to some emotional problems that he was struggling with. It felt like a normal hangout, a type of hangout that happened between them on a frequent basis. Yet, this ‘hangout’ changed a lot. Clutch’s friend brought up a huge issue that impacted their relationship. Clutch got told that his ‘Brother’ was turning on him, because his new group ‘The Legion’ was not happy with ‘The Wanted’. In their eyes ‘The Wanted’ was obtaining for something that they didn’t deserve. This causing them to not be willing to become neutral with ‘The Wanted’. In opposite, they told Clutch that they were planning to become hostile towards ‘The Wanted’ when they had the chance. Clutch was shook and out of words, he tried to leave this meeting as soon as possible. He had to think. After strolling through the city for a few hours, he looked up and saw a huge yellow crane and decided to climb up. The climb was filled by a rollercoaster of emotions. The main question that haunted his head was; WHY?. What did he do wrong, or how did he deserve to be stuck in this position. Nobody could give him that answer. He spend hours up the crane dangling his feet off the side of the crane. The sun started to go down and he decided that he had to down again. He stood up and brushed his somewhat developed tears away. He placed one feet on the railing, and placed the second one up there a few seconds later. He stood still for a second and then a big sigh escaped before he jumped of the crane. A few seconds after his jump, he pulled the cord on his back opening the parachute. The feeling of flying emptied his mind for a second. He decided to steer towards the Los Santos Pier, where after a few minutes he landed on the beach. He hid his parachute under the pier and found half a bottle of whiskey in the sand. He stared at the bottle desperately, getting flashbacks to his past where he was a uncontrollable drunk. Clutch decided to pick it up. There he was, at the place where once him and his ‘Brother’ were laughing and chilling together. A place that brought back great memories, but also a great pain and feeling of emptiness. They say that when you lose something, you can just replace it. His old friend was gone, and he was greeted with another old friend again. A friend that made him see less clear and influenced his daily business. He stayed there for a few more hours, drinking the whole bottle of whiskey and losing track of time. The questions in his head still haunted him and he couldn’t find any answers. More than a week had passed since that terrible day, and his emotions were completely shifted. He was no longer sad or angry, but had a feeling of darkness inside him. He described it as that he felt that he lost all of his emotions. He didn’t feel anything anymore, he felt empty. But he did make himself one promise, he swore that he would never feel like this again. Sometimes Brothers in Arms change to Brothers at Arms.
  17. Character to be refunded:Jacky Kamulete Date and time of incident: around 23;20 CEST Requested refund (what and how much): Pocket money of 188500 (and if possible inventory which i have no evidence off; Heavy Pistol) Description of incident resulting in loss: I was dealing at the lucky lady casino and i fell through the map resulting in me dying. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/182755c7ced4ae318d357971efed0154 Comments: People need to take a look into it, since it apparently happened before, i got teleported to a different dimension after that.
  18. I am ID 176, This is complete and utter nonsense. This had totally nothing to do with the voice of the player in question. We were all talking at the parking lot when out of a sudden ID 122 reversed his car and hit me and Brad Light while we were standing on the little wall you see on the picture. Since this happened all out of nothing I said ''Nigga?'' since I was curious what was going on. ID 122 can confirm this since he apologised in OOC and IC chat afterwards. I have no idea why the person reporting this is setting me up in this racist trap since it had NOTHING to do with his voice at all. I think this is a low blow from the reporting party and I wish this report can be closed. Please ask ID 122 since he can confirm ramming BOTH of us while we were standing on the wall. I am open for any more questions, but I think this report doesn't really need any further talking. With great disbelieve, Jacky Jones
  19. Jelle079

    ID 68 NLR

    @Puskin Responded 9 days ago haha
  20. Jelle079

    ID 68 NLR

    Hey, I'm ID 68. I was definitely wrong in this case and I must admit that. This happened a few days ago and at that time I just lost the New Player status. This actually was the first time I was at a drug lab and was robbed and killed in the process. The adrenaline got to my head and I did remember the NLR rule, so I started out fresh at the MD and was thinking in my head that I could have gotten into a car crash, so checked where my car was. This brought me back to the DL where I found my car and took off in it. During the adrenaline rush and being faced by the NLR for the first time, I completely brain farted on the 30 min rule. When I took it, the man recording this followed me on the road and I stopped (which he didn't include in the record). He pointed out to me that I broke NLR, bc of the 30 min rule and told me to check out the server rules again. I did and I apologised for the rule break (OOC) to him and told him it wouldn't happen anymore. I know I was in the wrong but learned from it as I had contact with the reporting party the next day as well (telling them that I had checked the forums again). Sorry for the fuck up and I'm sure it won't happen again. I take full responsibility for the actions I did, just a rookie mistake that won't happen again. Greetings, Jacky ''Clutch'' Jones
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