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  1. Leave me alone in prison, I don't want to talk or RP with anyone, especially other inmates because the basis of there RP is running up to someone just to act like morons.
  2. I have a hellfire, 1/2 turbo, 1/5 suspension everything else maxed for 350k. 446-8591 if interested.
  3. Highest quality artists my fucking black ass bruh. Do you even listen to your lyrics, or just skim through it? -Vyse
  4. Maybe use your eyes and read other comments and use common sense, thanks.
  5. Have to agree with this, I believe every cruiser should have ONE extra vest in it and no extra ammo. Vests are always kept in cruiser trunks just like real life, but ammo is obviously never stored there, plus cops get a bunch of ammo in the first place already. I feel like these would be solid changes.
  6. No to every lowball offer in here and no to a junky Schafter. No trades welcomed, cash only. Not desperate to sell these, if you're trying to offer cheap to flip go somewhere else.
  7. Complaining about IC actions OOC is soooooooo lame. You're getting extorted, it happens daily in life. Either pay, or get fucked over it's simple really. -1 keep IC situations simply IC, we don't need more NCZ's, we actually need less.
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