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  1. It's truly sad to see that this faction is closing, but I am happy I met the people and was apart of it. Always had loads of fun while I was in the faction, and will miss it. Zeta's will forever be remembered as a part of this servers history, and it should stay that way, despite how people felt about it OOC/IC. Thanks for the memories, @JayGamble @MrUntouchable215 @Purmineli
  2. I sure hope you don't ever get a gun than, cause that's pretty retarded. You're supposed to shoot when your life is in danger, or when someone elses life is in danger. Here that is DM if you shoot over that, irl, that's prison and consider your life basically over as it's against the law. It's even outlined in the weapons license application on here, and in the US. It's common sense, use your brain.
  3. I can't believe the limit was further reduced. 60 in my eyes was bad enough as it's an OOC restriction that I find to be extremely goofy. Both PD departments have a combined 207 members, PD will be having MORE cops coming in due to an academy, and SD is currently still recruiting. I find this to be absolutely nuts, on a community that is trying to stop OOC things, IE: Car Dealerships (bad change), "Emailing" in the IC character section, and etc. I said in Flint's thread previously, I don't quite understand who are making these rules and why. The general cucking of criminal RP again makes no sense. Lots of us thought a "criminal update" was coming, but that only further crippled crims and just forced them to make drugs and do nothing else really. Not much script support, obviously a lack of OOC support what are crims supposed to do in this server? I'm not a crim any longer, I'm a cop, but I'm not blind to the problem. All of this is rather unfair and crims are literally being pushed against a wall with little choice to do anything...
  4. I think a rule did need to happen, being robbed at clothing stores, and gas stations was always a bit goofy for me. But to the extent that this server took these rules, is way to far. Not sure who makes these rules, but are crims even being talked to, to give input on them? Because most of the "new rules" that keep coming through, are legit stupid. I feel like the server is trying to fully kill off crim RP and if the higher ups don't realize it, something is wrong. For example, Flint touched on ruleplaying, and he is 10000% right, this does turn the server basically into one big NCZ, where EVERY robbery is now /b you can't do this, and someone goes OOC and starts whining, saying they'll report. I have no problem if someone robs me, but with the majority of the population on this server being children and not being able to handle losing, it's going to lead to a report. Call that insulting or whatever you want, but it's the truth, look at the report section for evidence on that. This is one reason I stopped playing crim, shit isn't fun anymore. I barely play on the server anymore because of the poor rules being enforced and the constant /b during EVERY RP situation which is ridiculous. Also before an admin quotes me, no I'm not going to sit and report every single person on the forums like some ruleplaying keyboard warrior, that is part of the problem and I'm not going to add onto it. Serious rule breaks are what I only report. Albeit, this is a great thread Flint, I don't see it leading to anything like the other ones. I'm sure it'll fall on deaf ears again unfortunately.
  5. If anyone is saying no, do we REALLY think these are accidents? all of these people deserved to be banned. And this is just the last 24hrs of -REPORTED- combat logging.
  6. After reading this thread, I fully agree with it being a perm ban. It's unfair, and in this report you can obviously see the two people that got murked there do not want to roleplay in this server. Jake had all to lose in this situation since he has more guns and a heavy, and can't combat log since he's a veteran and has more to lose. Not to mention, combat logging does show a sign of maturity, if you do it, it's clearly because you're immature and can't handle being on the server. I think you should be able to get a second chance eventually, but it needs to atleast be in a month or two. The uptick in population has made this a VERY big problem. +1, ban all combat loggers.
  7. Leave me alone in prison, I don't want to talk or RP with anyone, especially other inmates because the basis of there RP is running up to someone just to act like morons.
  8. Have to agree with this, I believe every cruiser should have ONE extra vest in it and no extra ammo. Vests are always kept in cruiser trunks just like real life, but ammo is obviously never stored there, plus cops get a bunch of ammo in the first place already. I feel like these would be solid changes.
  9. Complaining about IC actions OOC is soooooooo lame. You're getting extorted, it happens daily in life. Either pay, or get fucked over it's simple really. -1 keep IC situations simply IC, we don't need more NCZ's, we actually need less.
  10. -1 I couldn't imagine having to deal with this as a cop. When I was a cop, this was one of my fears that this would be implemented and I'd have to set time aside and make more written reports regarding this. Also it would be way to hard to find someone that can properly RP a Judge / Lawyer. I don't believe this server is in the state to currently have this implemented either, way to many other things that should be taken care of before this is even brought up.
  11. Sounds like a reason to have more crims sitting in prison doing nothing for 4 hours.
  12. I do not want to see a DOJ on this server, the pettiest crimes would go to court and be rendered a big deal, waste of everyone's time. Not to mention, it would be terrible for a cop to be forced to deal with this. They shouldn't have to be "obligated" to do even more paperwork than they already do. My big problem with the penal code and the laws though, are that the cops get to the write the penal code which doesn't make any sense at all. In fact, I believe somethings in the penal code should be changed, especially with fines / times for things. Just my two cents though.
  13. I've canceled reports on people when they've reached out to me OOC'ly or where I have not occurred a severe loss, I just simply not reported it. I doubt an admin is going to come punish you for something if two parties and maturely agree that something was a mistake and that it won't happen again. That's called being an adult. I'll also continue to do that myself, I was DM'd a few days ago, and it was a mistake, the person apologized and I didn't lose anything major, nor was any RP ruined due to the result of it. Just my point of view, I don't know much of your situation but I'm sure there was more to it than simply that. Regardless, it should be a GOOD thing when the two parties can agree something was a mistake and wasn't done out of malicious hate. Mistakes do happen, as we are all human. It's simply not right to point out everyone's mistake, especially if it's something petty that can be resolved with a simple discord chat, or a /pm.
  14. I mean this thread is rather proof and validation to these claims. Look at how some people are acting in this thread, it's disgusting. It is not hard to keep things IC'ly only, stop taking things personal and letting your OOC feelings interfere with things. I'm not going to name names here because it's pretty obvious who is being toxic, just in this thread.... As far as someone mentioning The Council vs Wanted war, that war probably had less than 5 reports, there was respect on both sides, and it was great. That's how all wars should be, if there is an issue, go to the factions leader about it and talk it out before you start making threads to get people "banned" and bragging about it. This is a role-play server but so many seem to have forgot that and just want to rule-play which is boring.
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