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  1. Could you suggest who I could send the letter to? Stefan Gurrent
  2. Hello all, Recently the local authorities passed the implementation of speed camera's; brilliant idea. This will make the drivers of LS more aware of their speed. This however comes at a cost to the cab drivers of LS. The DCC was a preferred method of transport, rather than the City Bee Faggio, because of the travel time. However, now that the taxis are limited to 70 (by the camera's) we won't be getting enough customers. This will have a drastic impact on the business. My recommendation would be to lower the Faggio speed or increase Faggio prices (I think lowering the speed would be better). I would like the local authorities to review this idea. Thank you, Stefan Gurrent
  3. OMGAWD! I cannot wait!!! So excited ☺️☺️ Gd luck to everyone taking part!
  4. Hi, For some reason I cannot connect my Eclipse RP account with this forum account. Can anyone help? Thank you, Stefan Gurrent
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