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  1. +1 Crims are the worst at RP in my opinion... I mean the new criminals kids on the block.
  2. Cops definitely abuse their power, there’s simply no doubt about that. Example of this is a cop ramming me outside of the LS Bank whilst I was typing. So basically I was stood next to my car outside of LS Bank with a cop parked up behind me. A car raced up the hill, flew through the air and hit the cop car. This car then proceeded to flee and so the cop began to pursuit. I was still stood there typing my message and with no warning or even attempt to communicate with me the cop just rammed through me. How is that good RP... especially from members of the server that should be setting an example. Before you say that I was blocking the cop... I wasn’t, this all happened in a split second and I’m a taxi driver not a criminal. However the cop did acknowledge that I was there because he stopped and then decided that the best way to go is to go through me.
  3. I think that the del menu would give too much information to criminals. I like the idea but I’m not 100% sure.
  4. Sounds very likely. People have a short attention span nowadays!
  5. Some are already shortened such as /shout is /s and obviously the hands up one but yeah would be nice to get more shortened ones! +1
  6. Bring back the D BRING HIM BACK! LET HIM IN! I’m actually a qualified lawyer and I’ll win your case for a mere $70,000.
  7. This has been done because too many people fly through NCZ's. NCZ's are area's where you are not allowed to commit crime, because it's against server rules. If you think about it would you speed in area's where there is a higher likelihood of cops being around, whilst you're probably a wanted criminal. +1 Nonetheless. However, I don't think speeding everywhere is good RP.
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