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  1. **email comes in from [email protected]** Still for sale? How much, I'm interestred! @ege212
  2. I would say if the dealerships were made safe zones it would be added that you cannot park there as it would ruin the whole thing about it being a vehicle dealership. Also how it would work would maybe it show when you last robbed someone in /stats? I'm not sure if this was to be implemented it would have to be down to the Devs to see how it is possible. Possibly like the new life rule, the players involved have to be on top of it.
  3. I agree but the reason why I've singled out the dealerships (apart from being robbed there myself) this is where all players new or old have saved up money to go to use and further their experience. In the aspect of realism, purchases are usually covered by insurance, cctv but that's beside the point. I just feel strongly it should be added. Thanks for your opinion, appreciate it.
  4. So today for the first time I was robbed. No drama, lost a few items but hey-ho that's how the game goes. However I felt like where I was robbed (high end dealership) was abit of a low blow. I feel like high end and low end dealerships should be a safe zone. People come here to buy vehicles often by themselves or with friends and I feel like this should be a safe spot so people can do so without being robbed. There's plenty of other places to be robbed in my opinion especially when people camp there & there's no cooldown so the same player can rob you over and over...it dosen't make sense to me. It also would deter new players who've just turned 5k xp if they were robbed consistently by the same player in a short space of time. TLDR: High end dealership, Low end dealership to be added to safe zone, A 15 min or 30 min cool-down preventing the same player robbing you again within a short period of time.
  5. I'm drizzy on discord, if any developer could get in hold of me asap. I've gone all out to play this game and I would be willing to help with any enquiries with the developer staff member to resolve the issue,
  6. Hi people. I'm Drizzy also formely known as Drizzy Dre. I've sort of joined this community, well when I say joined...Im waiting on a technical issue so I can begin my registration in-game. My history consists of playing at Valhalla Gaming roleplay on SA-MP from 2011. Once my technical issue is resolved I look forward to meeting all you lovely people. Just wanted to make one of these posts as that's what most new people are doing. I was referred here by some friends who have joined recently and also by @Darnell who some of you may know already. o/
  7. @GOAT is this your beta twin
  8. Issue Being Reported: I am unable to register because it says I have two accounts already. I've never played here before or any other gta v roleplay/rage client servers before. I was shown this community by a friend whos a staff member and also some other friends who have joined here recently. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): n/a Your characters name: N/A unable to create an account Other player(s) involved: Myself and my crushed soul as I am waiting to just get in and join the fun Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: When trying to create an account it said my password is not long enough twice before giving me the message I have two accounts. Im wondering if its entered as a false positive where it thinks I've got two accounts where in fact I don't? I don't share my isp with anyone who plays gta v in my household, just me. I would appreciate this getting resolved asap as it stops me from being able to join the community. Thanks in advance. Edit: I've spoke to some staff whom have said I should speak to the founder as he is the only one who can help. I have messaged him on discord but if anyone else is able to resolve this, i would be very appreciative. I have tried a vpn with no luck. I have also downloaded it via social club purchase and steam. Both to no avail.
  9. Ive got the same issue, did you get a fix to this??
  10. I've registered now, feel free to pm me.
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