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  1. Something different and interesting soudning, good luck - Joe Deys
  2. Don’t see an issue with cigs or vehicle radios
  3. Selling a stock white Mule - Ideal for the starter or intermediate miner Contents include: Vehicle & two solid wood crates for extra storage Price: 50,000 Email at #[email protected] or SMS 293-8757 (Do not contact on withheld number)
  4. DrizzyDre


    Is this a apartment building or house?
  5. OOC suggestions on how the LSPD/Laws are handled will not have much affect, change them IC'ly/via IC methods
  6. Yes, one available in prime location near other tenants
  7. DrizzyDre


    I got a few near the bank
  8. I currently have one available for rent. The others are currently being rented or have been sold.
  9. So just to clarify is the airfield with the deal?
  10. DrizzyDre


    The comment may have been a oversight in terms of it being posted in a ic section. But just to clarify, no, it was not locked and there’s a video to prove it. Have a great day.
  11. woudn't even pay 200k for it but someone paid over a mill on the auction, yikes
  12. DrizzyDre


    Interior seems buggy, fell through the floor and died on entry.
  13. I see comments of examples of singular people behaving in a manner which isn’t favourable. The actual ability of masks and alias isn’t the issue. Also about alias, if my brother wore different clothes would I not recognise him? Alias is there for when you know someone, unless they’re masked you’re going to remember the people you know? Regardless if they change clothes..
  14. I personally like the ability to wear masks whenever I wish or feel like I need to. You have to remember we can't have everything identical to real life, there has to be a balance between game and realism. Sometimes I just want to put my mask on and not want to be bothered.
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