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  1. Date and time (provide timezone): Any time. Character name: Joe Deys - The bug reported affects everyone Issue/bug you are reporting: You are teleported into the prison past the locked gates when trying to enter the front entrance of the DOC/Prison. Expected behavior: You would enter the lobby not pass locked gates into a secure area giving you access to vehicles and inside of prison. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: This is a urgent issue for DOC as were having growing numbers of people being past secured lines randomly. Vehicle license plate number*: n/a
  2. 205k - let me know if interested at my email #Drizzy1191
  3. Reminds me of something I did years ago in SAMP, Good luck with this. I like what I see, look forward to more screenshots.
  4. Account name: MYU195 Character name(s):JOE DEYS Admin who issued punishment: Faction Management Date of punishment: 11/05/2019 Punishment received: Ban Reason given for punishment:DOC incident Your explanation of what happened: There was a security breach on the forums by a ex high command unit. They changed the active roster I was trained to trust and abide by. They manipulated a situation to get into the faction by adding their name to it. I refused, they removed my name and I had some bug issues where I coudnt open doors in-game causing me to change my mind. This third party abused something that was out of my powers and that should of been cleared by high staff (they shoudnt of even had the powers to edit doc stuff). However the situation was resolved after kicking him but before that happened he mas dm'd the prison. He was later banned. This was a pre-planned event without my knowledge of it being an attack by a third party. I dont think I should be banned at all, especially for something that was beleived to be secure but wasn't. Including our discord which has duo of same ranks from past management.I also fell for this trap as our deputy warden is our mapper I beleive who I rarely seen in game. I was lead to beleive it could of been a new alias or name. You can see in the videos circulating from everyone of their ooc planning for this. They targeted this perfectly as it was late UK time where Mark was contacted but he was not able to reply due to it being so late. I did this thinking it's something above my rank which I dont want to disappoint my superiors and the only sole thing changing my mind was the roster (data breach) as I originally was saying no to the this party defiantly. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Im an active member of this community which I help out by quiz's and have never had any ooc issues before this point of time where it appears Ive been banned. I also contribute to the server in more ways than one. I would like to see my ban revoked under said circumstances as it was manipulation . Post any evidence or further details: They were old command which was before me joining ECRP. I wouldn't associate myself with wannabe cool internet guys like them. I wouldn't be involved in making myself look like Im easy to manipulate when Im not, I've made a mistake from a lapse of judgement but it's not a regular thing.
  5. Character to be refunded: Joe Deys Date and time of incident: 19:14 approx (uk gmt+0) Requested refund (what and how much):55,900 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was at la la inn, all in and my game crashed (which it does not usually). I don't mind losing my money, I went to the place to chill out and cool down knowingly I might lose it however this is not a fair cause on my side as it was nothing to do with me or in my power. I beleive I had the winning cards too as I will show you my screenshots and a friend is clipping his stream to show me disconnect. It's kind of upsetting but I dont mind losing it but not to this cause...as it isn't something that falls in my error. Logged back in and all my money poof. Evidence of loss: (posted below)
  6. House no longer available - SOLD.
  7. Character to be refunded: Joe Deys Date and time of incident: 3/5/2019 midnight approx Requested refund (what and how much):Briefcase with multiple items inside - needs logs checked for all items. There was some items in there I never touched. I would like to speak to an mod if this gets accepted in regards to what was inside. Description of incident resulting in loss: I was at bank with Jay and Kelly gamble for a brief period of time and I had my briefcase which had alot of items in, poof when the server restarted. I was carrying it via p to hold method. Evidence of loss: This is when server crashed: N/A - didn't expect the crash/restart or to lose my briefcase, never happened to me before And when i loged back to game: There was multiple people ingame at the bank who seen me with my briefcase as I awaited to sell an house Comments: I would like to just say Im unsure of the value as some of the items are from places I dont know. I can better explain it when logs get checked, to the admin.
  8. final 30 minutes of sale: current highest bidder 800,000
  9. Moving end of sale date to today. Next 5 hours approx. @Levi208 @SA Brian Jennings Ive received a bid via private email (discord) of 800k by a PD member, if anyone wishes to go further just post here, if not that's fine too.
  10. See my advert below; No pool but you've got the whole beach and ocean...even better right?
  11. Lowered buy out price by 50,000 as I would like to get rid of it asap to buy a sports vehicle.
  12. This listing will last till 3rd of May Friday. (5 days) Buy out clause 900,000.
  13. 3 storey 3 garage house for sale right next to high end dealership and beach! Beautiful exterior, painted moody blue with two side paths. Includes front gate and a external staircase for all 3 floors with a landing on the third floor. (Selling due to high demands, Bids starting at 750,000. Price is only going up with more and more citizens coming into the city so demand is high, however Im looking to move out soon) Ideal for investors.
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