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  1. All parties who were interested at 6m and are liquidating assets - The price is now 5.5m to encourage a quicker time of sale. All parties who were questioning figures have been contacted with further information. If you're interested feel free to get in contact, otherwise thanks for reading.
  2. ((Even sent you two ooc screenshots of when I've logged in and checked my till and saved it since being asked does it make money to prove it does well. I'm not in a huge rush to sell it, people sleep on it but it makes money. I just want to sell the store to have less responsibility and so I can buy a super and do more criminal stuff on my alt))
  3. Will be in contact with the previous interested parties within the next 24 hours. Some figures of sales. thursday 16th - 38,453 friday 17th - 45,693 sat 18th - 74,530 sunday 19 - 69,000 Sunday 21-23 - 123,000
  4. Just another day, boolin and coolin My ICE
  5. Tesco Express still up for sale for 6m
  6. Please do not post on refund requests that is not yours. Staff team will respond to it when and where possible. Thanks, Drizz.
  7. I've been offered that deal and I turned it down, as much as I love the retro alot. They sold recently in the last week for 3 prices. 4m, 4.2m and 4.5m. That is under the value of my store. Add 1m and we got a deal. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Straightening out some loose ends
  9. I actually agree with this. If ID's became a thing, it would add to the list that would get robbed/abused for no reason during a robbery. I don't see any real perks of having someone's ID either. Alot of people have alias's and fake ID's can only be used to shown to others. You can't break into prison with a fake ID, you would need a badge. Not sure if this is thought through well, -1 for me. Plus the size of SADOC, all the staff know each other. Plus if I rob someones ID then tried to use it to buy guns, it would show the photographic ID as not being the same as the person so you wouldn't get served anyway. What would be a better suggestion is the ability to import or make fake ID's. Fake ID's to be then used with your actual photo but a fake name, so you could do /showflicense (showfalselicense) to whoever.
  10. DrizzyDre

    Wall of Scammers

    Was the middle man today for a 600k trade. 600k for paragon. All went well, for Andre and Mikel. No charge also, enjoy! No idea who hurt the person who wrote the last post but ok.
  11. I've had two people say they will pay the full 6m but they need time to get it together. It's on a first come first served basis. You can have it for 6m or comet retro + 1m. Those are the offers I'm taking. Even though comet retro's have recently been sold for 4m, 4.2m and 4.5m at H.E, I like the car. All necessary paperworks are ready.
  12. Especially with the fact my price undercuts the surrounding stores yet still is healthy enough to profit, it brings in trade. But it's fine, if peopel wanna doubt, that's their choice. I'm not looking to hard sell this, I got alot offers, just waiting on some people to get the cash together, I appreciate you tho.
  13. All inactive owners of homes and businesses went up for sale and that's why you lost your house. You are eligible for a percentage returned, which the staff who handles this will tell you how much. Welcome back!
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