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The Movement

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The Movement, formed by anarchists who were once with Underground before it disbanded, got the urge to start gaining a little bit of recognition from PD. Everyone in the Movement knew that the fight against PD needs to continue and the best way to start warning PD was to make sure they know that no where is safe or out of reach, No one can hide behind their uniforms with their little 'SA exempt plates'. Richie ended up telling the rest of the Movement to meet up at the sewing factory to do a little bit of redecorating of PD parking, He went to the store and bought several cans of spray paint and put them in his trunk ready to hand them out and have fun.


After he returned to the sewing factory with the cans of paint, everyone grabbed a can, put on their masks and started to creep over towards mission row. The end goal was to redecorate the place with paint and try to take one of their very valuable cars, Everyone ran inside and started to paint the walls, doors and cars. Messages were made consisting of threats and insults making sure they know what is coming for them over due time.



After the painting was done and windows got smashed Santiago started to pick one of the very nice and very precious cars. The alarm started to go off and everyone started to run out before anyone came in to stop them. Everyone ran off beside the bridge and into the canal back to the sewing factory realising that the message is out there and now PD can understand that the Movement is not here to play games.


Whether PD take this seriously or not is up to them, the Movement understand that this was only the very first step of a long journey. Everyone knew the end goal is to make sure change happens, the truth is revealed and the people come first. Painting the parking lot may have been a small gesture  but if gone ignored it will be a mistake.

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