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  1. (( Harry Hornsby's Vehicles )) Slamvan Custom I am selling a maxed Slamvan Custom, I hope to get around $160,000 (I believe this is around stock price) and it will be placed onto High-End and my phone number will be available at the bottom. Street Blazer Custom I am selling a almost maxed Street Blazer Custom, I bought this stock and upgraded it to what it is and I hope to get around $25,000+, I am open for offers to which again you should text my phone number as well as this will be located at Low-End.
  2. +1, on top of this at the Paleto Bank you're unable to withdraw large amounts of money due to it only being an ATM, if that could be fixed it'd be great.
  3. Selling this for $200,000 - 60-70k under stock. Willing to negotiate still.
  4. Mamba I will be selling this for around stock price, however the prices are negotiable and if I am unable to get that price I will be willing to lower it. Please contact #4066403 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  5. i have tried this, you're correct, sadly it didn't solve anything at all..
  6. I have spent a few days now trying to fix my rage MP so that I am able to join the server, this hasn't worked at all and I keep on getting errors, I am able to play on normal GTA V with singleplayer and online, I then try to join rage and get the error "the game has unexpectedly crashed" which a screenshot can be found below I am basically looking for more help as I have already had multiple people trying to help me and none seem to have been able to do it, rage MP staff are not helping so it really isn't going well
  7. -1, If I change the way my nose looks I shouldn't lose my alias to everyone I know. Plastic Surgery also does exist in real life, unlike a CK.
  8. Completely agree, I can tell what community you are on about with the punishments being that way and I feel they are way more fitting. DM can be something solved very easily, items returned and RP resumed or a simple forum report and then your items refunded. With a Combat Logging punishment, not only do you not get the refund of items, as there are any, you have to stand there for 15 minutes waiting around just to have the outcome of a Non-RP punishment. +1.
  9. [SELLING] MAXED Mamba, MAXED Bati 801, MAXED 2/2 Turbo Faggio, STOCK Schafter V12 Contact #4066403 or Kebab#[email protected]
  10. The fast cars come with high prices, for example the Comet Retro which is around $4,000,000 is capable of reaching speeds of around 375KMH (( This all depends on your PCs specs for some odd reason )). This vehicle and the Pfister 811 are probably the fastest vehicles within the city. I suggest purchasing something like a Massacro or another type of sports vehicle from a dealership, such as Motorsports.
  11. Hello, I am looking to purchase a Gas Station, if you so happen to have a station for sale please contact me via the links below and we will discuss the pricing. Contact Me Email: Kebab#[email protected] (( Kebab#8319 is my discord )) Phone Number: #4066403. Regards, Harry Hornsby.
  12. Hi, this is a little too low for my bracket, could you by am6 chance offer something a little higher?
  13. I like this, increasing more jobs very similar to mining, this will develop a variety of options that people could chose for. +1.
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