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  1. I need to get a Granger ASAP, contact #5336479 if you have one.
  2. I didn't see that on the requirements section, I made my previous appeal super early but I guess I can't get rid of it... It says in the requirements I can appeal the punishment if I feel I have learnt from my mistakes and I understand why I was punished.
  3. So is there no way of me appealing this punishment?
  4. Account name: SYMMIJ Character name(s): Harriet Harmone Admin who issued punishment: Flucifal Date of punishment: 16/3/2019 Punishment received: I was given a DM punishment by Flucifal and was placed in prison for 60 minutes due to a forum report. Reason given for punishment: I was given a DM punishment due to me shooting someone when they were fully complaint, there was a report which was made and it can be found here. Your explanation of what happened: Myself and my two friends, Ralph_Devon and Ross_Camp were following a white car that we saw at the bank, we followed them down to the place near LSC. When we got to this area the vehicle appeared to have spun out and we proceeded to rob the person by all three of us getting out and beginning to aim guns at them, only the passenger of the vehicle had gotten out, which from the start seemed odd however the driver could have been trying to start their vehicle again and drive off, we couldn't tell. When we had the passenger, Jack_Kelly on his knees Ross walked around to the drivers side of the vehicle and suddenly it pinged off and killed him, this frightened us as we couldn't tell that the person had actually crashed and so we thought they were attempting to fight back, I shot at the vehicle but also hit the man on the ground when he was compliant, I sincerely apologize for this and then the whole situation kind of ended and was mainly said in OOC from that point onward. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Since I was given that punishment I have been making sure to follow the rules completely and have been extremely safe when playing ECRP, I've fully learnt from my mistake and would love for this punishment to be lifted. I have been consistently been playing ECRP and since this punishment I have not recieved any other types because of my cautiousness. I hope for this to be lifted since having this punishment is slightly ruining part of my experience on the server since I cannot apply for jobs like the LSPD, I understand that is a factor of having the punishment but since then I have been avoiding any types of rulebreaks and seriously have been reading through the rules thoroughly everytime they change, like now for example. Thanks for reading this and I hope for you to understand why I would like this appeal lifted and hope for you to understand that it is my main priority to not recieve any types of punishments and to fully understand the rules with no exceptions. Since then I have also become a quiz team member which may help show that I have changed and do not want to break the rules and will and do fully follow them. Post any evidence or further details: The appeal can be found below or on the red text sayign "here". Image of the punishment
  5. +1, I also feel it would be nice if the aliases are to go too since most people just don't even know about it.
  6. I'd love to buy this however, do not have the money at the moment - If it is still up for sale when I have the cash I will for sure buy it.
  7. Surely after getting one ticket you'll wonder why you just got a text saying your speeding? The speed cameras are there to avoid people from speeding in nczs, which is in fact a rule break. You cant say you didn't know about them as your excuse to 40 tickets when it's very obvious when you get a ticket..
  8. +1, It's much more realistic being able to transfer money between bank accounts, maybe only allow it at the banks? (Paleto Bank and Los Santos Bank)
  9. Huge +1 to this suggestion, we need to be more places to do activities like this and I feel it's the perfect place, on top of that you can fish there and people could host competitions for fishing there (since it's an NCZ it'll be safe etc.).
  10. I am looking to purchase a 1 Garage house, please contact #5336479 to provide me with details. I have the cash all ready just require someone to sell me the house.
  11. You also cannot have famous people's names.
  12. +1, would be cool and I never experienced it before.
  13. I was told I am allowed to appeal it for this reason, it wasn't my intention to provide him with a disadvantage and I also, on my screen wasn't aiming at him - I have no videos to prove this though as I did not expect for the report to go through since I was confident I was in the clear.
  14. Account name: SYMMIJ Character name(s): Harriet Harmone Admin who issued punishment: Serthon Date of punishment: 16/03/2019 Punishment received: Flucifial Prison 60DM | Offense #1 | Forum Report 16/Mar/2019 18:00 active Reason given for punishment: The report was accepted. Your explanation of what happened: In the video that can be found on the report you can see myself and two of my allies (ID 59 and 22), in the video I am seen as ID 62. We begin the robbery on two players in a white vehicle that has span out in the middle of the road, whilst this happens we begin to take advantage of this and get the passenger out of the vehicle and on his knees meanwhile the driver is unresponsive and is just sitting in the vehicle after a few seconds Ross stands behind the vehicle and comes round the side of the driver, still attempting to get him out (at no point was we told he crashed) I walk up but still in safety calling him constantly to get out, suddenly the driver pinged off towards LSC and had killed Ross with that, this took us with shock and myself and Ralph take shots at the White Car, however, according to the logs I had shot the person who was in compliance (I don't believe I did but logs only state the truth so I must've hit him), Myself and Ralph was attempting to take out the driver still unaware that he had crashed and at the point where we stop shooting we realise that the driver is no longer on the server. I apologize to Jack Kelly himself for this mistake. Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was never my intentions to shoot the compliant passenger and I sincerely apolgize for this - I am sorry for hurting you and giving you somewhat of a disadvantage to us and I will ensure that this does not re-occur in the future and will be much more careful with my shooting, I hope to get this accepted as I really didn't mean for this to cause any issues and by the end we left the two alone either way and never took anything, except half of Jack Kelly's health which I can refund at any point if he still would like it, although it is extremely minor. I feel it was more of a 'jump shot' as it shocked us all when the car pinged off injuring Ross. Post any evidence or further details: Don't really have any other evidence due to me not trying to argue about it, I'm just trying to apologize and to get it removed off of my record as it was never my intentions.
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