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  1. Hi, this is a little too low for my bracket, could you by am6 chance offer something a little higher?
  2. I like this, increasing more jobs very similar to mining, this will develop a variety of options that people could chose for. +1.
  3. Had some enjoyable scenarios with you guys, ups and downs. Hope to continue to see you grow!
  4. Hello, I am selling a Matte White, Fully Maxed Elegy RH8. I will set a base price of $250,000, however I am willing to go above or below this price. Please contact #2829885
  5. Really enjoying RPing with you guys, super fun and super chill guys. ❤️
  6. The incident. Having had a few interactions with the Russian Mafia, albeit not in such great light the Patels had found themselves shot at at the shop they worked at. The Triads who owned the shop did not like that this had happened on their property and made sure the Russians would not open fire at the Patels again on their property and that the Patels keep their bad blood away from their business. The hunt. After the bad blood had been simmered down, the Russians had set up a trap for the LC during a meeting. During this time though the Triads and the Patels were working together as they hunted down some other LC. Roaming the city with their scent close-by. The aftermath. After having succeeded in the attack against the LC, the brothers and Triads re-united at the Triads store where the bad blood was finally simmered down completely as the Russian Mafia and the Patels made up and made sure to be good friends for their next meeting.
  7. Vehicle is now for sale at High End for $240,000
  8. Sure contact me and I will be available in 1 hour.
  9. The Meetup II We arranged a meeting with Mr. Jay Gamble to discuss some things regarding our growth and our movement within the city. After discussing the matters we came to a very pleasing, successful end and both groups went their way.
  10. I'll be available in a few hours. (( been away for a week sorry! ))
  11. If you contact me I will reply very shortly. (( will be in game soon ))
  12. I would be interested in this, please contact my number and I will reply when available.
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