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  1. [APPEAL] Andor ( discord )

    Anyone that starts attacking people, such as this example, will indeed receive a punishment. There are constructive and mature ways to go about expressing your concerns and opinions. Coming from the heart is no excuse, it's common sense. We didn't directly ban Chaz for his actions, he was just unfortunately apart of the same group and should he make an appeal it will be responded to in due course. I understand people get upset but again, that is no excuse. I'm also a very direct person, so I understand exactly what you mean but that doesn't give a person the right to act in the way you did. Regardless, I could care less about a persons track record, if you act insulting towards ANY member of the community then action will be taken. For the comment you made a ban is more than acceptable, especially considering it's right there in our discord rules, I'm sure someone with your drive to move the community forward knew this already?
  2. [APPEAL] Andor ( discord )

    Do you honestly believe saying "They can go fuck themselves" is the best way to express you displeasure with this situation?
  3. [APPEAL] Andy. McCarty

    Cheating results in a permanent ban. Thus the ban will remain. Rejected/Archived
  4. /me sniffs Toony's hair.

  5. [APPEAL](Discord)Ray Sweets

  6. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: KingZaki has stepped down from Support.
  7. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: FatherOsborn has stepped down from Moderator. Ethosyde has stepped down from Moderator.
  8. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: aon has stepped down from Administrator and Public Relations.
  9. [Appeal] Doobis_hauser

    The modifications you were using could give yourself an unfair advantage in certain situations. On top of that due to your previous record we cannot trust that an "animation menu" is your only modification, regardless this would not be allowed. Closed/Rejected.
  10. [Apeal] Roman_Stewart

    Punishment and warnings will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  11. [Appeal] Himy_Atlake

    Ban and warnings will remain. Closed/Rejected.
  12. [Appeal] Sanna Cromé

    Ban will be reduced to 168 hours, 48 hours of which will remain. I hope, as stated, you have refreshed yourself with our server rules and will refrain from this sort of behavior in the future. Any further offences will result in a much harsher punishment. Thank you for your appeal, have a nice day.
  13. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: xsweetsoulx has resigned from the Staff Team. The following support staff have been removed: Randyrandul Jack_Slade
  14. [Appeal] Sanna Cromé

    Pending @BallinByNature for a response.
  15. [Unban] shlomi kashkash

    Cheating/Hacking is not tolerated. The ban will remain. Rejected/Closed.