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  1. @Badger Please explain the situation that happened which gives Lost valid reason to also be at war with The Exiled without needing our allies around. Also I'm failing to understand the point you're trying to make with these quotes @Steven_Doherty. Our allies are at war, thus we are at war. There has also been interaction between both Exiled and Lost post incident (Which people have survived during violent altercations). So really Lost could be doing it for either their allies or their-selves and both would be valid.
  2. Hello SteScotland, Thank you for the reply. The way I chose to shutdown my game is by no means negligent. We don't punish people because of how they've chosen to shut down their game. I only shared with you my personal background so you understood that I personally do it a different way but on this occasion did not. I was done for the night and was logging off, there was no RP happening at the time, Xylum and I agreed we were going to bed and thus I had tabbed out and shutdown my PC. OOCly everyone knows that it's going to happen so it will affect both parties unfortunately. Regardless we are still willing to proceed. Many thanks, - Toony
  3. I'll be available. Hit me up when if needs be.
  4. Hello SteScotland, Thank you for your reply. What is stated from myself above are merely facts. If someone cannot see or hear the person attempting to roleplay while shutting down the game how can one be held responsible? How about we switch up positions. I come to you attempting to rob or take you hostage while you are shutting down your game, you cannot hear or see me as you are doing exactly that, shutting down your game (The way in which the game is being shutdown does not matter), do you think it's fair that you be punished for there being no way of you to know of the situation that's unfolding? For arguments sake lets use this as an example - You know that bug where others can see you shooting from a vehicle but you yourself are not actively doing it? (I believe this may still be around in some form) Lets say this happened to you, do you believe it would be fair for you to be punished because of this when you are not aware of what is happening? The facts from both sides are all laid out above - You have given your "Evidence" and we have given the facts from our side and offered to continue the roleplay you so desired without the unfortunate circumstances of us being in the process of logging off. Pending a @BallinByNature for report resolution. Many thanks, - Toony
  5. Hello SteScotland, Thank you for your reply. I completely understand that from your perspective this can be viewed as "Combat Logging". I want to assure you this was not the intention and was purely just an unfortunate time for RP to be initiated (This is no-ones fault and just an unlucky circumstance). I personally wouldn't have initiated RP after hearing the "Hit the hay" remark but I understand that everyone is different and it's entirely possible that this could have been interpreted in a different light. We are more than happy to go along with this roleplay if you would like to - I believe we both only had Micro SMG's at the time. Many thanks, - Toony
  6. Hello! Thanks for submitting a report. I'm the second party in this video with the whole 17 seconds to close the game. First of all I'd like to reiterate what Xylum said. We were heading to bed as it was 2:30 in the morning. This is clearly evident from the VOIP displayed in your evidence. A bit of empathy wouldn't have gone a miss, but each to their own. Anyway regardless of the above and onto me personally. Simply put I shutdown my PC. I was semi intoxicated and had returned from work at 22:00 after a 12 hour shift thus at this time I just wanted to "Hit the hay", this is why I shutdown my PC without the usual process of ensuring all programs are closed down prior to shutting down the machine, what happens to current connections and programs that are open during that process I do not know and your guess is probably as good as mine. I heard nothing of what you said and for that I apologize and am entirely regretful that we could not contribute to the roleplay you required. I'm sure we are both more than willing to be robbed or taken hostage at a later date if you so desire. Pending an administrators verdict. Many thanks, - Toony
  7. The Lost Family has since been disbanded and remade (Due to the inactivity between February and May) making the above impossible. That said the reason The Lost Family are "At War" is because they are allied with The Gut Pushers and The Commission.
  8. The punishment will remain. In future please do not @ staff members who are not involved with this situation and wait patiently for a reply. Closed/Denied. - Toony
  9. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: Stephen Winfield has resigned from Support Staff
  10. kappa_Shannon

    Hi kappa_Shannon, Thank you for submitting a punishment appeal. Upon further review I have decided to deny this appeal. As stated above I do not believe you have reformed. With the explanations from other Administrators on how you treat them when confronted about your behavior it is obvious you do not take this server seriously. Feel free to resubmit your punishment appeal in a months time (11th July 2018) with a bit more effort. Denied/Close. Many thanks, - Toony
  11. Phil McGee Meta-gaming Appeal

    Hi Phil McGee, Thank you for submitting a punishment appeal. Upon review of the evidence provided, there are three instances of metagaming. 0.02 ("Yeah they got me"), 0.13-0.15 ("I got it, I can't talk right now") and 0.19 ("I'm low on health"). The first two instances you are not speaking in game and are clearly speaking in an OOC environment. You do not need someone to reply to make this valid. The last instance, well we know what's wrong with that. Thus because of the above the punishment of a warning for metagaming will remain. Closed/Denied. Many thanks, - Toony
  12. kappa_Shannon

    Pending @Beet and @Triple Seven
  13. Account - kappa_Shannon

    Please use the correct format: Denied.
  14. kappa_Shannon

    Incorrectly filled in. Denied.
  15. Phil McGee Meta-gaming Appeal

    Pending review.