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  1. Toony

    DonRico- Rico_granados Deathmatch

    Record will remain on the account.
  2. Toony

    Meyytaja - Kelly Beans (Ban Appeal)

    Hello, Thank you for your appeal. As I'm sure you're aware this is most definitely not the intended functionality of robbing stores as abuse of this does allow for a quicker store robbery (Frees up the person who should be aiming the weapon to allow them to /grabcash). I thank you for your apology and understanding. Please remember that in the future if you're unsure as to whether something is intentional or it doesn't make sense it is best to report it in our Bug section and avoid using this feature. You shall be unbanned. Many thanks, - Toony
  3. Toony

    Pistol .50, 200 Bullets $7000

    Hello, Unfortunately without evidence we are unable to progress this refund request any further. Many thanks, - Toony
  4. Toony

    Denis_Zharkov Using server bug 2.3, Non-rp 6.6

    Hello, Thank you for the report. As I'm sure we all know, to be able to rob a store requires a weapon to be aimed at the cashier. Any stores where a weapon is not being aimed and the cashier still has his hands up is clearly a bug and should not be abused. @Magicianas you have only recently been unbanned, albeit for a different reason, and you believe this is acceptable? The video supplied is clearly showing this abuse thus the following players will receive punishment. Denis_Zharkov Exploiting Server & Client Bugs | Major | Repeat Offender Mask 764_1500 Exploiting Server & Client Bugs | Major | Offense #1 As this abuse involves the economy this will be classed as a Major Offense. If you feel this punishment is unjust feel free to appeal in the correct section of our forums. Have a great day! Many thanks, - Toony
  5. Toony

    Concerned about the admin record

    While I appreciate your apology, unfortunately we do not clear admin logs of players that have broken server rules in the past. Most factions require a period of time between the punishment and the application depending on the severity of the rules broken so it is still a high possibility that in time you will still be able to apply successfully to these factions. Many thanks, - Toony
  6. Toony

    Ban appealing Andrey Magnetov AKKAZO

    That is not the attitude to have if you wish to continue playing on this server. All that shows us is that you do not care about our server or our server rules and thus you are not someone we want on this server. Appeal denied. Many thanks, - Toony
  7. Toony

    Carman1000 - Carmen Wirraway (Ban Appeal)

    Player will be unbanned. As you state, in future please pull over and reload immediately as to avoid ruining experiences for other players. Such as this situation where you "unknowingly" ploughed through a group of at-least 7 people. Many thanks, - Toony
  8. Toony

    Magicianas - Denis Zharkov (Ban Appeal)

    Thank you for your appeal. You shall be unbanned, should there be any repeat occurrences please understand that a permanent ban will be issued again. Many thanks, - Toony
  9. Toony

    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: JasperSix // MrSix has stepped down from support staff team. Edxx3 has been removed from the support staff team.
  10. Applications are now closed! Thank you all for applying. Accepted applicants will be contacted for a voice-interview on discord by the end of next week. If you are not contacted, please do apply again during our next cycle of recruitment!
  11. Hello Folks! Once again, Support Staff applications are now being accepted and are open to everyone who is interested in applying in becoming a Staff member. Support Staff members are the front line in helping the community with questions pertaining to minor issues in-game, and on discord! We are looking for the following requirements... Active, helpful and well-mannered individuals. Fluency in English language Age: 16+ No Major Admin Punishments on Record If you meet the above requirements, hesitate no more and apply now! The application process includes a Google Forms application in writing and an interview over voice with @Toony and @Lewis. You can apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/dmjZjuctzRih7ilC3 Applications will be closed in 5 days. Good luck to all applicants! REINSTATEMENT FOR PAST SUPPORT STAFF MEMBERS Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/jNTlZQRYYEo8m0Y23
  12. Toony

    John_Fly - Johnny Rodriguez [Ban Appeal]

    Hi John_fly, Thank you for your appeal. I appreciate that you've learnt from your mistakes. Should this be fact you'll have no issue in the future providing our server rules are followed. With the above in mind this punishment will remain on your record. Many thanks, - Toony
  13. Toony

    AprealKappa - Apreal Kappa (Ban Appeal)

    Upon further review of the player report and evidence provided the punishment will remain. Please ensure you read our server rules to avoid this in the future. Many thanks, - Toony
  14. Toony

    Magicianas - Denis Zharkov (Ban Appeal)

    Each report is a valid reason for a DM punishment to be issued. The most recent has at least two counts of VDM present. Whether the first one is desync or not does not matter. The second one was most definitely not desync. This many offences in such quick succession is not acceptable. As these are clear cut rule breaks the punishment will remain with the original request to appeal in 1 months time to ensure you actually read and understand our server rules. Many thanks, - Toony