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  1. Toony

    Account is banned

    Closed and archived.
  2. Toony

    Unable to get on Panel

    Hi Serthon, Are you still experiencing this issue? Many thanks, - Toony
  3. Toony

    Stuck on admin approval for 2 days

    Hi SteelxHusk, The application queue has been kept on top of for some time and the current oldest one is 253 minutes. Please can you advise on if you're still waiting for acceptance? If so please check your emails as it may have been completed with confirmation of acceptance or denial being sent through. Many thanks, - Toony
  4. Toony

    Server email verification not working

    Hi HighJack, This has been an issue a number of people have been facing although it seems intermittent. One of the temporary solutions that have been forwarded to me recommend essentially "spamming" requesting a new email and it eventually comes through. If the above does not work please contact a Head Admin+ via discord with your email and account name for security verification and we can activate the account. Many thanks, - Toony
  5. Toony

    Syntexas -Charles Kennedy (Ban Appeal)

    Hello, You will be unbanned, however any further punishments of this nature will result in a permanent ban with no chance of appeal. I hope you've used this time to refresh yourself on our server rules. Many thanks, - Toony
  6. Toony

    Changing forum name

    Name change complete.
  7. Toony

    SlimKilla- Slim#5586 Discord Ban

  8. Toony

    Bitsy Hilton Ban appeal

    Hello, Punishment will be voided. Many thanks, - Toony
  9. Toony

    Rebekah Mikaelson Ban appeal

    No response for 120 hours. Archived.
  10. Toony

    Syntexas -Charles Kennedy (Ban Appeal)

    Hello, Thank you for the appeal. You ruined the roleplay experience for multiple people and the punishment will remain. Please feel free to resubmit an appeal in 1 months time and use this time to read through and understand our server rules. Many thanks, - Toony
  11. Toony

    Boonkgang - John_Gabbana (Fear RP)

    Punishment will remain. You're surrounded by a group of 6 and decided to run through them to jump on your bike to escape. Many thanks, - Toony
  12. Toony

    Randy Wolf (DM | Offense #2)

    Video supplied by user is no longer working. Based on the evidence above in both the report and this appeal the punishment will remain. Many thanks, - Toony
  13. Toony

    Bondas - Yao Jacky (Ban Appeal)

    Thank you for you honestly. The punishment will remain on your record. Please refresh yourself on our rule book to avoid this in future. Many thanks, - Toony
  14. Enough time was not given. This was a trigger happy reaction and is a clear case of DM. Punishment will remain. Please in future allow enough time for people to react, the slightest movement does not give you a right to shoot someone.
  15. No punishments will be issued. This whole situation was pathetic. You're on a roleplay server, sort it out and roleplay. The guide below may assist you all if you're unsure on how to do this. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/11634-eclipse-roleplay-eclipse-roleplay-guide/ Many thanks, - Toony