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  1. Finally an answer! There could be because one of my friends has created this account for me but I wasn't aware that this is considered as linking?! Anyway, what should I do to get unbanned, because if you even check our IP addresses they're totally different...
  2. Was un-banned for two days and now I'm banned again, for real I don't have any clue what is going on with my account...
  3. Hey Musket, hope you're having a great time. As I've mentioned in the main post, no I haven't shared my IP.
  4. Thank you guys, appreciate the feedback. Just posted an appeal so I think this topic can be closed now!
  5. Account name: Warlock Character name(s): Michael Hernandez Admin who issued punishment: N/A Date of punishment: N/A Punishment received: I think it's a permanent ban, I don't have any information about it. Reason given for punishment: N/A Your explanation of what happened: Two days ago, I just tried to log into my account after 2 days but suddenly a message popped up and said: "This account Warlock is banned from this server" I cannot, remember the exact phrase but it doesn't matter. I was so confused so I just checked my CP and saw there isn't any admin log there so I just called some staff members and they all said it happens when someone with your IP is banned, I haven't shared my account even once and I don't know what is going on right now with my IP range or my account. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Literally, I think I haven't done anything wrong... Also I have no idea about the account sharing thing and the IP at all! I haven't shared my account with anyone at all! Post any evidence or further details:
  6. Hello, two days ago I just tried to login into the server after 2 days! Suddenly it said "The account warlock is banned from this server" I was confused so I just checked the CP and there isn't any admin log there it's clean! I don't know what is going on with my account right now... I can provide screenshots If anyone wants to handle this thread. I don't know my reason, I don't know who even banned me and I don't know why I'm even banned that's why I just sending a technical issue instead of ban appeal.
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