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  1. Hello, and thank you for this punishment appeal. You were actively being chased in a pursuit and attempted to escape by launching your vehicle into the water. After doing so you drowned yourself and admitted that the reason for doing so was because you were "scared and didn't want to go to jail". Since you had such little exp and din't seem to understand why flying your vehicle into the ocean and killing yourself to avoid going to jail was considered non-rp you were informed to re-read the rule son valuing your life and read some of our forum guides on this forum. You were then sent back to the quiz, which was a decision made so that we can make sure you have re-read the rules and properly understand them to pass the quiz. Pending Senior-Admin+ Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  2. Hello and thank you for making this report. I'd like to first keep the following mind from our report requirements which can be found here: Report Requirements So, with that in mind lets try to understand each others perspective here. See, the reporting party shows up with multiple people that are heavily armed and begin to communicate with the one person requesting if he can cook there. How does this look to the other players? You're in an area where illegal activity is occurring and visibly heavily armed, so you do not appear to have the friendliest of intentions and do not forget that even within the relevance of server rules how you decide to behave IC'ly (which also includes how you dress, talk and whether or not you carry guns) affects peoples immediate judgement of you upon meeting you. Secondly, lets go over whether or not the intention was just to talk. Perhaps it was, however in the clip we see ID 4 pull out his pistol in which everybody reacts quite naturally by pointing guns at him, it's a tense situation and everybody is on high alert, naturally you react with hostility when somebody decides to pull their gun out. Now, you claim you did not command him to get on his knees, which might be true, however ID 4 reacted naturally to AKs waving in his face by submitting to the threat which you do by putting your hands up or dropping to your knees, you may not have given a verbal command, but when everybody is pointing weapons at you the message is very clear. A point was raised that he should have communicated to his friends that you just wanted to talk, however he has purpose not to, he has surrounded by heavily armed people that may shoot him if they think he is in anyway calling for back up and quite understandably he avoids doing that. It is at this point the people hiding in the bushes decide to react to their friend having a gun pointed at them. Now, a point is raised that you didn't attempt to hurt the ally and that is true, you didn't hurt him or attempt to, but only from your perspective. Now imagine if the situation was flipped and you were, from a distance, watching your friend have a gun pointed at him, how would you react? Is it not a natural reaction to defend your friend? We can certainly see he is being threatened by having guns pointed at him and one could argue he is being detained under threat of being shot, so, they react by opening fire under the allusion that they're defending their friend. It is from there a shootout breaks out. So, to conclude, did any rule breaks occur within the boundaries of the server rules? Perhaps, but the server rules are there to enhance roleplay and keep it believable and was this event entirely unbelievable? Could you not imagine a situation in which this event would occur in real life? Where mistaken perception and differing perspectives causes a clash? I believe we could. Do we also think anybody here maliciously or purposely broke any rules? I don't think so and I believe both parties in this video and on this thread don't believe anybody purposely broke a rule and both sides are pretty empathetic to one another, which leads to me to ask, what is the purpose of this report? I do not see any purpose in issuing anybody a punishment here and I believe all we have here are In character mistakes by both sides. The reported party believes their ally to be being attacked when he isn't and the reporting party attacks a player that never attacked him, because he quite understandably assumed that anybody in that area who was running around with a gun and a mask after being shot had very hostile intentions. I don't believe there is any justice or purpose to punishing any party member here and instead this situation should be learned from. Even if there is a formal reason for punishments I do not believe any party would benefit from receiving a punishment and quite simply should have remained in character. Report Rejected Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  3. But immediately afterwards you are hostile and point a gun at them, so it appears you did have hostile intentions and were attempting to ram them, not only that but you slightly adjusted your car to their trajectory. I am going to conclude this report with the following: ID111/Mason_Clark | Punishment for vehicle deathmatching. Thaddeus_Peutershmidt | A warning for mixing IC & OOC Ariana_Young | A warning for mixing IC & OOC. To summarise: Mason Clark, in one of these videos you hit the players of their bikes which does not appear to be intentional and the players here seem to give you the benefit of the doubt, until later on in the third video you attempt to ram them once again. You made no attempt to swerve out of their way and it seems very clear you tried to ram them off the bike, with that being said I am going to reduce the punishment from a ban to a warning, as there was no loss to either party or immediate re-attempt. As for the mixing IC & OOC warnings, these will be issued because the two players are communicating via OOC means things that are IC. Saying things such as "are you okay" in OOC when the injury occurred IC'ly or "is that him" is IC information and should remain IC for other players to hear. Report Accepted Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  4. @zonda In the third video why did you make no attempt to swerve right? From the video it seems you kept a straight trajectory to try and hit them from the bike, missed and that is why you ultimately crashed. You made no attempt to follow the road and it seems your intentions were to hit them.
  5. Aldari_Tagril


    Hello and thank you once again for making this report. As you have since been permanently banned from the server and have not successfully appealed your ban I am going to void this report. Feel free to appeal your ban once again, although there is no guarantee it shall be accepted. Report Rejected Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  6. @Tom Whelan Hey Tom, the warehouse was sold a while back. It has since exchanged hands a few times I believe, but do not currently know the owner.
  7. Hello and thank you for making this report. ID111/Mason_Clark | You have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story. Pending Response. Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  8. Aldari_Tagril


    Hello and thank you for making this report. ID 85/Kiara_Jenkins | You will have 24hrs to respond with your side of the story. Id 5/Casper_Heart | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story. Pending Responses. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  9. Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following. ID 7/Triston_Smith | You will be issued punishments for Non-RP and VDM. ID 141/Dexter_Mercer | You will be issued a punishment for Non-RP Report Accepted & Archived Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  10. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 23 - VDM

    Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following. ID 23/Bruno_Grossi | You will be issued a punishment for vehicle deathmatching. Report Accepted & Archived. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  11. Hello and thank you for making this report. ID 7/Triston_Smith | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story. ID 141/Dexter_Mercer | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story. Pending Responses. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  12. Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following. ID13/Richard_Robinson | You will receive a punishment for a breach of the Fear-RP rule. As the rule states in our handbook: in this instance it's pretty self-evident that you was in direct danger. Lastly, I find it very hard to believe that you just "accidentally" hit tab and that is why you pulled your gun out, as you immediately started to aim and shoot as soon as the script has enabled you to do so. In any incident where you accidentally MC you simply inform the opposing party in /b that you did not intend to pull your gun out, however in this case you decide to capitalise on your supposed mistake to gain an advantage and break a rule in the process. I suggest re-reading our Fear-RP rule again and take measures to avoid this incident again. Report Accepted & Archived. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
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