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  1. Archived. Please contact Faction Management if you wish to have it unarchived in the future.
  2. Archived, message faction management if you ever want it unarchived.
  3. That imbalance isn't being solved if your living expenses increase more than your salary. If you end up paying more for gas and general living expenses such as food then the extra $2000 you're earning from your job isn't going to cover that. Hence the issue with raising taxes and raising the minimum wage in a city that is essentially in hyperinflation, all you're doing is driving inflation up way faster than the salary you earn. The imbalance exists, because there is no diversity in the market. The government continues to print money at enormous rates and injecting it into the economy devaluing the currency and businesses have no supplier or manufacturer options. What actually needs to happen is money needs to circulate more, and the number of business suppliers needs to increase - your union won't mean anything if the businesses don't have any other suppliers to negotiate with. You could protest and refuse to shop at stores until you're blue in the face, it's not like I could go to another supplier and negotiate a better deal so I can reduce the prices of my products, nor could I negotiate a better deal so I could off set the losses from the increased tax/delivery cost, so I either have to 1.) Sacrifice my finances and take a loss until I run out of money or 2.) Offset the cost to the consumer and raise produce prices - which one do you think I'll do. I don't know how long you've been in the city, but anybody who has been around long enough to remember will tell you how badly affected the economy has been from the introduction of more taxes. I remember when I bought my first house for $220,000 - it was a 3G in mirror park and I ended up buying ten of these houses over the course of a year for roughly the same price each. The government then introduced taxes, hyper inflated the economy and I ended up selling each one for $850,000 each, those same houses now sell for $1m-1.5m. The point is, your salary increasing doesn't mean diddly squat if price of living outpaces how much you can earn.
  4. Correct. If delivery costs were raised to $3000/delivery and tax raised by 20% then I'd make a loss of $91,000 every time I sell my stock. The loss wouldn't be paid by myself though, no, it would instead have to be made up by increasing prices, which means the cost is off set to the customer - people like you. Here's an idea for you: Instead of driving up prices by imposing ill thought out taxes why not plead with your government to instead invest in technology that allows you to load and unload your deliveries much faster to make the deliveries more cost efficient!
  5. Only this government in it's ever infinite wisdom would think that during a time where a $27,000 home now costs you $500,000 and a burger sets you back 1/3 of your welfare that the solution is to institute more regulations and taxes. Enjoy that $30/lt gas and $2000 bottle water. #TimeForElectedRepresentatives
  6. Hello! I have not raised the pay for truckers since forever. Next to that, I would not be willing to meet with some of you guys to discuss stuff if you guys are down. I am not at all new to owning a business and will do my best to squeeze every cent out of you. You can also text me at: #444-If-You-Unionise-I-Will-Outsource-Your-Job-To-A-Mexican-227 Regards, ~ Mr. Benevolent Business Owner.
  7. Hello, you will need an active thread for at least a week to get handlers. I'd also recommend adding some more details to your main post. Good luck!
  8. REFUND DENIED Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided that you cannot receive a refund for any of the item(s) from your refund request. This exceeds the transfer limit Staff can't help with IC transfers. This is a request to transfer IC assets OOC'ly. This decision is final. Unless instructed too, if you post another refund request pertaining to this incident you will be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period. Regards, Aldari
  9. Good job.
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