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  1. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 122 and 165 (DM 7.2.1 and 7.2.4)

    Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following. Based on all the footage provided, it is not entirely clear who the instigators were, though footage would indicate the instigators were the group in the schafter. With that being said, it is hard to find who shot first based on perspectives due to sync, as footage provided by both parties can attests to each party being the instigator. As such I do not feel there is any evidence that is solid enough to punish either party and I have decided to reject this report on that basis. However, I'd also like to make it very clear that I was on the fence about this report for a while, and came close to reaching the conclusion that in this incident the group in the schafter were the instigators and considered issuing punishments accordingly, as it certainly seems you rolled up to the drug lab and started shooting without any interaction, so take this as a verbal warning that you should be more careful in the future. Lastly, in the future please provide lengthier footage in your reports with audio. Part of the reason I could not feel it was just to punish the reported party here is largely due in part to quality of evidence provided against them, often short clips that don't show context or clips with no audio. No matter what you're reporting, hearing the audio is vital as it may indicate as to who shot first, not providing audio because the report is not about communications will leave me with the assumption that the evidence has been tampered and as such I cannot accept that kind of evidence. Report Reject & Archived. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  2. Aldari_Tagril

    Member of SWAT (Deathmatching)

    Hello, since there is no conclusive evidence on the reported players identity then this report cannot be accepted. Report Rejected & Archived. ~Regards, Aldar_Tagril
  3. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 122 and 165 (DM 7.2.1 and 7.2.4)

    Locked Pending Review.
  4. Aldari_Tagril

    Member of SWAT (Deathmatching)

    Hello, and thank you for making this report. Do you have any footage that contains the ID of the player you're reporting? Pending Response. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  5. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 122 and 165 (DM 7.2.1 and 7.2.4)

    Hello and thank you for this report. @Edvard5 Could you please provide a longer video that includes the events leading up to you being shot. ID 165/Alexey_Alexeev | You have 24hrs to respond with your side of the story. ID 122/Kent_Silver | You have 24hrs to respond with your side of the story. Pending Responses & Video Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  6. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 45 Fear Roleplay / Mixing OOC and IC

    Hello, due to the clear nature of this rulebreak I have decided to conclude with the following. ID 45/William_Foster | You will receive a punishment for Fear-RP Report Accepted & Archived. Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  7. Aldari_Tagril

    [Auction] Warehouse

  8. Aldari_Tagril

    [Auction] Warehouse

    There is some space where you could decorate a nice set up, but the space is largely occupied by rows of racks to hold storage boxes. If you've ever been in the furniture store, it has the same layout.
  9. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 19, ID 26 (5.1 Metagaming)

    Since this involved a member of staff this report will be left for @Lewis Thanks for your cooperation. Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  10. Aldari_Tagril

    [Auction] Warehouse

    Auction Rules 1. Do not post here unless it's to bid. 2. Starting bid is $1,500,000 and a minimum bid raise of $200,000 3. Buyout is $3,000,000 Warehouse For sale is a secure and spacious warehouse with close access to local amenities and highways. It is one of few warehouses available on the market right now, with it's own private gated area that opens and closes automatically as you arrive. Inside is a large space to store large quantities of stock, secured by a password protected dial lock.
  11. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 60 Combat Log

    Hello and thank you for making this report. ID 60/Max_Bryant | You will receive a warning to indicate you have been spoken to about exiting RP. While I can understand that sometimes we may have to leave RP relatively quickly due to OOC reasons, you are also responsible for how you leave RP. When leaving the game, especially in a public area where there are other players, you should take care to consider whether someone is in RP with you at that moment and if so, inform them via /b or /pm that you have to leave. Report Accepted & Archived. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  12. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 19, ID 26 (5.1 Metagaming)

    Hello and thank you for making this report. ID 19/Johnny_Falcon | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story - Player notified in game. ID 26/Brandy_Obrien | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story - Player notified in game. Pending Responses. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  13. Aldari_Tagril

    60 min jailtime appeal

    Hello, I was the one who responded the forum report. You was in breach of Fear-RP, because you was in a situation where somebody could quickly end your life if you did not comply with them. As it is stated in our rulebook: And as such you was in breach of Fear-RP by drawing your weapon and refusing to comply. Your back-up is irrelevant in this situation, perhaps as soon as your back-up responded and the attention was directed away from you then it would have been acceptable to respond in turn, however you must comply until you are no longer in direct danger. Pending Higher-Up Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  14. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 40 FEAR RP

    Hello and thank you for making this report. Due to the self-evident nature we have concluded that the player was in breach of Fear-RP. Claude_Speed will be issued a punishment for Fear-RP. Report Accepted and Archived. Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril ~Archaeh
  15. Aldari_Tagril

    Power Gaming/Fear RP ID 26

    Hello and thank you for making this report. @Tom Watt Can you please demonstrate where the Officers had multiple guns pointed on them? As in this video there is nobody nearby that would warrant the Officers complying with Fear-RP as the only danger is a good distance away and as soon as they open fire on the Officers they are allowed to fight back. Secondly, can you explain how you broke the kneeling animation to get onto your feet while cuffed and why you ignored the Officer telling you stand down while he had an AR on you? Pending Response Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril