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  1. Aldari_Tagril

    lspd application

    This is not the suitable place to make this post, so it will require a higher up to close it, however since you're here you may as well check out the LSPD faction three where you wil find all the details you need. Linked below.
  2. Demonstrating a 10-66
  3. Instructors beginning an academy.
  4. Aldari_Tagril

    Support The Legalization of Marijuana in Los Santos

    To my knowledge possession marijuana is not itself explicitly illegal, it is considered a controlled substance, not an illegal drug. The reason most people get arrested when they're in possession of marijuana is because they also have a gun on them or in their car, and it is illegal to be in possession of a controlled substance while armed, just as it is illegal to drive under the influence. Another reason is that they have too much marijuana on them, as 20g is enough to charge you with intent to sell and 50g is enough to charge you with intent to traffic.
  5. Aldari_Tagril

    Los Santos Vagos

    I've come across the Vagos multiple times this week and each time they provided an interesting RP encounter that left me more interested in their gang. I have also heard similar comments from fellow cops that leave an RP encounter with the Vagos satisfied and looking forward to any future encounters. It's refreshing to see a gang that is interested in RP'ing their lore and provide more of an experience that isn't simply crime -> pursuit -> prison and repeat. I hope the trend continues and look forward to my encounters with the Vagos in the future. - Aldari Tagril.
  6. Aldari_Tagril

    New Police System Ideas

    This will happen if the unit it is associated with is disbanded. So, if this happens then the police officer likely just disbanded their unit and logged off, it's not necessarily the case that we were aware the cruiser was stolen so we just despawned. If we know a cruiser is stolen we will chase it and look for it. The state provides weapons to officers in real life, it makes no RP sense for an Officer to buy his own weapon nor would it be desirable. I wouldn't mind Officers being lootable and have their weapons took if injured or held up, however I could then just see a epidemic of gangs holding up Officers just to take any weapons they have on them. So, there would have to be some rules around it. Firstly, you don't actually provide an alternative to spawn able vehicles. You just complain about it, so what would the alternative be? PD require a list of vehicles for the faction to function realistically, we can't keep 100s of vehicles on the map at any one point just for PD. Secondly, what RP sense did you have to steal and operate a helicopter? RP'ly officers have to go through training, acquire 40 IC flight hours and then have a final examination in order to become a certified pilot in PD. So, your criminal character just happened to be an expert Pilot, right? You can't make a thread complaining about RP quality and suggestions to improve it, and then simultaneously admit that you and your friends stole a helicopter as criminals. I'd like to see an example of that in real life where some low end thugs got into the helicopter of a police helicopter and managed to successfully operate it. What weapons you get is already based on ranks, divisions and trainings. Cadet + Police Officer I = Taser + Pistol. Police Officer II = Taser + Pistol + Shotgun (if they become certified) Police Officer III = Taser + Pistol + MP5 (If they become certified) Sergeant I+ = Taser + Pistol + Carbine (if they become certified). SWAT Operatives = The full weapon load out when on active deployment otherwise they get the MP5 if not actively deployed. And there is internal regulations in PD on what weapons can be used and when. A SWAT operative cannot simply pull out a heavy sniper and shoot you down, if they do then they'll be punished, because that weapons is only allowed to be used by those certified to use it and only in certain situations, such as hostage situations. SWAT don't constantly carry these items on them, all operatives have to return back to the police station every time they wish to deploy. SWAT don't have access to the revolver, only Lieutenants+ had access to that, however it's recently been removed.
  7. Aldari_Tagril

    Criminals and PD change suggestion

    None of this makes any RP sense. Nowhere in any first world country are police officers forced to pay for the weapons the state issues them, or the equipment or the vehicles unless the officer is proven to be negligent in damaging said equipment. Secondly, it doesn't make any sense for an officer to come to a mechanic shop to ask for a repair on their cruiser, granted it doesn't make sense for the cruiser to just vanish either, but you're not going to find Officer IRL going to a mechanic shop to have their tyres fixed, that's vehicles are managed elsewhere. There is also simply a lack of mechanics to even make this happen if you wanted it to. I'd be happy for the suggestion that PD pays for everything through the faction treasury, so long as it's paid in taxes....which means everybody in the city gets massively taxed, because PD go through a lot of cruisers, expensive helicopters and armoured vehicles and endless amounts of weapons and bullets. So, yea, I'm all for this so long as everybody else is all for being massively taxed to fund it. Quite frankly, the amount of equipment PD go through isn't realistic, but that's just the nature of it being a video game, so there has to be unrealistic aspects so that everybody can get the RP they want. It's not meant to be "fair", just as it isn't real life. -1, lack of mechanics in place to make any of this really work. It'd require too much unpopular change.
  8. Aldari_Tagril

    Let people go offline in jail

    Fines should cost more, but there are legitimate ways around that such as just having a bank man in your faction that holds everybody's money or, what people used to do, simply put all your money in the faction treasury. Or you just tie all of your wealth up in assets. Also, that only hits rich criminals and some people don't care about having a lot of money.
  9. Aldari_Tagril

    Nerfing PD is NOT the answer

    Criminal factions do not face the same communication issues at all, since criminals factions don't have stand radio communication procedures or multiple server wide situations going on at anyone time. We utilise TS for the simple reason that the in game radio does not yet allow for tactical channels. Secondly TS is considered OOC. There is only three channels within the TS that are considered IC and those are the three TAC channels. Anytime there is a hostage situation or a pursuit we switch to those channels to remove the communication from the IG radio. When we are in TAC channels we must use voip at the same time so anybody nearby knows we're talking on a TAC channel, secondly TAC channels are monitored by admins and moderators and people have been punished for misusing the TAC channel in the past. The thing is, we don't use TS because we want to use TS, we use it because of the IG radio limitations and the demands that PD have to serve. So, no, it'd be a terrible idea to allow criminals to use TS, because monitoring one faction is already hard enough, they can't monitor all the other criminal factions for meta gaming as well. There is also no reason for criminals to use TS, because they don't have the communication demands that PD have and I say this as somebody that used share a radio frequency with free separate gangs that all had 40+ members.
  10. Aldari_Tagril

    Let people go offline in jail

    -1 It's the risk of being a criminal. If you're bored then RP inside of the prison with other people. Enough people already don't value their freedom as it is, allowing people to serve time offline will just degrade the RP experience for everybody. Timers used to be higher, and they should be higher, because the entire reason we have a prison is so people RP'ly value their freedom, but if we just allowed people to serve their sentences offline then why should they ever care? The mentality will become "I don't care about getting caught, so I'm going to cause as much mayhem and crime as possible". If there ever was an offline timer, then, maximum prison sentences should increase drastically.
  11. Aldari_Tagril

    Tom__ - Tom Daniels (Punishment Appeal)

    Pending @Andy
  12. Aldari_Tagril

    Admin and PD corruption

    @JayGamble I myself also had a carbine aimed at you for two minutes during that event and you spent the entire time talking about how you wasn't scared and at no point did you comply with any demands put forward to you, even after a warning shot was fired. The rule is very simple, if somebody is directly threatening your life you comply. A little resistance is acceptable, but you walking towards people aiming carbines at you or ignoring people with guns aimed at you and at no point complying is a breach of the Fear roleplay role. It isn't even debatable and I even PM'd you at the time to stop breaching the fear-rp. The act being so called "unlawful" has no bearing whatsoever on the role of the rule, a criminal pointing a gun at someone may be unlawful IC'ly, but Fear-rp still applies. Please be aware of the Fear-rp rule in the future, this should be basic knowledge for somebody who has their gang featured.
  13. Aldari_Tagril

    Sigito_Nemosic Punishment appeal

    Pending @PolarBlunk
  14. Aldari_Tagril

    Animation & Clothing suggestions