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  1. The award is you don't go to jail. That's the incentive to avoid police if you're a criminal. I see no reason why you be given an "award" for killing someone in the server. That just encourages more people to kill cops, whether you intend for that to happen or not.
  2. -1 You shouldn't be awarded for targeting Officers and should be expected to RP a realistic criminal. There is a reason in real life cops very rarely, if ever, get mugged for their weapons and that's because criminals have a tendency to avoid the police as much as they can. There needs to be less guns on the server in general so people are forced to do more RP than just rob and shoot people.
  3. Hello and thank you for making this punishment appeal. I will leave the outcome of this decision up to a Senior Admin+, however I'd say that given the distance between the man aiming the gun and the clear intent to ram the vehicle without assessing whether your life was in danger, by simply coming around the corner and continuing on that the rule has been broken. However, I can also see your side of the story, but given that I'd be interested to know why there was no RP before this situation, and it seems from your actions that the intent was to ram whatever was in your way before getting around the corner. Regardless, with the nuance of the rule, I can see a reason to keep the punishment and a reason to lift it. I will leave that at the discretion of a Senior Admin+ Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  4. The PD is a no crime zone for a reason, because it doesn't make sense to commit felonies there IC'ly. Sorry, but this makes no RP sense and in the past, before PD was a NCZ, it was a constant war ground with bodies everywhere. PD is a hub for policing, criminal and civilian RP, allowing this would just result in 24/7 groups of people coming in and killing everybody. Which is not only nonsense RP, but also looks bad to any new player that wants to, say, report a crime, get a gun license or do some civilian RP there, but can't, because the 10th gang that day wants to raid a factions headquarters. This would also just detract from the rest of the server, as all of the cops would be back at PD all the time, because someone wants to have a go at stealing weapons.
  5. Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following. ID 35/Michael_Sanducci | You will receive a punishment for Deathmatching. ID 125/Tony_Romano | You will receive no punishments, as you were a passenger in the vehcle. ID 67/Jay_Low | Since you admitted your mistake and acknowledged, it I will be reducing your punishment to just a note on your account indicating that you're now aware of the rule. I suggest all involved members take the time to fully read the deathmatching rule, but per the examples above you may only attack players for those specified reasons. Please also be aware of the following when issuing demands: And @Chronixz please be aware of the following: Under no circumstance should you have returned to the scene, even if it is just to retrieve your vehicle and you think the people left. The reason for this is to allow enough time to elapse for the RP situation in that area to continue, perhaps the cops might arrive and it wouldn't make sense for you to take the vehicle claiming it was your car if you just died there. Reports Accepted & Archived. Regards, ~Aldari_Tagril
  6. Hello, and thank you for making this report. ID 35/Michael_Sanducci | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story - player notified in game. ID 125/Tony_Romano | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story - player notified in game. ID 67/Jay_Low | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story - player notified in game. Pending Responses. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  7. Hello, I have checked the log history of this incident and I can confirm that the played had logged back in 5 minutes later. I will, however, be issuing the following. ID 47/ Jay_Rizzol | You will receive punishments for both powergaming and metagaming. As ID 47 decided to ignore the /me in text and did not roleplay the situation, he will be issued a punishment for powergaming. As the powergaming rule states the following: Ignoring the roleplay is not allowing all parties involved to actually see out the full RP scenario and it is also discourteous to other players to ignore their attempts to actually roleplay with you. ID 47 will also receive a punishment for metagaming as upon checking his logs I saw he was using /pm to describe In character information and facts. Report Accepted & Archived. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  8. Hello, you have deleted the evidence that you have provided. As such I will be closing this report, if you have evidence one again then feel free to repost the video. Report Rejected. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  9. Not paying parking tickets doesn't give you a warrant. The only time you get a warrant for not paying a ticket is if an Officer sees you have not paid a ticket and manually places a misdemeanour charge on you for "failure to pay a fine". You can't pay this away and then not be wanted, as it is a charge that requires you serve a jail sentence. This is not an automatic system, again, it only happens if an Officer places that charge on you. If an Officer places this charge on you without a valid reason then this is an In-Character issue and can be dealt with IC'ly by reporting the Officer to internal affairs here: https://gov.eclipse-rp.net/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3259
  10. Aldari_Tagril

    ID 47 DM

    Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following. ID 47/Stexi_Blackwood | You will receive a punishment for Deathmatch. As our deathmatching rules state: While you originally had a valid reason to attack the player after the rob and fled you, they quickly submitted which you acknowledged. Throughout the interrogation they were in complete submission to you and met all of your demands, but because you didn't like their answer you killed them. I'd like to quickly touch on the following: So, despite the player obeying all your commands and demands you killed them. In this case you will need a reason pertinent to the above rules, given the player simply tried to take your bag with no actual force against yourself and quickly submitted I would not constitute this as a "severe hostile" action against yourself. I recommend in the future you continue the RP rather than resorting so quickly to killing the player. You had only asked them two questions before killing them, if you had RP'd further than perhaps they would have given you a better reason to kill them. Report Accepted. Edit: Fixed Id/Name. Regards, ~ Aldari_Tagril
  11. Aldari_Tagril


    Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with no punishments. I checked the chat history of both parties and seems you were both arguing and belittling each other over a conflict of whether a rule was broken. In the future, if any of you think a rule is broken, then document evidence and make a report. Do not resort to using /pm or any other OOC channels to argue among each other over an RP situation, you continue RP'ing, make a /report and collect all the evidence you can. Resorting to insulting each other and belittling each other is immature on both sides. As for the fleeing to a NCZ the rules state the following: Players are allowed to flee to a NCZ when being chased. The only circumstance in which this does not apply is when the playing being chased has recently engaged in criminal activity. So, for example, a player may flee to a NCZ if they are a victim of an attempted robbery, however they may not flee to a NCZ if they attempted to rob another player and such a robbery failed resulting in them being chased. Please be more considerate of each other in the future. If you cannot RP without belittling each other than just avoid each other OOC'ly entirel. Report Rejected Regards, Aldari_Tagril
  12. Just like IRL your criminal record remains and so would the case RP'ly. RP'ly there would be yes. That's what the Mobile Data Centre that the police use is for. In character actions have in character consequences.
  13. It doesn't. Reckless operation is a misdemeanour charge and it wouldn't stop you from joining PD and probably no other government faction. The only way it might stop you is you have an active warrant or you have just way too many of them.
  14. @slimmer57 You made a claim with no evidence, you were directed to a form you could fill out that could be investigated if your claim is true. Otherwise, -1 Don't commit felonies and then expect to be employed by a government agency and the perks that come with it. It's not consistent RP to expect to be a criminal and also receive the perks of being a law abiding citizen. Choose one or the other.
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