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  1. RageMP - List of Suggestions

    UPDATE - 03/22/2018 More fun and interesting activities for criminals. Seatbelt ability (Add option to have seatbelt; better RP opportunity for police, and driving RP as a whole.) Reduce price of smuggled pistols as they are currently more expensive then legal ones. Ability to purchase a company phone number; separate from personal number. Limbo after death; better RP for the killer and allows the dead player to RP death for a bit. Start charging property tax to keep inactivity from affecting the availability of homes. Having a set-bail for each criminal charge (Serious charges should not have bail) Allowing officers to impound vehicles. Being able to set Faction Messages to be displayed upon login. Panic button should be /ame rather than /me. Ability to have small trials and have criminals hire lawyers, etc. (Gives criminals chance to defend themselves and players to become certified lawyers.) Making use of Benny's Custom Motor Works Interior. End Automatic Fine Deduction as it is overly unrealistic; just increase punishments for unpaid fines. Make name-tags smaller and required to be in closer proximity to view them. Get rid of faction-color name-tags as it can lead to meta-gaming. New paramedic uniforms. Voice phone. Motorcycle License Suspensions More animations. I update this list monthly as new suggestions role in. Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Police - Chases

    Agreed, Eclipse-RP has boosted their speeds anyway, typically they're not that fast in vanilla GTA V.
  3. Server and Faction Message of the Day

    Huge +1 to this, great suggestion Tavi!
  4. Impound

    +1 // I think this may already be in development, but just in case, yeah this should definitely be a thing.
  5. Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    Right, like obviously, murder wouldn't be a bailable charge, but little things like Reckless Driving, etc. should be able to have bonds.
  6. Bail Bonds/Set Bails

    Hello! I think a good thing to have in the server is have a set bail for each criminal charge. This way, it would give opportunity for either loan companies or independent players to create Bail Bond businesses which could have interest rates, or give the opportunity for friends/family to bail people out of jail. For example: You are arrested for Assault which has a $7,500 bail amount (mind you this would/should be on-top of the fines already given). You can contact a loan company or a bond business to bail you out. Alternatively, this would give the opportunity for a friend to bail a person out. Please let me know what you think of this suggestion! Thank you :)
  7. capone in the house

    Welcome! Here are a few links that will be very helpful to start your RP adventure! ECLIPSE DISCORD - https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg ECLIPSE COMMAND LIST - ECLIPSE FIX TO JOIN IS PINNED IN HELP DESK IN ECLIPSE DISCORD IN CASE YOU RUN INTO THE BLACKLIST ISSUE. Thank you for coming!
  8. Lifeinvader

    Looking great!
  9. Stop Metagaming

    Lewis... if you are going to complain about people not following rules, at least make sure that you follow the rules as well, because as far as I am concerned, you have received multiple admin punishments in the last two weeks alone, and mind you, these are serious punishments, and you may have received more from in-game, as I only know of the reports. Please discontinue the hypocritical reports and accusations, because it isn't doing any good. Thanks man :)
  10. Problem about PD with chases

  11. Looking to buy a Cognoscenti Cabrio

    I got one for sale at the high end for $42,500 with full visuals.
  12. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Thanks Noah!
  13. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    1/10 for the reply.
  14. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Looks like I'll have to come outta retirement.