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  1. Spergburger - Scott Kidd (Metagaming Appeal)

    Thank you for the appeal. Pending @BallinByNature
  2. Thomas Permuy

    The Life of Thomas Permuy -
  3. Pd Uniforms

    +1 and +1 to Pazz's suggestion as well.
  4. Delete Post (Bugged)

    Hello @Tumble_Inn, thank you for making this appeal. Either you messed up the appeal format or the coding within your browser was messed up. Could you please edit your appeal to the correct format in order to be considered? Thanks, -Flucifial
  5. Stranger 3920_3679 Combat Log / Fail RP

    Thank you gentlemen for stating your sides of the stories. This report is now pending an admin response. Please refrain from arguing with each other and only state your sides of the story. Thank you.
  6. Freelance for Weazel!

    @Mr. Blue, thank you for your interest in Weazel News freelance! Please contact us via phone at 123-4567 ((/newsagency))! Thank you.
  7. Looking for grief counselor

    ((THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS IC FROM JOHN PERMUY)) Weazel News had a mediator once, I believe his name was Dr. Bills, or something like that? Anyways, he might interest you. @Jim_Wesson - Dr. Bills.
  8. Thomas Permuy

    The end of Thomas' story has been added. Obituary will be published by Weazel News in the next newspaper issue, which will be on Saturday, May 26th, 2018.
  9. Thomas Permuy

    Thomas Permuy- BORN - August 24th, 1999 DIED - May 16th, 2018
  10. [Selling] Black F620 w/ FOUR Engine Updrades

    This is like 7 months old dawg xD
  11. Looking for a loan

    Hello! The city of Los Santos has many different options for you! Below are some of the websites of loan companies across Los Santos! Just pick that one that fits your needs. www.SchlongbergSachs.com www.InternationalFinance.com www.maze-bank.net/loan www.TotalBankers.com There are also many more, but these are some of the most popular and helpful ones, in my opinion :). -Matthew Permuy
  12. John Obama Metagaming

    Pending admin response.
  13. Mia Martinez (MetaGaming)

    Hello, and thank you for making this report Robert Jenson. May I ask that players not involved (@Jagsniper) do not respond to reports that are not involved in. May I also ask that after all players have given their justification, that they do not continue to argue on the report. This report is now pending an admin response.

    @LavviLatte Of course! Contact Weazel News ICly via /newsagency, and we'll getcha' set up!