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Take car from garage? Put us in Vehicle

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I have a fairly simple suggestion:

Instead of unparking a car from parkinglot and having to walk to it, I would love to suggest that once you select a vehicle to unpark that you actually spawn in it. This would be similair to /fspawn.

This, in my opinion atleast, would make more sense, as the current system makes it possible for others to just jump in your car after it spawns in, which is (again, in my opinion) not realistic. It can be seen as a person driving the vehicle from secured parking to the parking spot where it spawns, like how some RP when using /fspawn.

Let me know what you think.

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Regarding the comparison to /fspawn. With fspawn you get them from a garage and not a parking lot generally speaking so spawning in it makes a bit more sense whereas with the parking lots it's more like that the vehicle was just sat there and you're going to get it. I could kinda see the argument for having that kind of behavior with getting them from house garages.

I don't think this is a change that's needed though.

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