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Life in Paleto (Paid car parking & barbers)

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Suggestion: I would like to have a paid car parking (like the $500 paid car parking in the city) also in paleto. Their is ever growing activity in Paleto and this would help out alot of people that use the north half of the map. Also for the same reasons add a barber store, there's only one (to my knowledge) so I can change my highlights please without always having to drive into the city. 


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1 minute ago, krooks365 said:

+1 This would cut down on all the random cars parked at the Blaine County Bank

Right? I ticket a few of them when I see returning customers using the bank as a safe haven for long term parking. But yeah it would be really nice to see more life and action in the paleto. I mean there's a barber store which you can go in but script-wise it does nothing in sandy shores so that could be utilised. 

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