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Reduce Vehicle Engine Damage (Low Speeds, Melee)

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Had this idea for a while so this was not in response to the increase in price of repair, though it is more relevant now.

Can we work on reducing damage for low speed impacts to the engine or remove them completely?

Someone bumping into a wall or pole at less than 30 kph should not cause engine damage or risk stalling the vehicle. 30 kph is the average top speed an airbag would go off in a car before the engine is even touched and only potentially cause very minor damage to engine stability. Double that and your frame takes a lot of the damage and could start impacting engine performance.

Melee damage to a vehicle shouldn't cause any damage and weapon damage seems to be working okay for most vehicles.

This may potentially reduce desync damage as well.

I've had my Bifta stuck on a hill and in a tree, as I was edging it out it continually took damage. Can I file a Non-RP report against that Tree?

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