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  1. Player(s) being reported: ID 61 ID 5 Date of interaction reported: 11-7-19 Unix time stamp from HUD: 15628991742 Your characters name: Blake Connor Other player(s) involved: N/A Specific rule(s) broken: 8. No Crime Zones (NCZ) A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to flee. The /NCZ command and HUD notification are indicators of being in a protected area although it is up to administrator discretion if your actions are in violation of NCZ rules. If a player uses the NCZ for protection the attacker must wait for that player to leave the area. Players may not go to a NCZ after engaging in criminal activity resulting in an ongoing chase. NO CRIME ZONES: • “Tequil La La” club, “Yellow Jack Inn” bar, and the block around them. • All government offices, law enforcement offices, hospitals, banks, and the blocks around them. • Los Santos Airport, Bus Depot, Department of Motor Vehicles, and the block around them. How did the player break the rule(s)? Unlocking my car outside the bank and was hit by both cars, nearly killed. Neither car stopped; drove off at a high rate of speed. Evidence of rule breach: Video: https://streamable.com/3kq3d ID's: https://imgur.com/JyMNb6f https://imgur.com/tcyVarG Could not find the 2 people to notify of report. They took off.
  2. Completely agree! Just like the low number of police, but that's another story.
  3. There needs to be more staff at the hospital. I've been there in several occasions and it's empty. No one to do treatment/healing.
  4. Hello; it's been over 24 hours now. What's next?
  5. Player(s) being reported: ID 222 Date of interaction reported: 12-6-19 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1560379657 Your characters name: Blake Connor Other player(s) involved: Unknown ID 222 Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Players cannot force their victims to withdraw money from an ATM, sell property, or sell vehicles. Players cannot force their victims to hand over assets that are not present in the area. Players cannot steal from players with “NEW PLAYER” above their head unless it is in retaliation. Players with the (( NEW PLAYER )) tag that deliberately insert themselves into or start active crime scenes lose their new player protection during those illegal activities. Players may not steal from their faction treasury as the F4 menu is OOC. Permission for prison break must be approved by a Moderator+ prior to the attempt. Players may participate in no more than 1 prison break attempt within 1 OOC week. Official Factions may attempt 2 additional breaks in the case the prisoner is the faction leader. How did the player break the rule(s)? I'm still under 5000 xp and the player with ID 222 stole my crate from my vehicle's inventory. Evidence of rule breach: Video: https://streamable.com/7mmrf Image AFTER being robbed showing my XP level: https://imgur.com/OCAl4qc Edit to add: I was unable to notify the player in game as I couldn't find him again.
  6. Or be able to have a global speaker volume setting { /speakervolume all 20 }
  7. Hello to everyone. I'm just waiting to be accepted and I know that the team is blazing through the applications! I've been watching lots of YouTube videos and I'm excited to get on and play!
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