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  1. When a crim gets killed (by anyone) the only thing you can't do is go back to where you died. Doesn't mean you can't talk to your pals, or go to your hangout, or go get another car from your house or the parking lot. You only have to avoid 1 spot. So saying you can't do anything for 30 minutes just isn't true. Also, police also lose everything on them when they die, same as you. We don't get a free radio nor GPS, nor food and drink. Seems like your main complaint here is the illegal weapon you lose when you die. That is the only difference and it's because you have to pay for the gun and police don't. Police are also provided a weapon when they join the force IRL. If you feels cops need a nerf I would love to hear a rational reason behind that statement. I'm glad you've pointed out that you don't fully understand pd because it's not what you're currently thinking it is.
  2. Standard GOB officers only get 50% armour.
  3. Ok this could work but for every person that is caught with a ticket or warrant (at impound) the entire department gets a bonus of $20k.
  4. I would be happy of cruise control just worked 100% of the time you have it on!
  5. This would have to come with a maximum number of tickets you could buy per day and the payouts no more than $10k. Otherwise the economy would get hectic.
  6. Account name: smutty81 Character name(s): Blake Connor Admin who issued punishment: Bakmeel Date of punishment: 17/09/2019 Punishment received: 60 minute ajail Reason given for punishment: Deathmatching #1 Your explanation of what happened: Police were on the scene of a big shoot out. One player got off his motorcycle and pulled a gun. I approached and said hands up/on your knees. He complied and got down. On my screen I then saw him pull out the gun and stand up again. I then shot him. On his screen he was still on his knees complying. Why should your appeal be accepted?: As in the video of the other officer (posted below), I saw him not complying by getting back up and holding the gun in his hand. I have since learned that this is a visual bug that happens sometimes when players change weapons. Post any evidence or further details: https://plays.tv/video/5d816ab9cfd8f7a229/breh
  7. But 3 guys running up to a car with AKs yelling hands up get out isn't good RP to begin with. If they're going after a rival gang, or a money truck (that you may actually get money from) that'd be a different story, but that's rarely the situation.
  8. Please don't get started on masks... XD
  9. Or maybe have a "rolling" ncz, like how the chop shops and drug Labs are. Random times make it an ncz which you can check with /ncz
  10. I sincerely hope you reported it then
  11. Cops aren't protected by admin. Look in the reports forums for examples. 100% of the officers I play with know how to RP. In fact it is part of recruitment and if you don't have sufficient RP skill during your interview, you don't get in. RP is something that's also judged during every part of your PD career. Just because you get cuffed it doesn't mean you're being arrested. Sometimes you are detained for questioning or during an investigation. If you're arrested you're told why. Sometimes cops show up for backup without being promoted. If I see a fellow officer has someone pulled over, I may go and post up behind him, just in case. This also happens in the real world. If the officer tells me they have the situation under control then I drive away. If they have run your plate and determined that the vehicle owner (not the driver) has felony warrants then they call for backup. Simple as that. There is no fine for insulting an officer, just so you know. The speed cameras were put in the game by admins, not police, but anyone that knows otherwise please feel free to correct me. If you have video of you being pulled over "for no reason" or harassment, then submit an IA report, or forum report if it breaks server rules. You might have the wrong idea of what metagaming is, have a look in the rules. Just because 4 officers show up, that doesn't mean it's MG. Also, this 30 second thing you keep mentioning. I think what you're implying is that RP is moving along after you stopped responding after, I guess you feel it's been 30 seconds. Only an admin can pause an RP situation. If the officer says he's going to cuff you and then says /do would anything stop me? and you don't reply after repeated attempts to continue and a given amount of time passes, then yes, RP will continue without your consent. Just because you don't agree that doesn't mean you can pause RP. If you feel server rules have been broken then do a /report in game so an admin comes to the scene and pause RP to clear things up.
  12. Tracing a line is not something taken lightly by PD. There is an internal process and certain conditions need to be met before it's even considered. With that said, without any previous interaction with PD, I agree, they shouldn't have your number in the MDC.
  13. People talking about the price of the taco, just RP looking at the price on the menu board; they can't lie in /do. /me checks the listed price /do what would it say? Edit to add: Food truck scamming shouldn't even be a thing. A business like that wouldn't last an hour. Imagine you walk up to a food truck and order a taco and it should be $5. The guy hands you the taco and says "that will be $15 sir". You would tell him to shove the taco and walk away.
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