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+1 , I would love to see more variety of food/drink, make more recipes to be able to cook food with, more difficult dishes, such as (flour + 3 eggs = pasta | flour + milk + cheese = roux | roux + pasta + hens meat = Chicken Alfredo) This would be awesome to implement along with other dishes to be able to make!

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+1 Especially with all the properties individuals have requested of various types of restaurants there should be different foods available. I do understand the reasons for opening and the RP at Burger Shot was intended to be a good one but I also believe people shouldn't have to just hunt for the foods for their individually owned establishments. Sure some of it.

However, it doesn't make sense for people to open restaurants then buy from Burger Shot to then sell at their restaurants things like fries, or Burgers, etc. And even Taco places. They shouldn't have to get a Taco Truck or buy tacos with only a limited amount of Tacos to stock a restaurant or purchase from Burger Shot Restaurant to then sell at their restaurants. There should be an ability to place orders for products and food options similar to how the stores order inventory for their products.

With such a variety of player owned restaurants providing a wide array of RP including food It's my opinion that we are long overdue for some added food variety.

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