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  1. Today I was told that you are no longer allowed to wear the Black Bike Helmet as it was being bugged into the game via clothing bug, and then selling them for profit. All bugs aside. which i do understand that aspect. Just put the helmet in the game if its already there then just put it in. The look the RP of the helmet was nice. I enjoyed very much driving around with a helmet on my Bati. Now fortunately for me as far as the bug goes I had just found one laying on the ground in a clothes store and kept it. I had no idea about the bug until I spoke with another moderator today. All im saying is at least for my case i actually liked the immersion of having a actual motorbike helmet on while driving an actual streetbike p.s i don't like making forum posts. but this really bothers me however after speaking with a moderator today i was so enraged that i had to make this post like a elderly facebooker
  2. Required Report Format Player(s) being reported: Player ID 143 Date of interaction reported: 08/AUG/2021. Unix time stamp from HUD: 1628443795 (The Unix Time Stamp from the beginning of the first clip) Your character name: Rocky Bologna Specific rule(s) broken: NRP ((and what I would consider VDM)) How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) After the man hits me, intentional or not, he proceeds to move me out of sights way. After that he robs me, though just hitting me with his car, and takes my items including a gun, a Heavy Pistol with x100 ammo. Him proceeding to rob me, in my opinion makes it look like the situation was intended. Also, him claiming it was desync after the fact would also makes the whole situation stranger as almost it's admission of guilt. Evidence of rule breach: Part 1: https://streamable.com/stzhrd Part 2: https://streamable.com/r4dys4 Part 3: https://streamable.com/ywrslq Part 4: https://streamable.com/0x6k50 Part 5: https://streamable.com/zddaf0 The screenshot of the PMs after the incident: https://pasteboard.co/KeYawde.png
  3. I can provide all information regarding my account etc.
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