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Los Santos Police Department

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The Los Santos Police Department was reformed in May 2017 to what it is today, and it has since then, strived to provide the community with realistic role-play. The Los Santos Police Department adapts our structure and standard operating procedures to real-world policing in the United States, with a specific focus on the Los Angeles Police Department. The fundamentals of the faction are to have strict In-Character as well as Out-of-Character policies, regulations, and procedures, as we believe that it is the core to ensure that we can provide the community with the best realistic police role-play.



  • This faction thread is Out of Character and information on this thread may not be used for In Character purposes. This is purely to introduce you to the Los Santos Police Department and give you a more in-depth view of our core principles, the structure as well as the role-play that we provide to the community.



  • To Protect and Serve - The official motto of the Los Santos Police Department came into effect in 1955, it was submitted as an entry by LSPD Officer Jim Stirling into the Department's official contest to come up with a Department slogan. The motto received a tremendous amount of support from employees of the Department as well as from officials outside of the Department. The slogan stands for the core values and principles of a Law Enforcement Officer, "To Protect" to protect persons, "To serve" to serve the community and its persons with utmost dignity, upholding the oath of service.

    In 2018, the Department held an internal vote on whether the motto should change to "C.P.R" which stands for Courtesy, Professional & Respect, however, it did not receive sufficient support and thus it became our community values instead.


  • It is the mission of the Los Santos Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with the diverse communities to improve their quality of life. Our mandate is to do so with honor and integrity, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence.


  • Service to Community - We are here to serve the people of Los Santos.
  • Reverence for the Law - Honor of duty obeying and respecting all laws.
  • Commitment to Leadership - Striving to motivate and set a good example.
  • Integrity in word and action - Truthfulness and transparency.
  • Respect for individuals - Aiming to improve the quality of life for all citizens.
  • Continuous Improvement - Constant review and progression of standards.


  • Courtesy, Professionalism & Respect, or C.P.R, are the key values that every officer in the department must uphold. The Department is to Protect the rights of all persons of Los Santos to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions, and to live in peace. The Department serves the people of Los Santos by performing the law enforcement function in a professional manner and following our Community Values.


  • During the San Andreas Gold Rush, the State of San Andreas was guarded by its County Sheriff and multiple militias that was created to aid the already existing County Sheriff. It wasn't until 1869 when the first paid police force created, to what we today know, as the Los Santos Police Department.

    The force started with six paid Police Officers that served under City Marshal Jackson White, however, White was shot by one of his deputies in 1870 and was soon replaced by John F. Smith, by the newly created Board of Commissioners. Smith's succession as the City Marshal lasted only a year, as he was replaced by a saloon owner, William Harris. During the years of 1876 to 1889, the Police Force had fifteen different police chiefs.

    The Los Santos Police Department did not provide its officers with official training until 1916 when the first police training was introduced. This is the police training that has been the fundamentals to what we know as today and is the reason why the Los Santos Police Department is one of the largest and statistics driven Police Department.

    Chief Gas Ketse was appointed Chief of Police on January 21, 2017, but soon found himself replaced by Chief Sebastian Freeman in May 2017. Chief Sebastian Freeman and his staff began the reform of the Los Santos Police Department shortly afterward, successfully managing to re-create the entire structure of the Los Santos Police Department, Bureaus and Divisions within. After a successful reform of the entire department, with the help of his staff, Chief Freeman was appointed to become one of the city's first Government Commissioners in July 2017, and his successor, Chief Ramon Carter took over reigns in the Los Santos Police Department. 

    Chief Ramon Carter followed the path of his predecessor and continued to improve and push the Department to strive further success and improvements. Chief Carter, just like his predecessor, was appointed the second Government Commissioner on September 19th, 2017. His successor, Chief Samuel Osborn, was appointed Chief of Police the same day. Chief Osborn's reign only lasted until October 20th, when he stepped down and allowed his successor, Chief Katherine Taylor to take reigns of the Los Santos Police Department.

    Chief Taylor was the longest serving Chief of Police of the Los Santos Police Department, she was appointed Chief of Police on October 27th, 2017 until she stepped down on September 28th, 2018 and assumed a new role in the Los Santos Police Department. During Chief Taylor's reign, she pushed for further success and improvements in the Departments and to further strengthen the relations between the community and the Police Force. Chief Taylor and her staff pushed for the Department's second-biggest structural revamp on July 21st, 2018, and that's when the Department expanded the previous 5 Bureaus, to 7 Bureaus divided into 3 Offices. 

    Chief Osborn was re-appointed and sworn in as the Chief of Police on September 28th, 2018.



rFPMCQ4.png UZRibcV.png


  • Government Commissioner Ramon Carter
  • Government Commissioner Sebastian Freeman

Chief of Police:

  • opzH3yi.png Chief of Police Samuel Osborn 

Assistant Chief of Police:

  • iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png Assistant Chief of Police Micky Reefer - Chief of Staff

Deputy Chief of Police:

  • 2GMZdMz.png Deputy Chief of Police Alex Donnelly - Director, Office of Operations
  • 2GMZdMz.png Deputy Chief of Police Sean Hamilton - Director, Office of Special Operations
  • 2GMZdMz.png Deputy Chief of Police Ashley York - Director, Office of Support Services


  • iZ7KaVE.png Commander Marco Davis - Central Area Coordinator, Traffic Enforcement Division CO, Advanced Training Division CO
  • iZ7KaVE.png Commander Elena Blake - Investigations Bureau Coordinator
  • iZ7KaVE.png Commander Lewis Langley - Professional Standards Bureau Coordinator, Investigations Bureau Assistant Bureau Coordinator


  • FvVrGtM.png Captain Jay Bacon -  Mission Row Precinct WC, Media Relations Division CO
  • Image Lieutenant Enzo Bozzuto - Mission Row Assistant AWC, SWAT CO
  • Image Lieutenant Robert Reynolds - Vespucci Precinct WC, Advanced Training Division CO, InternaL Affairs Division ACO 
  • Image Lieutenant Daniels Shelby - Rockford Precinct WC, Basic Training Division CO, Field Training Program CO
  • Image Lieutenant Mike Adams 


opzH3yi.png CHIEF OF POLICE Samuel Osborn

  • Chief of Police Samuel Osborn was appointed Chief of Police on September 27, 2018, following Chief Taylor stepping down.

    Chief Osborn is a long-term veteran with the Police Department, his career in the department started on April 27th, 2017. He progressed through the ranks, working assignments with increasing responsibility throughout the city. He has experience in patrol, Special Operations, Professional Standards, Supervisor Training, and Police Training. Chief Osborn is one of the four veterans of the Police Department that reformed the department in 2017 and expanded on our Bureaus and Divisions.

    This is Chief Osborn's second term as Chief of Police over the Los Santos Police Department, he was originally appointed the Chief of Police on September 19th, 2017 and resigned from the department on October 20th, 2017. He returned on April 10th, 2018 and has since then, implemented new processes and reformed old processes to more effectively use technology and departmental resources and is recognized as a strong, yet humble leader. With the department, he has helped tackle some of the greatest challenges of our day. 

    Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chief Osborn grew up in Downtown Tulsa. He was raised into a family of law enforcement, his father, John Osborn, was a Commander in Tulsa Police Department, overseeing their Special Operations Bureau, and his older brothers, Jack and Benjamin, were both serving as patrol officers in the Tulsa Police Department.

    He attended the Oklahoma University in 1984 and graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice, 1985. After graduating from university, Chief Osborn attended the Tulsa Police Academy Class 1986-54 and eventually graduated to become a Police Officer. Chief Osborn was an employee of the Tulsa Police Department until 2016, he transferred to the Los Santos Police Department and was appointed Captain, responsible over the Special Operations Bureau. Chief Osborn is also a graduate of the FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute, and the FBI National Academy - Session 215.


Chief of Staff

  • Micky Reefer was born July 15th, 1973 in the United Kindom in a place called Dagenham in east London. In 1980 at the age of 7, he moved over to Los Santos with his family where they applied for citizenship to become permanent residents. He attended & graduated from Los Santos High School in 1990, and continued his education at the University of Los Santos where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Administration. Micky is divorced and has 3 children who live in Liberty City Micky currently resides in West Vinewood.

    Having begun his career in the Paleto Bay Sheriffs Department, Micky transferred to the Los Santos Police Department on June 7th, 2017. He worked a variety of precincts within the General Operations Bureau as a police officer, which included Rampart Precinct, 77th Precinct, and Vinewood Precinct. His assignments included frank patrol detail, patrol officer, field training officer, and recruitment officer. After a period of time with the General Operations Bureau, he applied for and was accepted into the Investigations Bureau, where he started off as an Investigator and was eventually promoted to Detective after successful completion of the Detective Training Program. Here he worked a variety of different cases from smaller theft crimes all the way up to major gang-related activity within the Detective Support and Vice Division as well as the Gang and Narcotics Division.

    On November 12th, 2017, Micky was promoted to Sergeant II where he left the Investigations Bureau and moved back to the General Operations Bureau to focus on working with the Recruitment and Employment Division within the Los Santos Police Department. He also applied and became a part of the Air Support Division as an X-Ray unit, flying the LSPD Maverick Helicopter.

    On the 5th December 2017, he was promoted to Lieutenant and became a member of the Command Division in the General Operations Bureau where he also took a temporary role as the Vinewood Precinct Watch Commander. His role was to monitor and evaluate all the officers and patrol sergeants within that precinct.

    He was promoted to Captain on February 28th, 2018 and appointed as the Recruitment and Human Resources Commanding Officer, which is part of the Administrative Services Bureau within the Office of Support Services. His role here was to work on all of the recruitment process involving new applicants within the department as well as the internal side of the administration which involved officer promotions, demotions, suspensions, discharges and all the paperwork which came along with it.

    On the 4th August 2018, he was promoted to the rank of Police Commander and became a member of the department High Command. He is currently the Administrative Services Bureau Coordinator where he oversees everything involving the Recruitment, Employment, and Administration within the Los Santos Police Department. Micky also works closely with the Police Training Bureau to ensure a smooth transition for new applicants to move onto their Police Academy training.

    After spending 5 months as a Police Commander and the Administrative Services Bureau Coordinator, due to Deputy Chief Crosby's retirement, Micky was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief of Police and appointed as Director of the Office of Support Services in Chief Crosby's stead. This meant extra responsibility as now he was not only the head of the Administrative Services Bureau, but he was also given the task of fully overseeing the Police Training Bureau. This consisted of both the Basic Training Division and the Advanced Training Division.



iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png DEPUTY CHIEF OF POLICE Alex Donnelly
West Area Bureau Coordinator

  • 6t3kxAv.png


iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png DEPUTY CHIEF OF POLICE Sean Hamilton
Director, Office of Special Operations


  • Police Veteran Sean Hamilton started his career in Liberty City PD at the age of 22. He attended the LC Academy of Law Enforcement and after 21 weeks he became a uniformed police officer and started his dream. After vigorous training and experience gathering, Sean Hamilton climbed the ranks in the LCPD and achieved the rank of Police Officer 3. Although Liberty had its share of heavy crime, Hamilton was not satisfied and wanted to extend his experience even more, thereby applying to join the force of the famous LSPD. The City of Los Santos offered a heavier workload, heavier criminals and beautiful scenery compared to Liberty City, which struck an interest in Hamilton.

    August 24, 2017, Sean Hamilton gets accepted to LSPD and starts his career in the vinewood precinct as a Police Officer 2. He quickly joins the LSPD S.W.A.T and shortly thereafter the Air Support Division.  January 20, 2018, he advances to the rank of Sergeant and starts working as a supervisor to help strengthen and improve LSPD forces and with a genuine commitment, he takes the commander position of S.W.A.T.

    On the 30th April Hamilton joins the command team as he gets promoted to Lieutenant and assumes the title of Watch commander of the Vinewood Precinct. A rank and position that would include supervisory role, guiding and training new Sergeants into the field.

    30th of June 2018 the promotion to Captain arrives with great joy as Hamilton assumes command of Special Operations Bureau as the Coordinator. A heavier workload with more office work than before but still a rewarding and prestigious position.

    One month later the promotion to Police Commander lands on his shoulders and he gladly accepts. A new position within the LSPD High Command, where he assumes the title of Special Operations Bureau Coordinator. Hamilton oversees the daily operations of S.W.A.T, Air Support Division and Traffic Enforcement Division.

Director, Office of Support Services

  • Ashley York, was born on the 28th of February 1989 in a small town in upstate San Andreas. Her single mother was an officer in that small town, but shortly after her sister was born four years later, her family moved to San Fierro, where her mother was offered a new job as Sergeant in the San Fierro Police Department. Always being keen to learn everything she could, she found herself wanting to follow her mother's footsteps.

     As money had always been an issue growing up, she knew the only way she could put herself through any higher education, she'd have to start at the bottom and apply to the San Fierro Police Academy in Calton Heights. As hoping she would, she was able to pass the academy with honors and began working for the San Fierro Police Department.

    Some years later while she was beginning her training as a Sergeant, she decided to pursue a degree as now money wasn't so hard to come by. After four years of university getting her Bachelors in Criminal Justice, and becoming a sergeant in the process, she felt more motivated than ever.

    As time passed she continued to rise through the ranks in the San Fierro Police Department, she eventually found herself as the Commander of their General Operations Bureau. As she has always been willing to move up in rank, she was offered a job with the Los Santos Police Department as their newest Deputy Chief, and Director of the Office of Operations.



iZ7KaVE.png COMMANDER Marco Davis
Central Area Bureau Coordinator

  • WIP.



iZ7KaVE.png COMMANDER Elena Blake
Investigations Bureau Coordinator

  • Elena Blake, twin sister to Riley Blake, is a police veteran currently serving as a Police Commander for the Los Santos Police Department, acting as the Bureau Coordinator for the Investigations Bureau, being the person responsible for the activities of the Detectives in the department, as well as the person responsible for the training of new Detectives, as the Director of the Detective Training Program. Elena Blake was born to Mark and Claire Blake on the 12th of December, 1990 in a small town in the United Kingdom. After attending and graduating from the University of Leeds, where she obtained a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology, she started her career at a local police department as a Detective Constable.
    At the age of 27, she had climbed through the ranks and reached the position of Detective Inspector as a member of the Major Crime Section, a section that investigates serious and violent crimes including homicide, attempted murder, life-threatening assaults, abduction, and extortions, within the Criminal Investigation Division of the department she was serving at.
    May 2018, Elena was offered a position as a Police Lieutenant within the Los Santos Police Department, as well as the position of Assistant Bureau Coordinator of the Investigations Bureau. After sitting down with her sister and discussing this, Elena and Riley decided to move to Los Santos, where they applied for citizenship and became permanent residents of the state of San Andreas in the United States.
    June 2018, she officially transferred in as a Police Lieutenant and began to run the Investigations Bureau together with Captain Travis McGregor, someone who she worked closely together with. Her job responsibility was to work together with Captain McGregor to ensure that the Investigations Bureau was run smoothly.
    In the month of July 2018, Elena was promoted to Police Captain. Still working together with Captain McGregor, she also took on the role as the Commanding Officer of the Detective Support and Vice Division.
    Then, on the 4th of August 2018, after the departing of Captain McGregor following his resignation, Elena was promoted to the rank of Police Commander, a prestigious position in the department as a member of the High Command team. She also assumed the position of Bureau Coordinator of the Investigations Bureau and the Head of the Detective Training Program.
    Finally, on the 29th of December 2018, she was called into a meeting room with the Chief of Police Samuel Osborn. Here, after asking every Commander how their designated bureaus were running, he opened a briefcase and revealed three badges and certificates. Elena was then offered the position of Deputy Chief of Police as the Director of the Office of Investigations - a newly opened office, warranted by the success of the Investigations Bureau after she was appointed Coordinator. She took the position without hesitating and was officially promoted to Deputy Chief of Police as a Chief in the Office of the Chief. She then went on to continue running the Investigations Bureau, as well to run and make changes to her respective Office.
    She went on to perform her duties as a Deputy Chief of Police, swore in dozens of Cadets to the force and attempted to make a good impression on officers and civilians alike. Everything seemed to be going well until the early morning of the 21st of January came around. In the middle of the night, she was woken up by an e-mail notification on her mobile phone with the subject "Position Transfer". This e-mail summarized that the cost for the position of Director, Office of Investigations was too high and the funding no longer allowed for her to continue serving as a Deputy Chief.

    She then, once again, took up the position as Police Captain and the coordinator of the Investigations Bureau. For about three months she continued to stay loyal to the Los Santos Police Department, continuing her efforts in running the bureau smoothly and leading it to a bright future, despite the major setback in her career. It ended up paying off - on the 17th of April 2019, she was promoted back to the position of Police Commander and welcomed back into the High Command team of the Los Santos Police Department, continuing to act as the Bureau Coordinator for the Investigations Bureau.


iZ7KaVE.png COMMANDER Lewis Langley
Professional Standards Bureau Coordinator

  • Lewis Langley was born on 1st January 1991.

    Lewis Langley was born to a church-going conservative family in Copthorne, United Kingdom. His father, a law graduate was the Superintendent of the local Police Force, and one of his older brothers was the Chief Inspector back in Surrey, United Kingdom, his other brother was working in the Council's office and recently received a medal for services to the mayor. 

    Lewis Langley has a passion for animals and was very keen to enter a career around animals until he was encouraged by his academic parents to pursue another career path. With the intention of working with animals, he wanted something that could be useful, with the idea of charity work and the legal logistics behind Animal Charities, he graduated from University with a master’s degree in law. At the age of 23, he had obtained his degree and decided to go to San Andreas to for a change of scenery and to see what other opportunities life had in store, he landed in San Andreas in September and applied to the Los Santos Police Department October 2nd, 2017. 
    After developing a passion for Investigations and the work that the Investigations Bureau did, he quickly joined the Investigations branch and became an Investigator in December 2017, where he proceeded to work his way through the ranks after leading various division’s he was eventually promoted to Captain in August 2018 and appointed Assistant Bureau Coordinator of the Investigations Bureau in September.
    With a passion for Investigating and teaching new applicants, he decided to join the Internal Affairs division in April and is now the Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs. Lewis Langley also holds positions in other divisions, such as Human Resources and Media Relations.

    Lewis Langley was eventually promoted to Police Commander overseeing the Professional Standards Bureau on February 23rd, 2018






  • Supervisor Patrol Division / SPD
    The Supervisor Patrol Division consists of supervisors of all of Office of Operations and its CO is responsible to oversee the supervisory team and every-day operations pertaining to their field.
  • Sergeant Training Program / STP
    The Sergeant Training Program aims to educate, motivate and evaluate officers in becoming supervisors of the Los Santos Police Department.
  • Field Training Program / FTP
    The Field Training Program aims to educate, motivate and evaluate Police Cadets after their academy, in becoming Police Officers. It's a 4-step program that Police Cadets are expected to complete within 30-days of graduating the Academy.


  • Mission Row Precinct
    Mission Row Precinct covers the east-central and south-eastern parts of Los Santos, responsible for providing the community with excellent policing.
  • Vinewood Precinct
    Vinewood Precinct covers the north-eastern and northern parts of Los Santos, responsible for providing the community with excellent policing.


  • Vespucci Precinct
    Vespucci Precinct covers the north-western, western and south-western parts of Los Santos, responsible for providing the community with excellent policing.
  • Rockford Precinct
    Rockford Precinct covers the west-central and north-central parts of Los Santos, responsible for providing the community with excellent policing.



  • Detective Support & VICE Division / DVSD
    Detective Support & VICE is responsible over police investigators and their responsibilities, as well as to investigate and unfold organized crime in the City of Los Santos.
  • Robbery & Homicide Division / RHD
    Robbery & Homicide is responsible to investigate claims and reports revolving around criminal charges pertaining to attack and physical crimes against persons.
  • Gangs & Narcotics Division / GND
    Gangs & Narcotics is responsible to investigate claims and reports revolving around criminal charges pertaining to gang-related crime and narcotics.



  • Special Weapons & Tactics Division / SWAT
    The purpose of the Los Santos Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics division is to serve as the primary tactical response force for the department including situational management of hostage situations, high-risk warrant capture, riot control, and suppression and special circumstances that require a higher level of police security.
  • Air Support Division / ASD
    The Air Support Division's goal is to provide the Los Santos Police Department and its employees with an aerial overview of incidents which is vital to the success of any incident. They also work hand-in-hand with the Medical Department in search & rescue missions.
  • Traffic Enforcement Division / TED
    The Traffic Enforcement Division is officers specialized in traffic enforcement in form of traffic operations, statistics-driven enforcement. The main goal is to educate the general public about the importance of safe driving.


  • Recruitment and Employment Division / RED
    Recruitment and Employment Division is responsible for the recruitment process and intake of students for the Police Academies. They manage recruitment drives, applications, interviews, background checks, and fitness checks. 
  • Human Resources Division / HRD
    The Human Resources Division manages operational paperwork for the entire department, such as personnel file, shift hours documents, and amendments to positions such as demotions and promotions. They also handle permissions on our Government Website for employees.
  • Firearms and Licensing Division / FLD
    The Firearms and Licensing Division is responsible for firearms permits. They manage regulations, applications, removals, suspensions and anything pertaining to firearms permits.


  • Basic Training Division / BTD
    The Basic Training Division is responsible over police academies and its student, they provide students with introductory training and make them ready to become Police Cadets. 
  • Advanced Training Division / ATD
    The Advanced Training Division is responsible for further enhanced training for employees of the Department. They handle special certification programs and hold training courses for employees (pursuant to rank authority). Most commonly, the Advanced Training Division is responsible over the Department's High-Speed certification program, as well as the Department's firearms certification programs.


  • Internal Affairs Division / IAD
    The Internal Affairs Division investigates incidents and possible suspicions of lawbreaking and professional misconduct attributed to Officers. The sole purpose of Internal Affairs is to investigate claims and reports and find out what truly happened. Internal Affairs is the backbone of the department's integrity.
  • Media Relations Division / MRD
    The Media Relations Division (Previously, Public Relations) is responsible over Media and Community Affairs, with the purpose to enhance the image of the department and to allow the public to get a greater insight of the Department. 



The Los Santos Police Department's is often looking for new members to fill its rank. When we are, we're looking for those who are interested to adapt into a new environment in the community, and for those who are interested in realistic police-roleplay. What we expect from you is that you're capable of role-playing a story-driven character and that you're capable of developing your character into the Law Enforcement career. We expect our members to be capable of providing the community with fair and realistic role-play, while also aiming to teach and motivate other members of the community into becoming better role-players. 



  • The application process takes our on Government Website , within the Recruitment and Employment Division . The Government forums are entirely In Character unless stated otherwise in form of out of character brackets. It's important that you read through individual requirements before you apply, which is listed on the application form itself. Some of the out of character requirements are;

    ◙ You need to have at least 4,000 character experience - This is because you need some knowledge of the community, its rules and how it generally functions. This is partly due to an In Character reason as well, your character wouldn't sign up and get accepted into a Police Department with zero knowledge of the city.

    ◙ You need to have a functional microphone and to be able to install and make use of TeamSpeak 3. - The reason why we have TeamSpeak 3 is that we have TACTICAL COMMUNICATIONS CHANNELS which we use for In Character purposes. We intend on switching away from this once the server script supports the ability to switch frequencies with hotkeys. There are STRICT internal regulations revolving around the usage of our TAC channels, some of them being - Our members must press down both their PTT on TeamSpeak and In-Game if they are around other players, there may not be any Out of Character chatter going on within these channels. The TeamSpeak server is also heavily regulated by server administration. 

    ◙ You need to have had a clean admin record for a minimum of 45 days. This varies from person to person on how long they need to have been clean, you will need to speak to the Recruitment Division CO or their superior (see structure) about your admin record if it's questionable. - The reason why we enforce this is that we believe in promoting good behavior, and we have high expectations and standards of our members.

  1. If you feel that you meet our requirements, you may simply apply. Put effort into your application, run your application through grammar check websites or use Grammarly if you're on Google Chrome. It's important that you do not attempt to plagiarize from other applications, either from our website or third party sources as that may result in a permanent faction ban.

  2. Once you've submitted your application to the Los Santos Police Department, one of our members from the Recruitment Division will review it and either deny, accept or put it on pending. If your application gets put on pending, it most likely requires your attention as they'll want you to amend something, if your application gets denied, you are able to re-apply immediately depending on the reason provided, and finally, if your application is accepted, it will be moved to "Pending" and you will move forward to the Interview Stage.


  • The interview is divided into two separate interviews. One takes place In-Game, and is In Character, whereas the other one takes place on TeamSpeak 3 and is Out of Character.

    The In-Character interview takes place at the Los Santos Police Department unless otherwise mentioned. You will do your In-Character interview at the same time as you do your Out-of-Character interview, one before the other. The In-Character interview also consists of a role-play test to make sure that you're capable of role-playing and using the role-play commands available to you. It's important to note that the In-Character interview is solely text-based, because of the server supporting both VOIP and Text role-play, we expect that our members are capable of both. Before doing your In Character interview, we recommend that you prepare yourself for it, i.e. look up characteristic traits, pick some traits that fit your character and speak about them if asked, have a story written of your character with educational experience, childhood, work experience etcetera as this may be asked during the interview. You should also be prepared to answer rhetorical questions.

    The Out-of-Character interview takes place at the Los Santos Police Department's TeamSpeak 3 server. You receive instructions and details on how to get this interview done after being accepted.

    The purpose of the Out-of-Character interview is to check your microphone quality, your ability to speak English (do not let this frighten you, we're very lenient and supportive) and your knowledge of server rules and general role-play terms. 

    If you pass both of your interviews, you will be accepted as an Academy Student. 


  • Police Academies is part of your introductory training and evaluation into joining the Los Santos Police Department. The academy is both In Character and Out of Character. It's recommended that you only partake in an academy if you have a free schedule, as depending on the number of participants and other unforeseeable issues, it can take up to 4-hours to complete. 

    If you make it to the academy stage, it's very likely that you'll pass and make it into the Los Santos Police Department. Because at the moment, we have no exam to follow up on the academy.

    The purpose of the Academy is to introduce you to the Los Santos Police Department and its principles and values. You will get taught and evaluated on the basic but vital procedures and protocols, as well as commands. You will also get to participate and try out certain things during the academy.

    Academy scheduling is done by our Basic Training Division and they're scheduled and announced based on the number of students and instructors available. It may take some time to get your academy scheduled, but we're always working to make it more efficient and smooth. Do not let the wait time discourage you, it will be rewarding to get past it!


  • After completing the academy, you will have to participate in a mandatory Field Training Program. We expect that you complete the Field Training Program within 30-days of your graduation date, but we are lenient if members are having reasonable issues that have prolonged their Field Training Program.

    The Field Training Program consists of 4 sessions, 3 of which is training and 1 which is a final evaluation. You are allowed to re-take the evaluation up to 3 times, and if you are unable to pass it on your third time, you will, unfortunately, be dishonourably discharged from the Department. It's very uncommon for someone to fail the final evaluation 3 times, as we provide excellent training to focus on areas that you might be struggling in.

    It's important that you enter the Police Department with patience, everything takes time in the Police Department, do not charge head on and expect to sit in a patrol car busting criminals on your first day. We have a limited amount of Field Training Officers for the vast amount of Field Training Sessions that is required to be done after each academy.



  • Q: -
    A: -
  • Q: -
    A: -
  • Q: -
    A: -
  • Q: -
    A: -
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Preventing a suicide

The afternoon of Monday 23, a 911 call arrived to police Dispatch. Immediately the police department dispatched units to the call. It appeared that a person was going to jump from the helipad of the Pillbox Medical Center. One of our officers started the "negotiation", trying to avoid the man ending his own life. Through negotiations the Los Santos Police Department  discovered the man was from Iran, in which the Los Santos Police Department dispatch a fearless a officer from his country  to speak to the man. Also the Fire Department helped by deploying a one-man falling net to try to stop his fall if the man would have jumped from the roof, but fortunately the situation got under control and it went unnecessary to use it.




Mister Arfaee, the person wanted to end his life due to the a gambling addition, losing all his savings shortly before. After a long conversation, one of Officer  was able to gain the trust of the man, That officer was able to make him rethink this course of action. After some time Officer from his country was able to convince the man to safely come down from the ledge and to escorted inside the hospital.





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Hostage situation training

Briefing @ Vinewood Bowl



Picking out the different teams for the hostage situation



Spectators throughout the situation



The hostage takers



Final briefing




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well nice thread, but would be nice to see better RP from most of officers and even higher positions ones tho, like RP'ing CPR and so on, not just extend the life of the person just to put him into the prison as whole server seen that so far, but well. looking good this thread

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