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Los Santos Police Department

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Los Santos Police Department
"To Protect and Serve"


The Los Santos Police Department was reformed in May 2017 to what it is today, and it has since then, strived to provide the community with realistic role-play. The Los Santos Police Department adapts our structure and standard operating procedures to real-world policing in the United States, with a specific focus on the Los Angeles Police Department. The fundamentals of the faction are to have strict In-Character as well as Out-of-Character policies, regulations, and procedures, as we believe that it is the core to ensure that we can provide the community with the best realistic police role-play.

This faction thread is purely Out of Character and aims to introduce you to the Los Santos Police Department, as well as inspire you by showing what type of role-play that our members get to involve themselves in.



Government Homepage
Press Releases
Recruitment & Employment
Internal Affairs Complaints
Los Santos Penal Code




During the San Andreas Gold Rush, the State of San Andreas was guarded by its County Sheriff and multiple militias that were created to aid the already existing County Sheriff. It wasn't until 1869 when the first paid police force created, to what we today know, as the Los Santos Police Department.

The force started with six paid Police Officers that served under City Marshal Jackson White, however, White was shot by one of his deputies in 1870 and was soon replaced by John F. Smith, by the newly created Board of Commissioners. Smith's succession as the City Marshal lasted only a year, as he was replaced by a saloon owner, William Harris. During the years of 1876 to 1889, the Police Force had fifteen different police chiefs.

The Los Santos Police Department did not provide its officers with official training until 1916 when the first police training was introduced. This is the police training that has been the fundamentals of what we know today and it is the reason why the Los Santos Police Department is one of the largest and statistics-driven Police Department.

Chief Gas Ketse was appointed Chief of Police on January 21, 2017, but soon found himself replaced by Chief Sebastian Freeman in May 2017. Chief Sebastian Freeman and his staff began the reform of the Los Santos Police Department shortly afterward, successfully managing to re-create the entire structure of the Los Santos Police Department, Bureaus and Divisions within. After a successful reform of the entire department, with the help of his staff, Chief Freeman was appointed to become one of the city's first Government Commissioners in July 2017, and his successor, Chief Ramon Carter took over reigns in the Los Santos Police Department. 

Chief Ramon Carter followed the path of his predecessor and continued to improve and push the Department to strive further success and improvements. Chief Carter, just like his predecessor, was appointed the second Government Commissioner on September 19th, 2017. His successor, Chief Samuel Osborn, was appointed Chief of Police the same day. Chief Osborn's reign only lasted until October 20th, when he stepped down and allowed his successor, Chief Katherine Taylor to take reigns of the Los Santos Police Department.

Chief Taylor was the longest-serving Chief of Police of the Los Santos Police Department, she was appointed Chief of Police on October 27th, 2017 until she stepped down on September 28th, 2018 and assumed a new role in the Los Santos Police Department. During Chief Taylor's reign, she pushed for further success and improvements in the Departments and to further strengthen the relations between the community and the Police Force. Chief Taylor and her staff pushed for the Department's second-biggest structural revamp on July 21st, 2018, and that's when the Department expanded the previous 5 Bureaus, to 7 Bureaus divided into 3 Offices. 

Chief Osborn was re-appointed and sworn in as the Chief of Police on September 28th, 2018. During his reign, the department saw more changes to its structure and new appointments were made into High Command and Command Staff. On July 10th, 2019, Chief Osborn put in a retirement request to the San Andreas State Government, and his successor, Chief Mick Reefer, was inaugurated as the Chief of Police on July 21st, 2019.

On November 24th, 2019, following Chief Reefer's immediate resignation, both the San Andreas State Government and the Assistant Chief of Police, Alex Donnelly, put forth a request for Chief Osborn's return. Chief Osborn had been out of retirement for three months, serving as the Sheriff of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. He accepted their request and transferred to the Los Santos Police Department.

On the 27th of February, Chief Osborn was presented with the opportunity to join the Board of Commisioners, to which Chief Osborn accepted without hesitation and was made the third Government Commissioner. His successor, Chief Donnelly, was later inaugurated as the Chief of Police on March 10th, 2020.


iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png DEPUTY CHIEF OF POLICE JAY BACON Director, General Operations Bureau
FvVrGtM.png CAPTAIN XOZA SHADOW Director, Investigations Bureau
iZ7KaVE.pngiZ7KaVE.png DEPUTY CHIEF OF POLICE ASHLEY YORK Director, Administrative Services Bureau
FvVrGtM.png CAPTAIN SCOTT DUNBAR Director, Special Operations Bureau
FvVrGtM.png CAPTAIN PHILLIPE SANCHEZ Director, Police Training Bureau
  • Commanding Officer, Internal Affairs Division
  • Commanding Officer, Firearms and Licensing Division
  • Watch Commander, Mission Row Precinct
  • Assistant Commanding Officer, Traffic Enforcement Division
  • Watch Commander, Vespucci Precinct
  • Commanding Officer, Traffic Enforcement Division
  • Assistant Watch Commander, Vespucci Precinct
  • Assistant Commanding Officer, Internal Affairs Division






Chief Alex Donnelly was appointed as the Chief of Police for the Los Santos Police Department on March 10th, 2020, following then Chief Samuel Osborn's appointment as one of the Government Commissioners.



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9RCcczH.png Chief of Police The Chief of Police is appointed by the San Andreas State Government and he or she holds executive power in the Los Santos Police Department. As the head of the Department, they're responsible to oversee employees below them and ensure that the Department and its branches are fully functional. 
iYoRkOo.png Assistant Chief of Police The Assistant Chief of Police or commonly known as the Chief of Staff holds executive power below the Chief of Police in the Los Santos Police Department. They are appointed by the Chief of Police and is tasked with assisting the Chief of Police with managing the Department and its branches. 
i1hGqFK.png Deputy Chief of Police Deputy Chiefs are appointed by the Chief of Police and they hold executive power within their assigned Bureaus. They are responsible for managing their respective bureaus and ensuring that they're functional.
CqRrUMv.png Commander Commanders are appointed by High Command and they hold executive power within their assigned Bureaus. They are responsible for managing their respective bureaus, divisions within and ensuring that they're functional.





Captain Captains are appointed by High Command Staff and they are responsible over an area within the Department, either Patrol Precinct or Division. Their responsibilities include the supervision of day to day operations within their respective area/division, as well as the supervision of ranks below them. They hold seniority in Command Staff.
3KgVzuY.png Lieutenant Lieutenants are appointed by High Command Staff and they are either assigned to assist a Captain within a specific area or division, or assigned as the Interim Commanding Officer of an Area of Division. Aside from their area responsibilities, they are also responsible for training and supervising ranks below them.




sRSq58j.png Sergeant II Text - Equal authority to a Detective III.
L7EJq7p.png Detective III Text - Equal authority to a Sergeant II with additional responsibilities.
J9jNIdD.png Sergeant I Text - Equal authority to a Sergeant I.
5P7zJim.png Detective II Text - Equal authority to a Sergeant I with additional responsibilities.
ldQfFiZ.png Senior Lead Officer Text - Equal authority to a Detective I (Supervisor-in-Training)
ldQfFiZ.png Detective I (Supervisor-in-Training) Text - Equal authority to a Senior Lead Officer with additional responsibilities.




ldQfFiZ.png Detective I (Non-Supervisor) Text - Equal authority to a Police Officer III with additional responsibilities.
iEl4SNq.png Police Officer III Text
03jXebB.png Police Officer II Text
MwKX4P7.png Police Officer I Text
  Cadet Text




General Operations Bureau

Supervisor Patrol Division / SPD The Supervisor Patrol Division consists of supervisors of all of Office of Operations and its CO is responsible to oversee the supervisory team and every-day operations pertaining to their field.
Patrol Precincts The Los Santos Police Department currently has 4 precincts across the City of Los Santos. Each precinct is responsible for providing the community with excellent policing. Our Department currently covers Mission Row, Vinewood, Vespucci, and Rockford.

Investtigations Bureau

Detective Support & VICE Division / DVSD Detective Support & VICE is responsible over police investigators and their responsibilities, as well as to investigate and unfold organized crime in the City of Los Santos.
Robbery-Homicide Division / RHD

Robbery & Homicide is responsible to investigate claims and reports revolving around criminal charges pertaining to attack and physical crimes against persons.

Gangs & Narcotics Division / GND Gangs & Narcotics is responsible to investigate claims and reports revolving around criminal charges pertaining to gang-related crime and narcotics.

Special Operations Bureau

Special Weapons & Tactics Division / SWAT The purpose of the Los Santos Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics division is to serve as the primary tactical response force for the department including situational management of hostage situations, high-risk warrant capture, riot control, and suppression and special circumstances that require a higher level of police security.
Air Support Division / ASD The Air Support Division's goal is to provide the Los Santos Police Department and its employees with an aerial overview of incidents which is vital to the success of any incident. They also work hand-in-hand with the Medical Department in search & rescue missions.
Traffic Enforcement Division / TED

The Traffic Enforcement Division is officers specialized in traffic enforcement in the form of traffic operations, statistics-driven enforcement. The main goal is to educate the general public about the importance of safe driving.

Administrative Services Bureau

Recruitment and Employment Division / RED Recruitment and Employment Division is responsible for the recruitment process and intake of students for the Police Academies. They manage the entire hiring process into the Los Santos Police Department.
Media Relations Division / MRD The Media Relations Division (Previously, Public Relations) is responsible for Media and Community Affairs, with the purpose to enhance the image of the department and to allow the public to get greater insight into the Department. 
Firearms and Licensing Division / FLD The Firearms and Licensing Division is responsible for firearms permits. They manage regulations, applications, removals, suspensions and anything pertaining to firearms permits.

Police Training Bureau

Advanced Training Division / ATD The Advanced Training Division is responsible for further enhanced training for employees of the Department. They handle special certification programs and hold training courses for employees (pursuant to rank authority). Most commonly, the Advanced Training Division is responsible over the Department's High-Speed certification program, as well as the Department's firearms certification programs.
Field Training Division / FTD The Field Training Division aims to educate, motivate and evaluate Police Cadets after their academy, in becoming Police Officers. It contains our Field Training Program, a 4-step program that Police Cadets are expected to complete within 30-days of graduating the Academy.
Supervisor Training Program / STP The Supervisor Training Program aims to educate, motivate and evaluate officers in becoming supervisors of the Los Santos Police Department.

Office of the Chief

Internal Affairs Division / IAD The Internal Affairs Division investigates incidents and possible suspicions of lawbreaking and professional misconduct attributed to Officers. The sole purpose of Internal Affairs is to investigate claims and reports and find out what truly happened. Internal Affairs is the backbone of the department's integrity.


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  When the Los Santos Police Department announces a recruitment drive and opens its doors for new applicants, you may submit your application digitally on our Government Website
  • It's important that you read over our Application Information prior to applying to make sure that you meed the requirements and criteria for becoming a member of the Los Santos Police Department.
    • Some requirements to be highlighted: You need at least 5,000 experience on the character which you are applying with, and you need to have had a clean admin record for 45 days from the date you submitted your application. We also require that you have a functional microphone that you can use when needed.

  If you have passed the initial stage of the hiring process, you will need to partake in two interviews - one which is Out of Character and done on our discord server, and one which is In Character and done entirely In-Game. Both these interviews serve a purpose, we will test your knowledge on server rules and role-play terms in general, and we will also test your ability to role-play and communicate.
  If you have passed your interview, you will be scheduled to participate in a Police Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to introduce you to the Los Santos Police Department and its principles and values. You will get taught and evaluated on the basic but vital procedures and protocols, as well as commands. You will also get to participate and try out certain things during the academy. The duration of an academy varies between 60-180 minutes depending on the size, amount of questions and other unforeseen issues.
  Once you have completed the Police Academy, you will be sworn in as a Police Cadet. Depending on your intentions, personality and goals, the Cadet period may not be the most fun period in the faction, but it's important to us that each and every member that represents the faction, is properly trained and evaluated before they represent the faction on a larger scale. If you like training and learning new things, then this period will definitely be fun and rewarding for you.



I was denied, can I apply again? Yes, next Recruitment Drive unless otherwise specified in your denial message.
I failed one of the stages, can I apply again? Yes, next Recruitment Drive unless otherwise specified in your denial message.
I have recently been removed from a faction because of poor OOC conduct or other OOC reasons, can I still apply? You will most likely not be allowed to partake in the Police Recruitment Process unless you have shown that you are in good standing with the community and other factions for a consistent time period.
I am from a different region than the one that you are looking for members in, can I still apply? No.
Can I appeal my denial or any of the stages that I failed? No. All denials and recruitment stages are supervised by Senior Members of the faction.
Is it easy to progress or gain higher ranks in this faction? No. Like the LSSD, the LSPD believes in good and proper character development as well as a somewhat realistic portrayal of a Law Enforcement agency. Higher up positions like supervisor and above are also limited and have added responsibilities both IC and OOC, and we need to make sure that no one gains the power to fast and that they earn their position in the faction by experience and knowledge. In turn, this results in better obedience in terms of upholding our regulations & standards, which results in better relations with the Eclipse Community. Members that perform good and don't get disciplined either IC or OOC can expect a promotion every 1-2 months, however, certain members may hit a wall when they reach the final rank of whichever group they're apart of (e.g. Field Staff, Supervisory Staff and Command Staff). The higher you climb in the faction, the more responsibilities you will have whether that's out of the game or in the game. We do not "force" paperwork (forum work) on anyone, people choose if they want to progress or not themselves when we offer it to them.
Will I be able to get a heavy weapon quickly in the faction? No. Police Officer II is the lowest rank that can apply for a certification which will allow you to use a shotgun on duty under strict regulations. Progression takes time in the Police Department and that includes access to new equipment and vehicles.
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  The Los Santos Police Department take pride in our integrity, transparency, and commitment to the public. In order to ensure fairness and adherence to procedures and law, we created the Internal Affairs, a division under our Professional Standards Bureau. Internal Affairs consists of a Commanding Officer, Assistant Commanding Officer, and Internal Affairs Investigators, all who work under a Professional Standards Bureau Coordinator, who reports to the (Assistant) Chief of Police directly. To ensure proper and thorough investigations, Internal Affairs doesn't consist of many investigators, the process of becoming an Internal Affairs investigator is lengthy and requires an exemplary record of impartial and honest police work in the Los Santos Police Department.

We take allegations of misconduct very seriously, but it's also imperative that our system doesn't get flooded. There's a difference between a severe misconduct allegation and poor professionalism (for example), and for the latter, you can file a complaint directly with a Police Supervisor. The Los Santos Police Department's supervisory team consists of Sergeants and Detectives, all who have gone through a lengthy program to train and evaluate their performance and knowledge, thus they are entrusted with the task of taking complaints.

Examples of misconduct, but not limited to;
  • Wrongful Imprisonment / Conviction or Citation
  • Overuse of Force / Questionable Force
  • Gross Misconduct / Unprofessionalism
  • et al.

As a faction, we also pride ourselves in the RP standard that we've set, as we intend to lead by example. Because of that, we also accept OOC reports on our forums. Important to note; If you want to report an officer for e.g. demonstrating lower quality RP, then you should first ensure that you play on the RP level that you advocate for.

As with any investigation by the Police Department, the evidence is crucial to helping us reach the appropriate outcome of your case. Please include ALL the information and evidence available at the time of the report to obtain the best results. Even if you have no evidence available, your report will be treated the same and your allegation(s) will be investigated

  When a report is submitted to Internal Affairs, it will be reviewed by a supervisor of Internal Affairs who will determine if the report should be forwarded to our investigations database. If the supervisor determines that it's not a legitimate report for any reason, they will send you an e-mail stating why it will not be forwarded.
  Once a report has been forwarded, the supervisor will assign one or more investigator(s) to initiate the investigation around the allegation(s). Investigators will seek out factual evidence pertaining to the report through statements, recordings or any other means (e.g. forensics). Depending on what the report pertains, this process varies in time length, it can be anywhere between 2 days and up to 2 weeks before they've concluded their investigation. An Internal Affairs Supervisor and/or Internal Affairs Command will monitor the investigation thoroughly and give guidance to investigators should they need it.
  Once the investigation has been concluded, the investigators will give their recommended conclusion to an Internal Affairs Supervisor and/or Command and they will conclude the report. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail once the report has been concluded where they will inform you of the conclusion. If the report is found sustained, then the officers it pertains will be disciplined according to LSPD policy, which should be anything from a verbal warning, written warning, suspension, wage garnishment, demotion to a dishonorable discharge.
  The Los Santos Police Department will also offer compensation if certain specific allegations are found sustained, e.g. wrongful convictions/imprisonments or citations. This compensation will cover any fines that you had to pay, plus for any other expenses (or lost thereof).



Can I appeal the decision made by Internal Affairs? Yes, with the Board of Commissioners on the Government forum. The (Assistant) Chief of Police oversees the Internal Affairs system and cases that come through them.
How are members of the LSPD held responsible for wrong-doings? The LSPD has an extensive disciplinary system with a wide variety of disciplinary punishments. Depending on the severity of the incident and the record of the officer(s) in questioning, the disciplinary punishment could be anything from a verbal warning to a dishonorable discharge from the faction.
I believe a member of the LSPD broke server rules, what can I do? The Internal Affairs Division doesn't investigate around server rules. You need to post a player report here on the Eclipse forums. Once it has been resolved, you can submit an OOC IA report with the report as a reference and we will look into potentially disciplining the member within the faction.
Can I report concerns about role-play quality from members? Yes, Internal Affairs accepts Out of Character reports.
Why is my evidence not being used? Internal Affairs will not use any evidence unless it's in compliance with server rules. If /record isn't used, there needs to be proof of RP from prior to the incident of recording equipment being obtained and installed. It also needs to be properly relayed to people in your vicinity.

However, we recommend that you include any OOC footage from the incident as we can use that as a point of reference whenever and if we role-play checking e.g. CCTVs, dashcams, body cams etc. 
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Preventing a suicide

The afternoon of Monday 23, a 911 call arrived to police Dispatch. Immediately the police department dispatched units to the call. It appeared that a person was going to jump from the helipad of the Pillbox Medical Center. One of our officers started the "negotiation", trying to avoid the man ending his own life. Through negotiations the Los Santos Police Department  discovered the man was from Iran, in which the Los Santos Police Department dispatch a fearless a officer from his country  to speak to the man. Also the Fire Department helped by deploying a one-man falling net to try to stop his fall if the man would have jumped from the roof, but fortunately the situation got under control and it went unnecessary to use it.




Mister Arfaee, the person wanted to end his life due to the a gambling addition, losing all his savings shortly before. After a long conversation, one of Officer  was able to gain the trust of the man, That officer was able to make him rethink this course of action. After some time Officer from his country was able to convince the man to safely come down from the ledge and to escorted inside the hospital.





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well nice thread, but would be nice to see better RP from most of officers and even higher positions ones tho, like RP'ing CPR and so on, not just extend the life of the person just to put him into the prison as whole server seen that so far, but well. looking good this thread

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