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  1. Hey there, thanks @Aldarine and @PolarBlunk for the tags. The scene went down as such: A wanted gang member was accidentally run over by a player, and 2 other players began aiming guns at the downed wanted member. Jay Gamble, who did not have a weapon at the time, nor did he run over the wanted member, went to loot the man and check his radio frequency. You then decided to open fire on him, with your reasoning being this: Myself and the other admins on scene, @RedHot & @Mickeyyy, felt that this wasn't a good enough reason, or a reason at all, to open fire on the reporting party. Your own POV shows that you couldn't even see him looting the body or taking the radio, which further invalidates your claim. TL;DR You couldn't see what Jay had done or was doing, Jay never posed a threat to you or your allies, and you targeted him in specific, completely ignoring the players aiming weapons at your ally. I believe this punishment should stay in place for the time being, as you repeatedly show a lack of understanding of the DM rules. I recommend that this player should be let back after a month or so, giving him time to read and understand the DM rules better. Pending a Senior Admin+.
  2. How is you being rammed not an IC issue? It's a PIT maneuver, this is regular practice in pursuits. As for shouting in vehicles, that doesn't involve me in any way whatsoever.
  3. I saw you and your vehicle leaving the scene, you then interfered with the initial pursuit multiple times, that's why you were pursued. Again, 99% of this is an IC issue.
  4. 1) I asked them to search the car for a dashcam, where I believe you were sent an /ldo as to whether or not it was present, and they received no reply. 2) I didn't handle your friends, and that's an IC issue regardless. 3) You weren't told to leave by me, I had every intent of chasing your vehicle and arresting you after the initial pursuit, which is what I did. Again, if you have an issue, you should make an IA report. Your faith in IA isn't of my concern, I'm merely referring you to the proper way of handling this.
  5. His dashcam was not used at all, as he never replied to RP as to whether or not he had one. He only kept mentioning "his gopro" which I assume is just mixing saying that he's recording this OOCly for a report, as he failed to ever provide any RP evidence of a gopro or dashcam. He was identified off of assumption due to the outfit and vehicle, merely poor police work, which is an IC issue, not an OOC one. No clue about the blade, don't have anything regarding that in my recordings. I just asked about it and someone said longer than 4 inches, which is where I applied the charge. Again, poor police work, an IC issue.
  6. This is now pending @Mickeyyy. Please be patient as it's reviewed.
  7. This is now pending a ruling from head admins. Please be patient while it's reviewed.
  8. This is now pending @MrWonanother. Please be patient while it's reviewed.
  9. We chased your friend because we had a BOLO out for his vehicle and were on the lookout for it. Hence why in my footage you can hear me say "Hey, look who it is!" You were chased afterwards due to your attempts to stop the pursuing vehicles and your involvement in the robbery which was seen by myself. Multiple deputies in TAC had mentioned your attempts to stop the pursuit line, and once your friend was caught, we went after you. That's generally how protocol is for pursuits rather than splitting off into 2 smaller pursuits, but again that's an IC thing. You were not powergamed, you had every opportunity to RP this out, and you chose the RP line of chasing a pursuit and getting caught for it. YOU made the choice that put you in a scenario that ended with you in handcuffs. You still can make decisions while handcuffed, and your decision was to comply. You keep making accusations of powergaming, despite powergaming headbutting me at DOC, which I didn't report or do anything about.
  10. You are once again taking an IC issue OOC. That entire interaction is solely IC. If you truly have an issue with it, you should be taking IC evidence and compiling an IC IA report. Also, you received assault with a deadly weapon, not assault. Assault with a deadly weapon is the charge applied when you use your car as a weapon. If you'd like to make a suggestion regarding TAC protocols, a report is not the place, but I can promise you that pressing a radio keybind isn't the way we'll fix it. We use a TAC radio to keep the IG scripted radio clear of clutter, which would make general police work impossible if a pursuit is happening. As for my claims on repeated rams, I more than likely misremembered in my frustration and spat hyperbole rather than fact. I apologize for that claim as I can now see it looks different upon review.
  11. Hi there. I find it interesting that you're reporting us for PIT maneuvering you, when in the same scenario, you tried to block, ram, and PIT multiple of us while in an Exemplar? Here's just one example of it, despite you having done it around half a dozen times throughout the pursuit. https://streamable.com/pvjn4 Convenient how your footage only begins after those attempts. Regarding John Kemp speaking "at high speeds," we were in TAC radio. To use TAC radio, you also must be holding N in-game so other players around you can hear you, else it's metagaming. Regarding charges, that's an entirely IC issue. Modifiers like "against a govt. employee" and "aggravated" will extend your time. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them.
  12. Please make an appeal following the punishment appeal format.
  13. This is now pending @Brawnkoh. Please be patient while it's reviewed.
  14. Please post an appeal following the punishment appeal guidelines. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/5706-punishment-appeal-requirements-must-read-before-posting/
  15. This is now pending @SantinoDeferro. Please be patient while it's reviewed.
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