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  1. Player(s) being reported: John Robertson, Raymond Edwards Date of interaction reported: 7/16/21 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1626481771 Your character name: Clint Masterson Other player(s) involved: Other PD on scene, Other bank robbers, Marie Dantoni Specific rule(s) broken: 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Players are allowed to kidnap or to take other players hostage for only these specific reasons: You have to have a roleplay reason to attack the victim in accordance with the DM rules. If you attempt to commit robbery of a property, you are allowed to hold the players within that property until you have finished the robbery. An NPC is not a valid hostage. All included players may not take another hostage for 1 OOC week if police are involved. How did the player break the rule(s)? (300 words maximum) During the bank robbery scene, we began to discuss in PD faction chat that the hostage might be there due to an invalid DM right. It's been a frequent thing before and after realizing that the hostage was EMS, we had strong suspicions that either Marie was submitting herself as a hostage by consent, or the major one being I believe she was manipulated through PM's during a robbery to be submitted as a hostage for the bank robbery. Invalid hostage taking has been a growing pain for PD and most of my group within PD that has to stand around for thirty-minutes to an hour bending to the will of the hostage takers due to said invalid DM rights on the hostage or friends using their own mate. I say this because Marie seemed quite confused in PM's when I contacted her after the robbery to ensure the robbers had proper DM rights and didn't give me a clear answer. Only to further increase my suspicions that John, Raymond and the rest of his crew either persuaded the EMS into doing this or kidnapped her with invalid rights. Administration were present on scene but all of them were PD in said active situation and none really had the grounds to pause and make sure everything was checked. We also sent in /reports of asking for a non-involved admin to come and doublecheck the whole situation but none came, so we all had to play ball on the scene. My POV is mostly listening from the rooftop as a sniper, so the best we have to go over is PM's from the robbers (John and company) and the video from the robber POV. John and Raymond are only being name dropped for now due to them seeming to be the ring-leaders of this heist. I was recommended to move this issue to a separate report instead of cluttering up the one with PD being reported to avoid crossing channels and make a clear thread on the issue at hand. Evidence of rule breach:
  2. Simple as the title says. I feel the whole engines being able to be started by civvies was a half-cocked gun and the development team adding in an easily abused feature without some means of rule type/mechanics hotwiring system. As seen in this footage here what the main situation with civvies is like. https://streamable.com/5f2geo (The rulebreak itself was already forwarded to those who needed to see it instead of on the forums) This also leaves PD/SD in the more riskier areas of powergaming in order to have our cruisers stolen by wandering players, in which we often time unlock the car and open the rear doors to put a handcuffed suspect in. This leaves it so some random shumck can hop into the driver seat, start the engine and drive off with no RP or we hit K as they are trying to get in and get reported for powergaming.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 2:32 PM PST 7/14/2021 Character name: Alex Bones Issue/bug you are reporting: Civilians and those are who are not in a respective LEO faction are able to start the engine of PD/SD/DOC vehicles with them being originally off in regards to the engine. This allows for civilians/crims to abuse the fact a PD/SD unit needs to be careful to avoid someone either running past them while roleplaying placing a suspect in their cruiser and having to have the vehicle unlocked to RPly open the rear passenger doors. I feel like as a criminal myself on the side. It should not be this easy epically since an officer has to place roleplay amongst anything else and if someone who play the rules currently is easily able to do so. >Officer unlocks car and turns off engine and attempts to put handcuffed man in back of car >Handcuffed man is placed in back >Within the five seconds of the officer not being in the driver seat and the suspect in the back a man runs past the officer >Gets into driver seat, starts the engine and drives off Which leads to the officer being unable to react due to draw time of his taser and even if he's able to draw out his taser, he is unable to shoot the occupant in the car with said taser due to it being a moving vehicle and considered NONRP by the adminstration team and he's unable to shoot and disable the vehicle by the tires due to not having DM rights and force protocol as set by faction standards. This would only seem to increase ruleplaying and OOC tensions between law enforcement players and criminals. Expected behavior: Only PD officers would be able to start PD faction spawned vehicles and vice versa for SD only being able to start the engines of SD vehicles. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Spawn in a PD or SD vehicle and not be in any of the LEO faction vehicles. Get into the vehicle as a civilian and you'll be able to start the engine. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
  4. Looking at the footage and comparing it to the ID of the bike next to you in the second clip, he was well fully aware of the situation at hand and continued to bike at your side. So trying to play off how he was just another civvie is a bit of a long reach.
  5. This looks pretty good to me so far, but I was wondering about some additions in terms of groups using one of their own mates or offering a new player x amount of money for playing the hostage (Who is at risk of getting a non-rp for putting themselves in danger like that by either report or an admin checking in on the situation) I would also like that if there is a legit hostage situation with DM writes. The hostage takers should provide POV of how they obtained said hostage.
  6. As already said, the supers are limited to certain ranks and come with a bunch of restrictions. But they're needed in order to combat the people who use a VSTR with one of the certain default tires during car modding in order to bypass the server vehicle limitation and the car to zoom to 240.
  7. 1. Sure, but most police departments have on-station mechanics (Even more in larger cities.) They'll only contract out to local mechanic shops if they're a small a broke town. 2. No. The server already has a bad enough line of toxicity between gang members and the law enforcement departments and I feel giving more of a way to engage gunfights with PD/SD versus crims would only lead to more reports, /b save pov and shootouts which I believe is one thing the founders are currently trying to stray from. There's nothing but risk of getting killed from raiding military convoys and the national guard has gone belly flop and non-existent since the azteca and NLA conflict. 3. Plenty of ways to break out of prison instead of taking a hostage without the usage of scripts. Using a hostage is just the easiest way to getting shot once you leave.
  8. @Jagger I take back what I said, but I've said our piece on our coordination in tac about wanting to move in. This wasn't straight a SWAT assault.
  9. @Jagger That individual in the window that continued to be mentioned was infact, SD. I'm simply attempting to clear things up, as PD didn't have tactical leadership of the situation since SD took charge. And for the sake of past interactions between LEO's, My character in PD has nothing but total distrust for the sheriff department since his termination from it. No point of attempting to boss/order around the other group.
  10. @CloudyDL I should suggest that you speak out to SD to ask them for their side of the situation, PD and SWAT weren't first on scene. How they discovered your activities is something you should inquiry them out. I'm no longer with that LEO faction, So I won't speak up for them. I'm simply defending our actions on the PD side.
  11. @Aldarine I believe the only sniper in play during that situation was my own, and I think I was at a fair enough distance to take a shot with it. But some of my weaponry mods from the LSPD gov may make a normal carbine from our /pw appear to be that of a marksman. Forgive me if I'm wrong. Other than that, Soon as the situation went from us getting a surprise to breaching down the stairs. I swapped over to my micro SMG, as it's one of our interior breach weapons. I had no time to properly swap over and go to a cruiser to RP fetching myself a shotgun.
  12. Hello, Clint Masterson here! And I'd love to thank the lovely staff for taking this matter at end. Due to @Aldarine request for my side of the events, I shall indulge the forum report with my take on the matter. PD, Most importantly SWAT and GOB was contacted by the sheriff department in order to assist with the hostage situation at the ranch. Mentioning something about the gang, we all hopped into JTAC and began to suit up. Sending out a DAVID team which included myself with a sniper rifle. We began to brief each other on the gang in question, which tends to have a habit of doing openly public hostage situations like this. Even according to one of the latest news reports from weazel. Hostage situations are tricky, and we all focused on setting up a perimeter around the ranch as players have a tendency to see such a scene and attempt to intervene on it for merely the chuckles and laughs. I was posted up around the outer-perimeter with my sniper rifle to attempt to get visual on Chatterbox, Who spoke for most of the gang at the time. We sent in a hostage negotiator from SD who was previously shot by the one of the members in green that belonged to the clown gang, This was brought up in /b as being a mistake. However, The deputy IC'ly called it out that he was shot in the vest by this suspect in question over TAC, Thus escalating this from a mere discussion phase to violence has been caused and shots fired. Our negotiator spoke with the gang represented speaker. In which, Such demands as us bringing in TWO non initially involved civilians as Ari Preston and her fellow weazel employee were given. No police department in my honest opinion would humor such an idea and bring more possible hostages into the mix, Someone like myself simply suspected this was a grudge. Yet the gang wasn't giving us much room to work with, as normally most hostage takers would request escape vehicles or telling us to leave. People in this server have been previously punished before for making invalid demands during hostage situations. The suspects clearly wanted this entire situation to play out in their way, Which I suspect was us handing over two more hostages and the officers inside the building to them so they could use weazel to make something of a live video to get Ari Preston to admit something. I personally took no care in what grudges they had. Despite how non-rp this situation may of seen from the LEO side in regards to allowing two more possible hostages to get involved and put even more people in danger, involving officers. We abided by it and contacted Ari, who was an off-duty PD officer on weazel duty and her partner. Giving them both a rundown, we recklessly indulged the two civvies with the clowns and in the middle of a staredown between LEO and suspects with guns. All of this had to be done due to the fact the suspects were refusing to play ball with the LEO side and threatening to kill the hostages if we didn't bring in the two civvies. Most hostage takers in my time would of simply asked for guns or methods of escaping, As they knew the entire building was surrounded and doing anything stupidly reckless such as exchanging more shots between LEO's or killing one of the hostages would of led to their arrests or possible death. Our negotiator was in the room with Ari and friend, Also Nash who insisted she'd stay. We were continued to be met with loud screaming from the suspect side who insisted we hand over weazel employees and leave the room. That was not good, We asked for one of their hostages in the basement in return and were met with denies. Escalating and former informing us that this gang had no initial plan of escape and were likely going to execute the hostages at the end of the day. The thing about a hostage situation is it requires both sides to play ball during the negotiation phase, The more you threaten to kill the hostages and refuse to properly negotiate. The more LEO's are likely to escalate to violence as you've likely established yourselves as loose cannons and were likely going to kill all the hostages involved, Including the two who you demanded we involve. Our limits were pushed and merely an hour into the situation, We had two civilians brought in and on the verge of being taken hostage themselves. Granting you more chips to play and us none. You IC'ly insisted we play the situation your way and we stand back and let it all happen, That itself I can often find powergaming as our choices were eventually plan out an assault or let the gang continue their story, Most police departments would not abide by that and let more hostages come into play. Even requesting we clear records would be down right silly, as we would simply re-add them after it was all over. Negotiations failed and we all found ourselves in the hallway leading down to the basement, It was agreed by both PD and SD that it was time to move into the termination phase. Which is either suspects surrender or violence has to be used. With the three suspects in the hallway, I had a sniper rifle aimed at the only openly armed and brandishing suspect in the hallway. The green man who was initially reported to have shot the negotiator. Chatterbox who appeared unarmed and the USA attire gentlemen with a shotgun on his back. If my sniper rifle was a hit, Then the actively brandishing and aiming suspect with the SMG would of went down. Allowing for us to get a swift move on Chatter and likely shoot down the non-brandishing gentlemen with a shotgun on his back. Nash was also in tac and instructed to tell her fellows in the hallway to get down before shots could be exchanged. We followed with speed, surprise and overwhelming violence. But due to desync on the constantly moving target, The shot didn't connect but he still turned around and began to book it as the deputy at the window opened up with his own SMG. Thus we followed with the termination phase and the use of overwhelming violence, but by the time I've hosltered my sniper, made it to the building and drew out my micro, I heard Chatterbox loudly announcing his orders to his crewmates about the hostages and shots being fired. By the time we reached the basement entrance, One suspect was injured on the stares and blocking our path. Chatterbox and his friends announced that 'ONE HOSTAGE IS STILL ALIVE', indicating they actually killed one and their cards and methods of bargaining chips were now forfeit. Once shots are exchanged or a hostage is killed, Your life is usually forfeit by the SWAT team or whoever LEO is approaching on you. As were were attempting to move the injured suspect away and drop him so he wouldn't been shot at, We were actively opened up upon by an automatic weapon. The suspects were willing to kill one of their own to simply get a shot at us. Carefully we carried and dragged off the wounded suspect around the corner. Leaving him out of further danger as all the PD and SD stacked up on the stairway and followed suit behind me as we went down. Instead of sitting on the staircase and having to deal with the mumbo jumbo of shimming back and forth between PD and SD, I fully went down the stairs and went for a corner. This is a common tactic in SWAT, as all bunching up in a single spot is a death sentence, instead we should of all went down seperetly to make shooting at all of us at once more difficult. Resuming the shooting, Downing one suspect behind the drug tables and hopping over, Putting me in an ambushing corner and adding myself as protection for the injured hostages in the corner. Wanting to prioritize the saving of the civilians, as per our duty. as the others who were coming down the stairs were engaged. Due to terrible movement and shooty panicky, I may of moved a tad bit too close between fire, Chatterbox was caught in the middle of it attempting to take a melee swing at me. If he had any fear for his life, He would of likely hit the deck as we were breaching. Instead of running into the middle of it all and trying to swing at a SWAT operative with a micro in their hand. All suspects were taken down, One hostage recovered and the other being dead as we hit the stairs the first time. Chatterbox died instantly admist the firefight as he intervened himself between the shots exchanged between his gang and LEO's instead of getting down and surrendering as the approaching blob of LEO's were coming down to give him and his gang hell. We wrapped it up, Applied BLS, managed to keep the other hostage alive and began to secure the suspects with MD. Wanting to ensure this merely wasn't a random first shot that started the whole situation, I PM'd one of the members to state that this was a planned assault and not a random PO1 firing a pistol to start the fire for the funsies of it. But I don't like the fact I was made to be the bad guy as he publicly posted my admittance as to deem me the sinner of the hostage situation. The full-unedited footage of us discussing the ambush plan was sent over to redhot in a previous statement as the thread was locked. This is merely the action and basement involvement meat and potatoes. I will post the 10 minutes of uncut back and forth TAC communication if requested.
  13. Clint Masterson here. I have already given my statement and all of the POV at hand to Redhot, and to avoid further fueling the flames between LEO's and criminal players. I will not be indulging the forum with my story of the situation to be lost in the masses of downvotes and back and forths. Unless requested by staff.
  14. I suggest you wait until the full forum report is made before assuming such things. It's quite difference from our perspective.
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