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  1. Application Submission Hello [email protected], I am writing to you in regards to the application I just submitted. I believe I have the qualities for this job, and the ability to learn any duties assigned to me during training. I will wait patiently, and can not wait to receive a response from you. Regards Remmi Corsetti
  2. Application Submission Hello [email protected], I am writing to you in regards to the application I just submitted. I believe I have the qualities for this job, and the ability to learn any duties assigned to me during training. I will wait patiently, and can not wait to receive a response from you. Regards Remmi Corsetti
  3. Los Santos is full of pet lovers. From dogs,cats,chickens,rats there is tons of pets that live in this city. One big problem is pet abandonment, from people who no longer want to take their pets out for walks and they just get locked away. Los Santos Pet Adoption would be a place people can bring their animals they no longer feel like they can take care of and have other be able to adopt them for half the price they sell for in the pet shop. I think this would bring new rp opportunities and a cheaper way for people to acquire pets. Example- Have a building called the shelter then when someone looks in the menu they see a option called Adopt and Surrender. Clicking adopt will show you the list of pets that people have up for adoption. Clicking Surrender will ask you which pet you would like to surrender and if you are sure. If you surrender you get 50% back of what you spent on the pet or less or nothing.
  4. Hello the player is Jontae Baker. He mass shot up everyone including myself at Tequi lala as well. An admin voided our situation and delt with 133. So this person is already banned I think.
  5. have you tried holding down n
  6. I would also like to add. I don't have any proof but I also had issues with ID 405 this same day for him using the hard R still after being asked in ooc chat not to. He then went on and starting fights in teq la la as well as doing gross RP without consent. I made an in game report to which I believe DrPathetic or Philoop responded to and said he would speak to him about it. So this player is known to keep acting up and not seeming to care. If this does not belong here please feel free to delete. Just though I would share my issue as well since this was the same day.
  7. Issue: So we all come across that struggle where it's a certain time of day and there is zero medics on duty to help as you are bleeding out from clapping yourself. You call 911 and request for a medic... but as you sit there bleeding out no one is responding to help. You wait the time to re dial to ask for both but as soon as you do bam lights out and you're dead as soon as a PD unit responds. Resolve: It would be helpful and realistic to have dispatch inform you when there is no medics on duty to come help you and re direct you to have an officer come help. It would go like this. "Sorry unfortunately there is no medics on duty to respond to your call but we can redirect you to the police to help." Then it would give a yes or no and depending on the answer will either hang up or send the call to PD and you type out the help you need like a normal call. I feel like this will be more realistic of dispatch instead of not saying anything and you sitting there bleeding out not knowing if any medics are around. Within the time of knowing there is no medics you can call a friend for help or agree to have the police come aid you. Thank you for your time.
  8. Don't you just hate leaving your home and getting into your car just to have the scare that you think you forgot to lock your home door? So then you park your car again and run all the way back to your home to see that is locked and then you run back to your car annoyed. I know I hate that feeling.... So I purpose to have the same VIP feature that we have for cars auto lock and apply it to apt/house doors. Would be nice to not have to worry about if we locked the door or not. There are door locks IRL that can be locked with a phone app anywhere in the world. So this would make sense to have in the server. Thank you for your time
  9. You can't see anything or hear anything. This view point gives you no right to hop in a car and shoot at us. Especially me when I have done nothing and got gunned down for no reason without a demand to get out of the car. This is all I will say from here on out unless asked by staff.
  10. Player 49- Sufyaan_Khan got a gun aimed at him only by player 92 not me(121) or John(52). Neither one of us showed a threat to him. In his clip he was watching from a football field plus away to where you can't hear or even really see what is going on. The only one near us at the time of the first interaction was player 133. Thus giving player 49 no reason to shoot John and I down. We had a situation happen awhile ago that one of our boys was about to catch a dm. Reason being because he heard that this person did soemthing to another but did not see it himself. Now we got told by a staff member that the only way to attack someone is to give a demand and they don't listen or if you actually saw and heard what happened right in front of you. Otherwise it's DM. In this case he was too far to see or hear and went after us for no real reason. Thank You
  11. Hello Remmi here. So the reason for me talking in /b was because of the fact that I was getting shot down without demands to get out of the car. I never aimed my gun at anyone or shot the only thing I did was have my gun out in my hand next to my side because I was scared. I got DMed for no reason and I was not ok with that and then seeing john getting shot down next to me by people who didn't see what happened was also not right. The only person who saw anything and heard anything clearly was Jay Tecca no one else in that area that was with Jays gang had dm rights on John since they could not clearly see what was going on from a far distance. I never showed as a threat for people to shoot me down and I was not going to stand by and just let that happen to me without me speaking up. Thank you -Remmi
  12. So as we all know the only way to get working parachutes is to get hurt and get airlifted to the hospital or to come across an old player who is selling them for a lot of money. While yes those are working normal parachutes I suggest there be another version where they are used as a bag like the the ones we can buy from the convince stores. Details: They would hold less then a normal bag of course since they are smaller. Half the weight would work. 50 pounds Add all the color and size options to be able to fit over jackets and other clothing options. Price 1k No they will not be working parachutes just for cosmetics and storing items. Conclusion: With the big bags we have today they are very chunky and take up a lot of space and make most outfits look unpleasing. With the parachute bag as an option we would be able to have a bit more variety in outfits and styles and not look oh so massive. Pictures will be provided Thank you for your time!
  13. So I as well as I am sure most people are annoyed of the fact when you are jamming out with your friends and the server crashes your speaker just gets straight deleted. I find this to be a waste of money for players that they can't get back by refund even with recorded proof. Speakers should be treated as vehicles as to where if the server crashes they go away but when you spawn back in they appear. To have to pay 10-15k per speaker each time when the sever is a fault is crazy. So by just having the speakers spawn back after a server crash like cars would be amazing. It is also my annoying as of now since the update and the sever keeps going down while people want to try the new speaker system. Thank You
  14. Been over 24 hours any update? I was apart of this from the start (player 106). I was the one who saw him slam into all my friends at the bank for no reason and took off. A friend and I chased him from the zeta store pillbox to where this video takes after I yelled towards a cop to chase him.
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