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  1. Hey, as a lot of people has voiced their opinions I decided that I'll voice mine, from an inside point of view on the things, as I am doing applications as well. That would make no sense, as we want everyone in the server to have equal rights upon joining. If you looked over the perks that the V.I.P., for example, gives you'll find out that none of them give you a pay-to-win advantage over other players and we'll most likely keep it this way That is something which is said really well. On that topic, if a lot of people start paying to get in they'll either put each other in the same queue or make it even worse for free players. Which is something that won't have a really good impact on the community itself. Don't get us wrong, we don't want to keep people from playing as well, we are doing our best and by saying that I mean it. The issue which is keeping us from doing anything at the moment is the fact that the server is having issues and we can't do much about the applications without a server, quite logical. After what I said I do believe that this isn't a really good idea so I'll be giving a -1 because of those simple facts. I hope you realize that what I said is just my opinion. I wish you a great day/night and sorry for the caused inconvenience with the applications and server
  2. Hey, @BoarPyg, it's not your internet. The server has been experiencing issues in the past few days, apologies for the inconvenience!
  3. Hey, @Beattie, the server has been experiecing issues in the past few days so I suggest waiting
  4. Dimitri Sokolov

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    Pending @FatherOsborn
  5. Hey, @Ze3burt, have you tried requesting a new link?
  6. Hey, @ProblyStoned, it's an issue a lot of people are having. It's tricky at times so nothing that can be done about it. Just take in mind that you can only do this command for custom furniture.
  7. Hey, @OiWatUdoin, try clicking F2 whilst in the loading as this button locks and unlocks your cursor.
  8. 950k #2914703 Any chance we can see an image from the interior? Edit: Nevermind, I bought something else.
  9. Hey, MrScheckels, it could take 7 days or more to get your application accepted. We have a lot of applications that we need to work on. I hope you understand that this is something that we are working on as hard as possible, yet it still takes time. Apologies for the caused inconvenience, we'll keep working to hopefully get all of the people who applied and keep applying inside.
  10. Hey, @TuniGG, no your application doesn't get reset. It always stays in the same position as it was.
  11. Hey, @heltahop, if you have any antivirus programs I'd suggest turning them off as well. One of the main causes of this issue is that one or more files could be missing. I'd suggest trying to reinstall RageMP. Installing it to a different drive could fix the issue as well.
  12. In my personal opinion this I see this abused a lot, for different reasons. Although it might be somewhat easy to do and even though in theory, it won't be abused due to the way you need to activate it, it really sounds risky. Being given the ability to some players to go OOC and not be able to be touched can create some massive issues in the situation. Obviously, this is my own opinion, take in mind that upon entry every player agrees with the rules, and the rules clearly state that this situation, you being stopped by a glitch, still counts to that rule, as in real life you can't really crash into an invisible object. So if someone does that/attempts to do that, he can be punished. Cops are really strict on that rule, in the case of you being kicked/disconnected/killed due to an issue we immediately pause Roleplay (we notify over our faction chat for the officers who aren't directly on the scene so they can stop where they are) and if needed we wait for staff members to come. This, however, shouldn't just be a thing only when the police is present in the situation, everyone should do that. Glitches, random kicks, and crashes can happen for no reason at random times, people should be aware of that and shouldn't use it as a way to gain an advantage over players, who are victims of said glitches/random kicks/crashes. Back to my personal opinion, I am not saying that this is a bad idea, not at all, the only reason for me not to 100% agree with you is due to the simple fact that I am sure people will find a way to abuse it.
  13. As Femo said, if all the players in the area agree to pause the RP, then I believe it should be okay.
  14. @jensen1234 Over here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pc9H1sLAuEsA7Q98RDjB6OTWbMRdk-Ql/view Chapter 13 - Fear Roleplay (FRP)
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