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  1. ants1992

    Mobile Refuel

    Come on man. Obviously an example.
  2. ants1992

    Mobile Refuel

    it is a good idea but it also counters the gas cans we have in general stores and fuel stations, One suitable way would be for a mechanic to head to a fuel station take 100 Litres and then charge the guy in the vehicle 200% so the station still gets the sale and the mechanic gets rewarded for buying the fuel for him and then giving it him. All to be scripted and automated making it impossible for them to scam the mechanic. Your way would also work I guess though. +1
  3. ants1992

    [SOLD] 3g House at VineWood!!!

    ((Hello please remember this is a in-character section in future so no smileys 🙂 ))
  4. Ok lets wrap this up! As no reply was given from the other parties I will go off what I can see and what me and other staff members have discussed. Can only see Mamad_Gorbe Reloading his gun after you being injured. Mask 4720_2465 Mamad_Gorbe Will receive punishment for Deathmatch (Kill on sight) | Offense#1 I would strongly advise in future to try and avoid doing things like this, Not only does it ruin roleplay and experience for players involved but they also lose assets that shouldn't be lost if rules were followed. As for Mask 4603_6760 Reza_Soosk will receive no punishment as we cannot prove anything on the evidence provided. Please in future avoid this type of roleplay. Kind Regards XposeD
  5. ants1992

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    I think they are coming soon guys. With the dealership update but im not 100% sure. The update should be soon just waiting on something from Osvaldon.
  6. Hello and Thanks for making this report @Gangula Did any interactions between you and them happen prior to this? Mask 4720_2465 Mamad_Gorbe Mask 4603_6760 Reza_Soosk Both have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story and why they think these actions are valid. Also provide with any other evidence about this would be great! Kind Regards XposeD
  7. ants1992

    4 vehicle house near Tequila.

    Oh Thanks Lis!
  8. ants1992

    4 vehicle house near Tequila.

    Here we have a large 4 vehicle house with a fantastic backyard multiple levels and a nice big car port around the front! Estate agent has listed the house for sale already, Feel free to call in for a look around. Contact #3215352 with any questions.
  9. ants1992

    4 vehicle house Lower vinewood.

    This Large 4 vehicle house is situated in lower vinewood hills with a private back garden and a nice pool, Table tennis included. #3215352 for any info. House is listed by Estate Agent!
  10. ants1992

    SOLD remove post

    No Thanks price is price.
  11. ants1992

    [Auction] Pegassi Tezeract

    $7,599,000 Dwayne_Smith
  12. ants1992

    [Auction] Pegassi Tezeract

    Dwayne Smith $5,000,000
  13. ants1992

    NioS2K (ban appeal)

    Hello @NioS2K although I do appreciate your appeal from my point of view the punishments will stay in place. regardless of your friend being on the hill he wouldn't of known that you two had been killed as you didn't communicate with him (In character) before your death and did not witness Vincent kill you. Meaning for you to return to the scene breaking NLR and instantly shooting him down is killing on sight. Also the NLR 30minutes rule is not In game 30 minutes its OOC minutes and as the rules for the server are OOC rulings and not in character rulings, I just re-watched the video and you waited approximately 7minutes of real time. Regardless you broke both rules in Killing on sight| revenge killing once you had died you returned thus breaking NLR as I explained in your report conclusion. Every hour of In game time is 15minutes real time. Not that this makes a difference when you returned and killed on sight. You can also go to the report and see that I tagged you in the report giving you 24 hours to reply. I recommend this punishment stays in place to the Admin that finalizes it. Kind Regards. XposeD
  14. Lets get this wrapped up guys! Sorry for the wait. Ok firstly Mike_Scofield Mask 2155_7944 had no interaction with the first part of the video from what I can see but did return with his friends and did finish the guy off after the others emptied the inventory. This breaking the Deathmatch rulings we have in place in Eclipse Roleplay! I would strongly advise in future to avoid doing things like this if you care to play and roleplay in the future in this community. This spoils roleplay for other people in many ways and can result in big losses to them. This resulting in a Major Deathmatch rulebreak. Second Obey_Jackal Mask 1654_9384 When you was killed by Vincent you cannot return to the area for 30minutes after you wake up at the hospital and you proceed to do so and get revenge on Vincent this is classed as a major deathmatch offense and wont be tolerated within this community. Like I said above it harms other players roleplay and puts your place on eclipse roleplay in jeopardy. Punishments will be Major Deathmatching and breaking NLR. Third, Nio_Dio Mask 4411_3943 you did the same as Obey and if you read above you will understand the punishments you will receive. Major Deathmatching and Breaking NLR. Obey_Jackal Mask 1654_9384 Major Deathmatch Offense #1 | New Life rule (NLR) Offense #1 Mike_Scofield Mask 2155_7944 Major Deathmatch Offense #2 Nio_Dio Mask 4411_3943 Major Deathmatch Offense #1 | New Life rule (NLR) Offense #1 Kind Regards XposeD Closed & Archived