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  1. Super car for sale

    Here for sale is My GP1 On the highend market! Car is not the colour of the one below though! if you would like to offer contact #3215352 (over $1m)
  2. Shotguns in Ammunations

    I mean the idea is not totally bad, Make the damage on the shot gun weak like a pistol. Very short range, But as it has a spray cone it should take a fair few shots to kill people. Also if somebody has you at close range gun point like a pistol and SMG and AK doesn't matter if they shoot they shoot you dead. So shotgun wont be a benefit really in anyway if you give a little nerf, Plus Most Americans have rifles IRL, but I do agree not everyone should have big guns running around but most do already.
  3. New cars with supers being removed.

    Dominator in still 2 more to choose NobodyLtu said pick3 cars!
  4. Selling Dominator GTX Sold

  5. gut pushers didn't discuss anything with me and nobody made me aware of the capping stuff you was doing
  6. I wasn't informed of any of these so I was unaware.
  7. we wasn't taking anymore, But to be fair Tavi exiled and the irish was prepared to RP stopping us taking the other turf but lost the gun fight so came here. Then to RP the retake now makes this report completely irrelevant don't you think?
  8. Id say this report can be closed with exiled Prepared to RP the turf retake.
  9. not at you no, and as rules state you have to initate roleplay before killing you killed on sight so you want me to go into that?
  10. If the Exiled think back to a week ago when they chased 3 lost members in phantoms and shot Brooklyn down but didn't finish him sonny said I want you to know who did this to you im sonny. So id say that's a big enough reason to go to war with Exiled. 2 members escaped one got treatment off police officers and stayed alive.
  11. Theresa May: "Hi Donald trump we are going to war and we need your help" Trump: "Hello Theresa, I know we are allies But I will not be aiding you in this war, even though you need my assistance" Theresa May: "Well Donald if you help I will let you have the country we take" Trump: "im in, All my troops are there for you, we are united again!" Allies help Allies in their time of need. its one turf, its all been too rosy in this city actually quite pathetic with the biggest gangs all cuddling each other, Acting the big mans around the city to dweebs that don't have the same firepower. How about you actually do what gangs do and fight each other. The lost family actually only had pistols last night so thanks for your AK47s.
  12. $SOLD$

    Il take the house in the background no problem #3215352 when your selling if you do.
  13. Andor Rootman / 6790_4827 (RDM, FailRP)

    I disagree, If I was arguing and swearing with somebody IRL I would punch them yes, So I think that's a valid reason to start fighting. Not Deathmatch in my opinion.