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    HeavyFlow Dealership

  3. I didn't mention doing it to 1 and 2 vehicle houses as it wouldn't be worth.
  4. Nobody ever once said upgrading a house for 1m-2.5m? I said 300k for a upgrade. that makes a 3 vehicle house to 600k which is the price of a average 4 vehicle house, Adding a helicopter pad for $1m if you can afford a helicopter you can after a pad to park it.
  5. its not just about me...…….. its about lots of people with Millions with nothing to buy. But thanks for your input.
  6. What waste exactly? they want the economy to level out they want us to waste money.
  7. Are The Lost Family Invited though ?
  8. Contact me on #3215352 if you are considering selling your super car at a reasonable price.. Unlimited amount of cars doesn't really matter. or email me at [email protected] ((Dwayne Smith#1557)) Thanks.
  9. ants1992

    Buying any business

    you got a business for sale for 5 million like?
  10. ants1992

    Stranger 8946__3267 New life rule and fear rp

    Anyway Much love hope you stick around for a long time its a pleasure to RP with you. I will let the admins conclude this from now.
  11. ants1992

    Stranger 8946__3267 New life rule and fear rp

    Its my vehicle. So Yeah im gonna ram it to get you out of it in my other vehicle, The police ram criminals does that mean they go around constantly VDM'in? I had a reason to ram you you had my car. IC at that moment in time it doesn't matter if its you or anyone else I had no idea it was you as you had killed me shown in video my intention was to get my car back. so that's why I waited at chop shop. But thanks for the report mate Appreciate it. NLR wasn't Broken as I didn't interact with you my intention was to get my car back not you. Im glad a load of new people have come to the server its great getting robbed every time you get out of a vehicle, Quality RP. And you turned your back when I started firing. "he only shoot me like 10% im full HP" what is this in IC terms?
  12. ants1992

    Stranger 8946__3267 New life rule and fear rp

    I actually went to the chop shop and when I turned up cops was already there so i asked the police officer that was there at the time I think it was grant ward if he seen a Huntely S he said yes it keeps escaping. Also before you make accusations of me informing the police no I didn't. I only called the police way after to put a bolo out for my white Huntely S. When my Huntely S keeps popping up on GPS when seat is empty And I've respawned obviously I'm gonna go looking for my car. That's why I drove up the road from the chop shop to find this guy. And id also like to point out the fact I have a pistol in my hand at High-end market when he pointed his at me which in my opinion isn't really good as you wouldn't approach someone IRL with a gun in their hand so yes I did start shooting as it was already in my hand. Its very Poor RP to walk up to somebody just to rob their car, I mean I know your poor but damn. you do realise /showveh shows vehicle right? that's how I found the vehicle. And I only went to chop shop by chance. Thanks for the report though you Tip top RPer well I just watched video and my gun wasn't out to him. Fair enough but it was on my screen you can tell with how fast I aimed it.
  13. ants1992

    VInewood hills mansion 4(SOLD)