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  1. ants1992

    Mask 3072_7949 Ninja looting

    Hello @KeistuoliZ Thankyou for making a report unfortunately this time your report will not be accepted. The reason your report will not be accepted is people can "Loot" other people if they wish at any time without interaction. As in real life you could choose to help someone injured or take their things and leave them on the floor. The rule book we have does state: 7.5.6 Players are allowed to loot inventories of injured players without additional roleplay, because the server handles /AME notifications and injured players are in no condition to resist. Report will be closed and archived by @Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel)
  2. ants1992

    Ras Zlatkovic (Deathmatching)

    @ABroHam Thanks for reporting. After reviewing the evidence and the comments you guys have posted as well as @Raspody Ras Zlatkovic | Stanger 2774_2704 contacting me via discord and in-game report admitting that he did kill solely because he got fired. Which is not a good enough reason to kill on sight (Deathmatch). Ras Zlatkovic | Stanger 2774_2704 Will receive 48 hour ban for Deathmatch #1 (Normal) Punishment will be issued by @Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel)
  3. ants1992

    Stranger 5258_3449 (VDM)

    Thanks for your response @iAvengejjw I did to some extent think it was an accident, as I have also had this done to me. You begin to panic going forwards and backwards trying to get off them and end up injuring them. I have one concern though that you guys was on discord and speaking to each other. Although he does talk to you in VOIP in character I would advise to mute discord when in a active roleplay scenario. @ABroHam Please do not take reporting another player lightly and try to reserve reports for severe loss or situations that were abused for benefit. As the read me says before posting a report: Please do not take reporting another player lightly and reserve player reports for situations that have caused severe loss or were abused for benefit. Consider if you could possibly teach this player or if you've tried to come to a resolution on your own. Reporting another player should be reserved for your final options when a rule breach has occurred. Always try to teach other players in the community, especially with newer players, as well as help them truly understand your point of view prior to simply reporting them if something doesn't go your way. Although we do appreciate you trying to keep the community healthy, In the future please consider if a report is worth making before posting one. No punishment's will be issued by @Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel)
  4. ants1992

    Drake_Hudson 2718_5583 (FearRP)

    Hello @Inzein Thanks for your quick response! I am aware that he replied to a OOC Private message with a IC text message. After reviewing the evidence provided I can see rule breaks by all player's involved. @Airidas_Belekas @heitas123 Mixing IC with OOC/ Metagaming, it is against server rules to private message (PM OOC) someone to find out info that benefit's your character in game. Replying to somebody's PM with a in character text message is also not acceptable and classed as mixing IC with OOC/Metagaming @Inzein you did not show fear for your own life when having a gun pointed at you. with your hand's above your head you wouldn't be able to use your radio anyway. You should take our rule's very seriously when playing. You could have notified your gang by complying and living then telling them. you was only going to lose a few item's. Remember if you comply and they shoot you then they are the one's breaking rules. @Airidas_Belekas Airidas_Belekas | Stranger 7296_2276 Will receive a warning for Metagaming #1 (Minor) @heitas123 Igor_Nikulin | Stranger | 6399__5091 Will receive a warning for Metagaming #1 (Minor) @Inzein Drake_Hudson | 2718_5583 Will receive a warning for Fear RP #1 (Minor) Punishment's will be issued by @Tobias van Dam (Bakmeel) Kind Regards XposeD
  5. ants1992

    Stranger 5258_3449 (VDM)

    @ABroHam Thanks for reporting. They look to be all in the same group? in red. Strange you would run your friend over multiple time's. @God (if that's the right person) Terry Godling | Stranger 5258_3449 Will have 24 hour's to respond to this report with his side of the story. Could you please notify him in game of the report just incase the tag is wrong. Kind Regard's XposeD
  6. ants1992

    Drake_Hudson 2718_5583 (FearRP)

    Thanks for reporting @Airidas_Belekas @Inzein Drake_Hudson | Stranger 2718_5583 Will have 24 Hours to reply with his side of the story and why he decided to use the radio when having a gun pointed at him. All the best XposeD
  7. ants1992

    New tax system (Petition)

    I agree totally, I have 1.8m salary so I cannot work I don't want to withdraw and lose 600k in taxes. That's 35% of my playing time wasted over the past 5months.
  8. ants1992

    Rollback Salary Cap update.

    Personally I don't believe there should be a cap at all on your salary. But +1 Also think the new Tax system is not great 35% off wealthy people is 35% wasted time. 2% for abit less fortunate people who have not worked as hard yet..... All this wealth by people was earnt. Playing long hours and putting a lot of time into government faction's. I literally cannot work my job as I don't want to take my salary out and pay 600k in taxes.
  9. ants1992

    4 Vehicle Mansion on West Coast!

    Auction Closed congrats @ItsPazz contact me when your ready #3215352
  10. ants1992

    4 Vehicle Mansion on West Coast!

    Auction will be closed in 30 Minutes!
  11. ants1992

    Add all vehicles to normal import

    I recently made a list of all available cars in RageMP that are fit for ECRP and sent them to Osvaldon, hopefully we can get some new ones. I did ask before doing it.
  12. ants1992

    [SALE] Supercar Tempesta

    please keep in mind this is a in character section. thanks
  13. ants1992

    4 vehicle house Lower vinewood.

  14. ants1992

    4 vehicle house Lower vinewood.

    Here we have a 4 vehicle house with a healthy driveway, and a decent garden! Situated in a lovely area. House Is currently listed for sale with the estate agent for rock bottom price. $850,000
  15. ants1992


    Hello, Thanks for reporting @Psychas! I've just replied to a report with the same clip of the truck crashing into the car. Its irrelevant using traffic violation's in your replies as if you didn't run the red light you would not have hit him. But this is a car accident that can be roleplayed. After Phil's McGee's associates see you holding Phil at gun point they have every right to shoot and are not breaking KOS rules. @Phil McGee Could you please provide evidence in future with sound. in Regards to the "racism" at the bank, Even if it was racist there is no Ruling that states you cannot be racist in character. You could have drove away at the parking lot after Phil tried to wind you up. Although I did like the fact you punched instead of shot! Please refrain from arguing until a Admin/Moderator replies to this topic. Kind Regards Xposed