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  1. Vince Williams (39.000$)

    Character to be refunded: Vince Williams Date and time of incident: 09-06-2018 Requested refund (what and how much): 39.078$ failure to payback loan Description of incident resulting in loss: I gave a loan to Juan Lopez (5480_2748) of 50.000$. we agreed upon him paying it back in 2 weeks(26-05 - 09-06). So far he payed of 10.922$ of that. I tried contacting him IG and through Discord and got no reaction. we also set up the colleteral(screenshot 1) and im also willing to handle this via IC and reposses his car. Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/YectzKL 1st picture, him agreeing to the payback time IC'ly and me offering the loan 2nd pic: me offering the loan and him accepting it with a time stamp of the server time 3rd pic: current situation of the amount remaining + timestamp indicating that he is 3 days late Comments: Mechanic salary is not payed inside of a loan company.
  2. Mask 8710_9278 ( Stranger 597_5541 ) 5.3 DM

    Ill provide the video itself to Flucifial since it contains staff chat, tried to edit it out but vegas keeps crashing on me. video will be given in a couple minutes
  3. Mask 6044_5973 (6.3.1 Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    We have spread this picture around that I took IC'ly with my camera, this includes your clothes, your new cars model and color and the license plate.
  4. New cars with supers being removed.

    I think it's very reasonable that if supercars will be removed we will get something else in return +1
  5. Reporting Mask 1150_3606 ID 8.

    I spotted them earlier at Bayview and at LSC in a stolen taxi, got a pretty good view of them, timbs, jeans, brown leather jacket and weird ski masks. For me it wasnt So hard to recognize and find who i was looking for. Vince
  6. Reporting Mask 1150_3606 ID 8.

    This is you guys Yeah?
  7. Reporting Mask 1150_3606 ID 8.

    Hi Cathedral Jackson, We already had an earlier encounter during the day, you were attacking people at LSC, since im an employee there I decided to investigate you two guys behavior and if needed I would take you guys down. I found you guys robbing another guy at mors. I parked my car on the construction site, I aimed my gun at you guys in case you actually decided to attack this guy again. you two opened fire, I returned a shot. I got in my car and drove around the block, I kept circling the block to see if you guys left the guy alone. I think it was my third time driving around the block I didnt see you guys anymore on the corner (you were at mors) once I passed mors you were crossing the street, on my screen I missed you by about 5-10 meters, so i thought you were fine. once I passed you again and you typed reported, I figured the guy who you tried to rob shot you down and typed report to him and I decided to not further bother with it. As rules state about VDM: 7. Vehicle deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally by using a vehicle without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. 8. A vehicle cannot be used as a weapon to repeatedly hit your opponent to keep them knocked onto the ground, it is also prohibited to park your vehicle on another player to kill them. You will not be punished for knocking down your opponent once, but abusing this GTA V mechanic will be classed as fail roleplay and will have you punished accordingly defending my part on point 7. I did have a valid reason to kill you since you attacked my coworkers. Defending my part on point 8. I did not run you over multiple times and did not kill you with driving you over, i just knocked you down. I think using your car as weapon overal is a weak move and I never used in the passed once as a weapon. I also have no reports on my name about any VDM case. desync made it look like I missed you for me, on your screen I hit you. It was an accident. Sincerly, Vince Williams
  8. Ramon Carter Chief of Police Resignation Letter

    Sad to see you go, good luck in the future. Vince
  9. [Auction] [Car] Itali GTB Custom (Italigtb2)

    666.000 Vince Williams
  10. [Auction] [Car] Itali GTB Custom (Italigtb2)

    589.000 Vince Williams
  11. [Auction] [Car] Itali GTB Custom (Italigtb2)

    500.000$ Vince Williams
  12. Community Update #1

    Like I Said, I can see your frustration. I didnt like it when the Syndicate went inactive, something alot of people including me put alot of effort and time into. you say that you are the only gang that have a real stucture as a gang, But when you say you want balancing, dont you think that the other gangs should have the same kind of structure? Wouldnt it be a good thing that gangs besides yours, have a person who Will enforce Those things that is chosen by founders/Admins/mods instead of Some random Guy that just tries their own method? And about the name. It's just a name Right? A gang should be known for the people running it, not for their name. -Vince-
  13. Community Update #1

    Looking forward to see a Fresh idea being worked out properly, I do think it Will involve alot of balancing including vehikel stats and size/accesibility of turfs. @savages I can see your frustration, someone Breaking down you have worked hard for. But I dont think anyone considers to start and work on a gang at the moment when savages just plow through everyone. I feel like the city has become one sided In terms of power. If you guys are 2/3 of server pop then you should have No problem rebulding your gang and restore to the same level of power you have now.
  14. [1.0.9] [2017-07-18] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    Great work on this update, cant wait for the Batman mask + vigilante update on the next one!
  15. Your player name: Vince Williams Player you are reporting: Mason Savage, Jester Savage, Joe Savage, Xavier Savage, Max Johnson, Kenny Carrington Rule broken: DM/ Turf Rules Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Been trying to lower the Apar turf today, which I stopped doing at 1730 PM CET, got back at around 1930 PM CET, checked on the turfs if they have gone up. I encountered Joe Savage with Max Johnson at a capping point, asked who they were, they didnt want to answer. Told me to leave within 3 seconds or they would shoot(which they have the right to do so). I drove off when they warned me. My game crashed after that. returned into game soon after, drove around the turf again. Then I saw them all retaking the turf, I kept my distance OUTSIDE a capping point, and kept my eye on them. They decided I was a tread to them and charged at me, they start chasing and shooting me and they eventually kill me. This is not how turf rules work though. You can only kill someone on sight when they are actually taking their turf, you cant kill someone for being on your Turf. "You are not allowed to KOS, you must always have an RP reason to kill another player. This means you cannot kill players just for being on your turf. However, if an enemy gang is capping your point, you have every right to defend it." As stated in the server rules. Time and date: 28-6-17 2000CET Evidence: