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[2.1.3] [2018-07-19] ECLIPSE Roleplay

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ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.3


  1. Rewritten quiz script and UI, added tips, new quiz will be more difficult
  2. When entering vehicle, radio defaults to off
  3. Vehicle passengers can now change radio station
  4. All players have the same stamina level now
  5. Fixed poker players not looking at the right direction
  6. Increased firearms damage
  7. Decreased melee damage
  8. General stores now accept bank money
  9. Gun stores now accept bank money
  10. Clothes shops now accept bank money
  11. Fixed bug where passengers can also refill car at fuelstation
  12. Increased the height of text label at DMV
  13. Local player is always displayed on top at the scoreboard
  14. Fixed initial player tutorial
  15. Fixed slot machines objects not being shown
  16. Fixed eating and drinking animations
  17. Fixed hospital drop offs for helicopters
  18. Fixed animations not working correctly
  19. Added additional notifications for new players
  20. Fixed some police vehicles not being able to release injured players at the hospital
  21. Fixed bug where police uniforms do not remove accessories
  22. Fixed bug where detectives wearing kevlar with no uniform lose their normal appearance
  23. /siren position can be adjusted
  24. Fixed a bug where police units would not disband in some scenarios
  25. Police MDC is available to all police spawned vehicles
  26. Fixed "hands raised" animation cancelling when talking in voice
  27. Police get paid near all police spawned vehicles and inside the prison
  28. Disabled controls when police MDC is active
  29. Reduced minimum unit name requirement
  30. Fixed police cruiser megaphone
  31. Fixed service request messages displaying responder name instead of receiver
  32. Fixed MDC player search not displaying charges of offline players
  33. Fixed MDC vehicle search not displaying charges of offline vehicle owners
  34. Fixed MDC vehicle search crashes
  35. Fixed traceable phones while they are off
  36. Fixed bags being openable when in different dimensions
  37. Max vehicles on map doesnt count donator vehicles
  38. Fixed the purchase of free clothing
  39. Fixed medics not able to remove certain faction vehicles
  40. Increased the salary of regular jobs
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Awesome job!

I must report though, the farmer job is a bit buggy. When I planted my seeds, it told me to do another round with the trailer, but once I got to the last checkpoint, it wasn't registering that I was on the marker. Just something that I think should be noted.

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