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Welcome to my conveniently multi-categorized suggestion


So anyways! 


Fast-Food Jobs! How can they be used, and is it worth it.


How they can be used


Obviously, Fast-Food Jobs primarily serve two roles. They exist as spots for RP, and a way to make cash legally. Well, unless it's a front for a meth business. That'd make for some good RP. As of right now, the Fast-Food areas such as Burger-Shot serve LITTLE purpose, both in RP, and in gameplay. Which is a bit frightening, as I worry they'll be removed as opposed to being worked on. The way I see it, everything has it's uses! You just have to make them! 


I think you can pretty easily expand upon the usage of Fast-Food Jobs. They can be used for RP, they can be used for Cash, they can be used as fronts for illegal activity, and the next big step...!


RP... but more


I think it's pretty important to not simply add Burger-Shot and go 'well that's the Token Restaurant for RP now, done!' While you can do that, it should be taken a step further. If you add other Fast-Food 'Franchises,' the people behind each one can form rivalries, and each restaurant can build RP scenarios to compete with one another. They can even fight for advertizing via Weasel News. Randomly, wouldn't it be neat to have a place to post videos IN RP? There could be an app made for that. Also, you know how everybody hangs out at the Pier, and there are those dinky hot-dog stands sitting around, unattended? Realistically, wouldn't people wanna use them to capitalize off of the piers popularity? They can be turned into a job! Though uh, that'd involve some revamping on how jobs work probably. Anyways, a good question would be "but how can we encourage these RP scenarios? How can we even make the restaurants useful?"

That's pretty simple!



As of right now, and as far as I'm aware, one *super expensive* sandwich is enough to completely fill your hunger stat, for a good in-game day or two. This means people barely have a reason to get food, let alone to go to restaurants. Convenience Stores forever! A good way to guide people around using the rp-lacking convenience stores, is to either raise the prices there, or limit the food items.


Now, what'd be the point in limiting the type of food items? Simple. Give different types of food, different types of regen. One food type can fill you up 25%, another 50%. Though uh maybe not, lets steer clear from minimizing how much food you should buy. This is capitalism baby! Buy that food!!! Stimulate that market!!!!!! 


Now, next thing. So what if certain food types regen differently? Hunger still drains pretty slowly. Well, lets take a look at the sprinting mechanic. If you run for too long, you begin losing health. For one, that's absolutely terrifying! Are my characters cells rapidly decaying? Secondly, isn't there a much better alternative to that? Something more realistic? Something like... Becoming hungrier, and thirstier? I believe accelerating the speed of hunger de-gen, and tying it into how active you are, is a pretty good start to getting people to go 'Ah hell, I need to go buy some food!' Some food types only regen so much, food becomes more important and less of a 'Eh, in like an hour or two' kind of thing. And, you can even get creative with it.


What if, certain Fast-Food Chains, sell certain kinds of food? If you do that, then each business will wanna out perform one another. "Well, they have the whopper, and we only have sticks of gum, so lets throw parties weekly to encourage people buying our food!" Like I said, rivalries ALWAYS make for better RP-Scenarios.


At the moment, food is relatively expensive, though pretty much everything in the economy is. Get to fishing, or get to starving! You know the drill! I think in the event of making food more important and detrimental, it's important to *lower* the prices. Though, it can vary. Does it fill you up well? Then it's gonna cost quite a bit more! Though uh, I still don't think one food should fill you up much past the 50% point. Well, it all depends on how you balance the hunger de-gen. I also think Fast-Food Chains can sell cheaper food than Convenience Stores. Or, the Convenience Store can only sell low quality food, that doesn't regen your hunger as much.

Closing statement


Yeah that's pretty much it. There's a lot of re-vamping and balancing that may have to be done to better this sort of rp. But, I think at the moment, what this server needs, is more revamping in favor of rp based things, as opposed to things for cosmetic, or immersion based things. I think Jobs themselves need revamped a lot more, creating more rp scenarios for Civilians. I just feel we need more than an occasional event, or to just go to the pier and hope some criminal with a mission shows up and invites us. I feel like Civilians need to be more defined. Maybe not so much in the "I'm now a CEO" kinda way, but in a "Yeah, I have a life. I work at Burger-Shot, and live in a crummy apartment." kinda way. It's all in the little things. I don't know though, maybe everything I'm talking about is absurd! But, it's just some food for thought.


My next suggestion will be to LOWER HAIR-CUT PRICES! I'm now officially creating a petition as well.


That's a joke. For now.



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Would still need to be usable without a player always being there. 

Could be like how the toll job works, you can still use it without a player, but if a player is there to assist, they'll get paid for it. Have multiple fast food jobs around town for people to stop in at and buy food/work.

Probably wouldn't be super indepth in what you actually have to do, but having different options.

Here's a mockup of how I think it could be done as a freelance job.


Customer commands:

/menu - Lists the commands below.

$200 - /buyburger

$250 - /buytaco

$200 - /buysoda



Worker commands:

Player has ordered (name of ordered item)

(Used after a customer does their command)






Essentially behaves how /paytoll and /togglebooth does, except with options depending on what a player orders. Having it tell the person at the counter what they ordered so they have the option to roleplay preparing it prior to giving it to the customer.

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+1, would love to walk by the Vespucci burgershot or something and sit down for a burger.  I always disliked how when GTA V was created they skipped over social-able interiors like fast food restaurants and bars whereas in GTA IV there were many.

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