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  1. Really dude? Imagine the cops are also having scuba suits... And eventually boats to chase criminals... And by the way, you can actually jump into the water and swim away to escape from the cops. I tried it out once and it works. Cause there are no boats for cops I mean, there has to be done much more then just adding the suits... Its a server issue imo. Great suggestion!
  2. Add your suggestion to the other "fast-food jobs" suggestion and we got a perfect new job.
  3. It might be a really weird suggestion but I think it would be awesome. We all know these encampments under the bridges and everywhere else where the lights dont shine at night in downtown. Imagine being a hobo yourself. The tents and small camps should be very cheap to buy and limited to one for each player (to avoid people buying all of them/making profit. If you already own a house you also cant buy one, because you are not "homeless" anymore). They should NOT have an interior and no garage, but you could have like 5m² around your tent to place furniture limited to 5 pieces (so
  4. But then the time to pick the goddamn car doors needs to be decreased, trying to start the engine should be the interesting part. In general its not very realistic to pick the door for like a minute, break the bobby pin (or whatever happens to it) and repeat. Again and again... Think the lock itself should be fucked when you try it too often and it would be nice if you could also break the doors with a crowbar.
  5. Yeah I think so... Would love to be an employee in a pawn shop haha. Hopefully they will read my suggestion about the busdriver job and start making the world feel more alive with all these awesome suggestions I read...
  6. Another one could be in Sandy Shores under the meth lab at the gas station. It already has an interior and fits perfect.
  7. Hey guys, I think I got a really good suggestion and would love to see this on the server soon, it shouldn't be too difficult to realise this. So in order to make everyones life better here, especially the new players lifes, we/they need USEABLE BUSES. To make them useable we need BUS STATIONS ON the MAP, the routes could be changed so people can get from the airport in LS, to Paleto and back, by using the bus. You could also add an option that people have to pay for using the bus or stuff like this. I mean being a busdriver at the moment is absolutely useless and people would actual
  8. Hey, I'm looking for this house please contact me if youre the owner or if you know the owner. #3926659
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