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  1. If anything this should change This job at its core is great, because it gives a base job people can play that makes people RP. Now the biggest issue with the job is that the price at being 500 is shit. Players have to pay double the price for normal food to get 1 taco. It would be better if the base price was much lower to like 50 or 100. Additionally I think this job can be revamped So firstly allow players who run this jobs to set a full price in return for having to get the materials for the job. For example if I signed up for this job I could be allowed to take fish from fishing and maybe somehow get a stack of tortillas and make fish tacos. So I have to spend the time and money making the food but I can set the full price of the food, witch i . As well as mabe a mini game for making sodas/ water. So it forces players to put time into it making the food and then be able to sell it too players witch using a food truck adds more RP people can do. All the extra crafting and similar mechanics could also be used to allow for hunters and fishers RP selling there product too someone who who would then turn around and make food to then sell to people. This could also be expanded to future business who sell food.
  2. Ignore was in wrong category, my bad(also would deleate my self but am dumb and cant find the button for it)
  3. +1 Either an App that you use someones phone number and they have to send the GPS and the person who would want the GPS location has too set it
  4. -1 dosent make sense for the purpose of AFK math
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