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Lost Santos Motorcycle Club

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Lost Santos Motorcycle Club was founded in 2019 in Los Santos, commonly known as LSMC around the state the MC has always worked at making their name as known as possible. The club opened their first charter in the Paleto Bay area in the same year it was founded. The club was founded by Lucas Holding, with the help of his close friends and partner. Lucas always had a vision to do something different, Motorcycle Clubs are commonly recognisable by their illegal standing and illegal events in their communities, LSMC wanted to be different, Lucas always wanted the group to be legal, running legal operations with legal money and businesses at the forefront of the club.

The MC has spent countless hours working towards relationships and friendships across the city, having nearly every known gang and legal group as friends and allies.






The MC's current situation is that we are at a steady number count and have become more than recognised within the city and Paleto Bay. We currently work from Paleto at our main HQ based on the main strip. We also own and run Mojito Nightclub, a MC clubhouse and a few bars and clubs in and around the city. We currently make legal money through business ventures that we have set out on. When we are not doing jobs for other people you can see us patrolling the streets looking for new members and protecting local businesses from local gangs.



The clubs future plans are listed below with appropriate time frames.


2 months – Create respected relationships between other city gangs and other MCs

6 months – Recruit and patch in 5-10 members

12 months – Buy a clubhouse and become sustainable from jobs and employee pay

12 months - Become officially recognised by the city

18 months - Open up more businesses around the state

24 months - Open another charter in the main city of Los Santos




Make sure you are familiar with the club rules listed below at all times before applying to join the MC - you will be quizzed on rules at random times and will always be expected to answer correctly. This proves you are dedicated and sets yourself as a role-model for newer Patched Members.


What are we currently recruiting for?

- President

- Vice President

- SGT at Arms

- Road Captain

- Enforcers

- Captain

- Tail Gunner

- Patched Member (Promotion from Prospect)

- Prospects




Respect members who are a higher rank or patch than you

No killing other patched members without a valid reason

Patched clothing must be worn at all times

You are free to ride any chopper style bike as long as it follows the club colour scheme

Members must aid any brothers or sisters that are in need

Members cannot and will not create any wars or trouble with any gangs or MCs without strict permission from a President or Vice-President of the club

Members will not fire there weapons unless they are fired upon first

Members will respect every vote that passes and every vote that does not pass, failure to do so will see you removed from the club

Members will always show loyalty and dedication to the club and the patch at all times

Members will not discuss "private" club matters, business or personal information about another member with anyone outside the club

Betraying the MC or leaving the club without due cause will result in severe punishment



Be active in-game, on discord and on forums at all times

Always maintain a high standard of role-playing at all times

Keep OOC text chat to a minimum unless you are asking questions about commands etc


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The President is the Chairman of the executive committee and also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the chapter. All matters between the club and any outside organisation, business or other persons are brought to the President for him to take action on. If the President is not available to attend a chapter meeting, the Vice-President shall serve as the Chairman. The President acts as a personal representative of the club and is able to judge items that are not in the chapter’s rules. He is a liaison between other motorcycle clubs, public relations and law enforcement. He represents the club in any business contracts and promotes the club life among members and family members.

The Vice-President supervises plans for club events and coordinates the committees. He also relays information between the President and the Members of the chapter. Any questions, comments or concerns of other committee members are brought to the Vice-Presidents attention. The Vice-President is the second in command underneath the President and he assumes all the duties of the President in his absence.


Officers are a branch of the MC rather than a rank, being an Officer means you are part of the High Command team of the MC and are involved in all important meetings and decisions. 

The SGT at Arms makes certain to uphold all the laws and rules of the club. He ensures that all the committee orders are carried out as quickly as possible and he keeps order at all club events. If he sees any member acting in a way not supported by the Club, he reports it to the committee. The SGT at Arms is in charge to strip patches from members who are removed from the club by retiring, resigning or being impeached or expelled. The SGT at Arms defends and protects the club members and prospects and is directly responsible for their security and safety. He keeps records of data that relates to the club security. If he sees any type of threat or perceived threat to the club in any manner, he will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee for appropriate actions to be voted on.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping all of the club records and correspondence between other MCs and Gangs within Los Santos. They calls role at church meetings and takes notes on each meeting. They are also responsible to notify any members of special meeting times and dates of events when events are planned by the MC. The Secretary is in charge of telling any members of any promotion if it was made while they were not present at a meeting. They maintain the constitution of the club noting any changes to it and handles all written club correspondence.


The Treasurer keeps all the financial records of the club. They collects the income from all operations and are responsible for paying all the bills or expenses of the club, while keeping written records. The Treasurer reports the club’s status on payments owed and due at each church meeting to all members. He may also provide the MC a written report of the financial status at the annual meetings. The Treasurer collects all dues and fines from the club’s members and takes all donations directly into the treasury.

Most motorcycle clubs have a position known as Road Captain. He is in charge of logistics during a club run. He plans the route and organises refuelling stops etc. The Road Captain rides at the front and leads the pack with the president.


The Captain assists the Road Captain and the Tail Gunner when they are unable to do so. The Captain is also in charge of all Enforcers of the club and is expected to keep them updated and in line with current events. 



The Tail Gunner is in-charge of maintaining formation and safe riding style when the MC is on ride about's or travelling to a new location is formation. They ride at the back, keeping in close contact with the Road Captain and President who ride at the front via Radio Comms. They are too radio any accidents, breakdowns or pit-stops that the front of the pack are unable to see.

The Enforcer makes certain that the club laws and rules are followed by all members. He protects all of the patch holders and protects the club’s reputation in any type of conflict.

A Member is someone who has been promoted from Prospect due to earning the respect and the vote of the club to become a fully patched member. These individuals are trusted and have a seat at the table to be able to vote and give input on club matters.

A Prospect is a person who would like to join the club but still needs to earn his patch. A Prospect does not have voting rights, as they are not a member of the Executive Committee. A Prospect may retrieve bikes for members and guard all the bikes while the club is in a meeting. Prospects try their best to follow all club rules and prove that they are worthy of being a club member and earning a patch.

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Lucas Holding

President (Officer)



Hamish McGregor

Nomad President (Officer)


Ava Paige

Vice-President (Officer)



Jordan Pierce

Sgt at Arms (Officer)


Matthew Burns

Secretary (Officer)


Moxxi Anderson

Treasure (Officer)


Daniels Shelby



Lars White



Chris Crawford



Cynthia Shelby

Patched Member


Milo Granger

Patched Member


Thordin Ravenperch

Patched Member


Jack Singer

Patched Member (Recruiter)


Tyrone Cox

Patched Member


Solomon Cobb

Patched Member


Grammy Marks

Patched Member


Bruce Hensley

Patched Member


Halvard Berg

Patched Member


Amelia Augustine



Ira Kane



Apollo Adler



Matteo DiVittorio



David Blackrose



Jamie Naise


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A sunny morning in Los Santos and the President and VP of LSMC waited patiently at the docks for their bikes to be delivered via shipping container. Orders were placed and the bikes were delivered, two Gargoyles in a blood red and metallic black with custom made wheels and tyres for the club. With a top speed of 240KMH the boys were ready to get onto the open road.



Trouble wasn't far away since they took delivery of the new bikes, VP Leon decided to see how fast he could get his bike on the open roads and was clocked by a manned speed camera going 100KMH over the speed limit, a $2000 club fine later and 12 days in jail for Reckless Driving and Leon is once again a free man. Lesson learnt.


Lucas was pulled over on the highway for overtaking a cop car who was sitting in the slow lane, a warning and an explanation on who the club are and Lucas was let free to ride on.

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While waiting at the Los Santos National Bank, Lucas receives a text message on his phone. It reads "Hi Lucas, Interested in your MC, can we meet? Ezekiel Diablo", he replies "Ezekiel, we are at bank, meet us here and we can chat. Lucas", Ezekiel arrives and they ask him to follow them to a more secure area.


Ezekiel tells the club he is very interested in the club and becoming a patched member, he explains his background in club culture and how he was once a organisation leader before. The club talk for about an hour before reaching an agreement that Ezekiel will become a patched member.





Ezekiel picks up a new bike, a brand new Gargoyle with new engine mods and a upgraded turbo charger. The club get it sprayed the same colours as the other bikes at Bayview. Ezekiel is now a full patched member and ready to start his life as a club member.



While riding north, the boys are stopped by someone in a black sports car, the windows roll down. Its a member of the Rooks organisation, he asks the club their names, who's in charge and where they are heading. The boys respond.

"We are heading up north to the farms, looking for potential prospects and new members" - Lucas

"Do you know Dante? He's heard about you, he wants to meet" - Nessie

"We can meet, happy too" - Lucas, the rest of the MC nod in agreement.


A meet is set, location is disclosed via a secure text message to a private number and the crew members make there way to the meeting ground.



We ride on.

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Ezekial Diablo

Ezekial came from nothing growing up. All he has was his family and his personality
Didn't take long for his family values to change when his personality got him into trouble

Upon his first arrest for Grand Theft, his mother and father disowned him
Years later they would pass away without ever saying a word to him
He would find out via his brother Gavriel of their passing and how much it pained them to see the path Ezekial took

Gavriel was only 15 at the time, same age as Ezekial
Ezekial was older by only mere minutes but knew Gavriel was his responsibility
They knew to survive they had to do what was necessary which in New York meant.....
TAKE what you need and want

After about a year and countless arrests a group of people approached Ezekial and Gavriel
The Devils Cartel
They were a MC who were in charge of drugs and guns for the up state New York
They were known for being merciless and outlaws
They offered Ezekial and Gavriel positions they couldn't refuse and promised many things
Food, shelter, protection, and most of all.....survivability

Without hesitation Ezekial and Gavriel joined

Years went by, Ezekial and Gavriel rose through the ranks and made themselves known
They were loyal to the cause and loyal to the family
However, Gavriel started to have feelings for the leader, Chloe
Ezekial knew this would be a problem

During a guns deal gone bad
They got into a gunfight at a friends compound
During the fight, Ezekial shot an outlying propane tank, blowing a hole into the side of the main house
When the dust cleared, the friends wife and child lay badly injured in the rubble.....
Gavriel knew they wouldn't survive long enough for medics and told Ezekial to finish them humanly
Ezekial couldn't do it, so.....Gavriel did
The friend saw and screamed in outrage, not knowing the situation fully.....
That night and its events haunt Ezekial daily, Ezekial should have pulled the trigger

A few days later the crew pulls Gavriel in and ties him down to a chair
Gavriel is beaten and tortured
They remove his tattoos with a hot iron and watch him scream in pain
They believe he is dead and leave him on the side of the road for the wild to eat....
Little do they know hes alive

Ezekial catches word Gavriel is living in Los Santos and comes to warn him the club knows too
Sadly hes too late and finds out they already grabbed him
This time they made sure hes dead
Ezekial finds a box with pieces of Gavriel inside
This is something we did to notify people jobs were done

Ezekial now has nothing
Gavriels dead
No more Devils Cartel
No Family
No Friends

After surveying Los Santos and see whats around
He sends word back to New York regarding the Latin Kings
A group he had many encounters with while running with The Devils Cartel
He asks if he can start up a Los Santos Chapter following their codes
They agree and tell him to do them proud
The Los Santos Chapter of the Latin Kings was born

Things went well for quite some time
Ezekial made meets with the other gangs
Found out what was required and found out who was in power
Everything was going great until a different crew showed up
One he had been trying to reach for weeks.....
The Rooks

Gauge Michaels told Ezekial that war was coming
All due to a misunderstanding
Gauge made threats towards him and his family
So Ezekial made threats back

Other Latin King members were very discouraged upon finding out about The Rooks
We had hopes of remaining neutral
Word was sent back to New York and an order came through
"Disband the Latin Kings, Los Santos isn't ready for us. There is too much war as is, let us not add more"
Ezekial informed the other members and disbanded the Latin Kings
Feeling like a failure he seeked legal work

Since then he has been working at Weazel News
Missing the Devils Cartel daily and missing what Latin Kings brought him...

Months go by and hes finding himself in a struggle
Does he continue working at Weazel?
Does he get into trouble and make a name for himself so hes recruited?
He decides to do something else
Go back to the way things were
Pull out the chopper and enjoy the open road
Snag whatever comes his way
He notices a lot of people on bikes and wonders what MCs are in Los Santos
He catches wind of one in particular
One that isn't getting in trouble which lets him keep his job at Weazel
One founded around brotherhood and family
He sends a text to the leader
Shockingly he gets a response rather quickly
They meet at the bank
Lucas tells him to follow them to a secure location
Without hesitation he does

He explains his failures and his background to Lucas and Leon
The President and Vice President
Explains his relationships with the gangs and how he has knowledge of how things work
Explains his job situation and what hes looking for
All things they want also
They ask him to wait a minute so they can speak

20 minutes pass by and they return
Leon tells Ezekial, "Sorry but your not a good fit with us"
Ezekial responds, "Okay figured it was worth a shot, let me know what I need to do"
Lucas laughs and goes, "Just messing with you, we would be glad to have you. Your starting as Road Captain, give it a few and Sgt at Arms is yours."

An excitement Ezekial hasn't had in quite some time washes over him
He may get a family yet again
They hand him his vest and patches
Hes been through this before
He sets up on the nearby loading deck and begins working

Hes in
Road Captain and soon to be Sgt at Arms for the Lost Santos MC
A group forged around brotherhood
A group wanting brotherhood and family
Hes beginning to be happy again and loves it

Now to make sure they don't end up on the same path Latin Kings did
While still remembering where he is in the chain of command

To be continued.....

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Ezekial is a former leader of the Latin Kings LS charter, so because of this he knows a lot of contacts. One of these contact is "Novo Los Aztecas", Ezekial asks Lucas if he would like to be introduced and meet their leaders and visit their turf. Lucas accepts and a meet is set. They talk about relationship, the city, the on-going wars and what dedication they have to other factions.



Half way through the meet, the police arrive, but its just a routine stop and check. Nothing is found and the Officer leaves.



While Lucas is away from the city, Leon, the clubs VP receives some alarming news via text message that the club cannot keep to itself, it involves the Ballas. Lucas calls Connor who arranges a meet at the docks. We go over details, no love lost, we explain our situation and they explain there's. A plan is set and the two factions go off to finalise their ideas.


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The club decided it was time to start earning some money, the legal way. They sit down with eachother to discuss business prospects and business terms. Ezekial offers some start up cash and lets the club know about his contacts in other legal businesses that the club could benefit from. Lucas decides to get a loan out, to front the rest of the cash to help build their start-up.




With the newly accquired cash the club set off looking for potential hot-spots and buildings that could be used as a business venture. The club decided that a nightclub would be best suited for them, easy to run and a good money maker for them all. As Ezekial put most of the cash forward, he bought it in his own name and not the clubs, with Lucas getting a cut of the profit to split between the club. All members agreed on this.

Ezekial finds a property, he sits down with the current owners and makes an offer. Its accepted straight away.

The nightclub is now his to do whatever he wants with.

He calls Lucas, who is with Hamish at the time and they meet up and organise a box truck to freight their decorations and building material to and from the new nightclub, Ezekial spends most of the night working hard to get the nightclub looking good inside and out.



Later that night, Lucas calls Ezekial and arranges a meet at the clubs current HQ. They meet at church, when Ezekial arrives, Leon is already present. They talk about current meetings, problems and the future of the club. All three members vote on a big topic. "DOES THE CLUB STAY LEGAL, OR GO ILLEGAL?" the club votes to stay legal, the nightclub, mining and security is now their main and only focus.

At the end of the meeting there is one more thing to discuss, Lucas ask's Ezekial to remove his cut, his patches and pass them both over to Leon. Ezekial looks surprised, shocked and confused.

Lucas takes the cut from Leon and pulls out new patches from his jacket "Sgt at Arms", he hands both back to Ezekial and congratulates him on his promotion. Ezekial is now the clubs Sgt at Arms and third in command.




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The MC decided it was time that they started to look somewhere to have meetings and church at a more secure location. Ezekial mentions that he is going to be opening a club for himself with his own money. He shows the MC his new club that is just on the corner of Palomino Avenue. It's a perfect place for the club to hold meetings, church and make decisions on all things moving forward. 

The building in question was an old music recording studio which Ezekial decides to keep in place, it could one day become a money making opportunity. He uses the rest of the building to create a biker style nightclub/bar.


Lucas speaks to Ezekial and asks where in the building could the MC hold meetings? He shows Lucas an old meeting room which they convert into a church style room for the MC to have meetings about all things going forward.









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The holidays are here which mean most of the MC are out of town, due to the fact that most members are not originally from Los Santos. They have family abroad and family in other states in the US. Lucas has no other family, the club is his family.

During this time, Lucas spends Christmas at a state close to LS at one of his favourite bars and hotels.

The day after Christmas he comes back to Los Santos and begins to recruit new members. The holidays have brought a lot of new faces into town and Lucas see's this as a perfect opportunity to get recruiting.




He starts at LS City Centre Bank. There are lots of people around which means he is able to get a few people interested.




A familiar face approaches Lucas as he is out doing a trucking job, asks about the MC and how to join. Lucas lets him know his phone number and to contact him when he is ready to talk.


Lucas heads back to the MC's table to run over some paperwork for the new prospects, take down licenses and photos of all members so the MC has a record.


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Its a warm evening in Los Santos Lucas decides to go to the beach, Lucas, the MC and a friend decide to go fishing. Lucas has never liked the water due to some old childhood history involving deep and open waters but goes anyway as its good money for the club and its a good place to clear the air for any issues that need to be spoken about in a safe environment.

After a short boat ride, the crew arrive and begin to fish, a couple hours go by.


Lucas decides its a good place to carry on with his personal Journal, a journal which he has been writing for many years now, there are entries going all the way back to London when he was a teenager and a prospect in the UK. He stops fishing, goes and sits down and looks over the calm waters.




He pulls out his notepad and a pencil that he keeps in his bag.





The journal entry would read the following.


"December 29th

its late, maybe 1 or 2am? I'm not sure, its been a very long day and my phone is currently switched off.

I got robbed today, just as I awoke at Leon's apartment. The guy didn't make it very far, a convenient placed cop just across the street watched him flee and then caught him as he tried to rob someone else. I know his name now, but nothing needs to be done.

Ezekial seems happy, i'm proud i'm happy for him, he deserves it. I just hope he can stay looking forward.

The club is going well, we have new members now, a prospect who is soon to be a full member and new prospect joining before the weeks up.

LS is treating me well and I have made very good friends here but I miss home, I miss the UK but I know I can't return, and not being to see you.

It destroys me.

I hope you get to read these one day, maybe I will ship a copy over to you when I am done. Or maybe not.

Tomorrow is a new day,



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Progression up the clubs leadership ladder is something every prospect dreams of and why every member strives to be their best while with the club.

Steve and Hamish approached the club at around about the same time, they were both patched in as Prospects. As every new face is.

Since they have been a patched prospect, they have made themselves known to Lucas, Leon and Ezekial as hardworking, trustful and dedicated. This sparked a club meeting.


The meeting was held and it was decided that both Steve and Hamish should be promoted up to a fully patched member. Being a fully patched member know means they will have a seat at the table, be able to cast a vote and be able to attend club only events. They will become role models for every aspiring prospect and would be expected to make good decisions at all times. 



Hamish and Steve are then both called into the club church, they are both asked to remove their cuts, take the old badges off and sew on the new badges. A couple drinks and a stern talking to later they are patched members. LSMC welcomes them to the brotherhood.








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For the past few months Lucas has been trying to setup a meet with a new gang in town, The Skulls. Lucas reaches out to their leader and they arrange for a meet to happen when everyone is in town from both groups. Unfortunately the MCs VP is unable to make it, so they are set with what they can do.

They arrange a meet at the Cascade nightclub, midnight, at first everyone gathers outside but the MC quickly brings everyone inside as PD start to circle the block almost immediately. The MC do not want PD taking photographs or videos of them at any time regardless what is happening or who they are meeting with.


Once inside, Lucas and The Skulls leader talk about the future of the city, dedication to each others organisations and loyalty to one another.




They quickly discuss business opportunities and how they both work on a day to day schedule. Everyone swaps names and a new friendship is born.


The two leaders seal this friendship with a Skull Trademark.





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The last couple of days were hard for the MC, a lot has been changing and much more is due to change in the near future.

Leon, the clubs Vice President sends Lucas an email, late at night - he informs him that he has run into some family problems in another town and will not be returning to Los Santos for a few months. He explains that he is no longer able to or committed to keeping his role as the VP of the motorcycle club. Lucas takes this with a heavy heart, a member stepping down is not something that comes easy for Lucas or the rest of the club.

Lucas responds, he thanks Leon for his time at the club, and guarantees him a position on the board whenever he feels he can return. 

Lucas now needed to make a decision, the club cannot function without an acting VP. He calls Ezekial into a private meeting and explains the situation. They organise a club wide meet at Church and the discussion continues. Lucas makes his decision quickly, so the club will not suffer any downtime while they are without a VP.


Ezekial is promoted. The MCs new Vice-President.




During this club meet, Lucas takes the opportunity to promote three new prospects that are new to the club. They are all promoted to a full patched member and are explained the new rules and how things will be changing for them moving forward. Loyalty, dedication and determination are expected at all times.


Jimmy, Maria and Ava are welcomed to the family with open arms from all current members.




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After months of hiding away Ava decided it was time to come out of hiding, get back to her life instead of dwelling on the past.

She got back into her old routine of taxi driving and earned back her place as Assistant Manager of DCC, but it felt like something was missing.
A nice guy by the name of Lucas Holding became a frequent passenger in her taxi, they got talking and eventually became friends.

After seeing an ad for dancers, she thought she would check it out. She met with a gentleman called Ezekial Diablo, turns out Ezekial and Lucas were part of the same club, after talking, Ava applied to be a dancer.




The day finally came, she was scared and nervous it had been a very long time since she had danced.

Upon her arrival she was greeted by Ezekial and some of the MC members, they were all so welcoming and friendly.

As the night went on her confidence came back, the club became busy fast and it was exciting, it took her back to the old days where she worked in the Strawberry house as a dancer.
Though out the night she felt safe with the MC watching over her and asking people to leave the stage if they climbed up.







After hanging out with Lucas, Ava had more of a better understanding of the MC and how they ran, she knew exactly what she was missing in life...a new family.

She was ecstatic when it was revealed that the MC was a fully legal group, this would mean she wouldn't have to go back to the Marcello days of constantly changing out of different clothes and constantly wearing masks to hide her identity.

After some thinking and a text mentioning she should join she spoke to Lucas, he was happy to give her the chance, he explained how the club would have to vote, this made her anxious, what if they don't like her.
The time came, she was invited along to a meeting with the MC, it went well and she got all the votes to be accepted in as a prospect.


After sometime she was called into another meeting with two other prospects...her along with the other two were all voted in as patched members.
Ava felt complete. New friends, New Family and she gets to dance.






She soon settled into the MC family and welcoming new friends along with some familiar faces...




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Maria S. Philips


Maria had came into the city with a false hope for a better life, somewhere she could escape from her old city and the D.C [Devils Corner]

In her old city, she was everything but legal. Torturing, Kidnapping, Drug cargos, Robbery. She was used as a weapon to kill or torture anyone who didn't agree with the D.C
Making her well known and extremely dangerous in her old city. The more people figured out who she was the more people had a trail on how to find her
making it harder to stay safe and wanting a normal life... one where she wasnt dragged around to hurt not-so-innocent people
She was tired of playing the same old game every city before had given her, so she would have her last try in Los Santos.


She had came into Los santos and found love, though it was short lived and hurt many of the people around her, and inevitably herself aswell.

She was picked up and helped again, except this time they had ill intent. Hurting her for their own gain except she agreed to it, letting herself fall into the same cycle- feeling as though she had deserved the treatment for how she was in the past.


She would meet Ezekial and had suspicious ideas about him, though most of them were influenced by the people around her... Leading her to shut herself out

surprisingly he had broken past that, figuring her out and getting to her weak spot after a few times of talking. She began getting her own thoughts and opinions about him, upsetting the same people who tried 'helping' her before.

They'd love in secret, but only for a bit.



He showed her parts of the city and took his time with her, giving her the space and freedom she needed to be herself and figure out who she was as a person- 

in that time her feelings for him would grow stronger, make her feel actually wanted not for her body or past, but for herself as a person

after years of changing herself for the people around her, she had finally found someone who loved her for who she was, and not who she could be




She had found the MC out of curiousity, just finding out about the club she agreed to join Ezekial into a meeting, falling in love with the people around her- she quickly felt like she had found a new family. people she could devote to and put her trust in.

She'd play games, drink, dance, have fun with them without having to pretend she wasn't uncomfortable about something for once. She finally felt at home.

Maria had figured out the club quickly, though some were scared of her and her attitude. Ezekial showed them she wasn't as aggressive for threatening as she seemed










Thus started Marias new adventure at LSMC

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Hamish McGregor


Hamish came to the city to escape his past. He grew up in a rough area in Glasgow/Scotland.
Their was too many bad influences in his life but the sad fact is you don't decide where you grow up.
Back in Glasgow when he was just out of school he worked as a mechanic working on both cars and motorcycles.
He has always had an interest in Motorbikes and in anything that moves at a fast speed.

He saw work opportunities out in Los Santos for Truck Driving. Instantly he jumped at the opportunity to start afresh.
After being in the city for some time he managed to pursue his passion of working with cars and bikes and has now got himself a job at Los Santos Customs.

He started to feel lonely in Los Santos and wanted a sense of belonging. One day he bumped in to a man called Lucas Holding.
At first he took a real interest in his motorcycle and they got talking. Lucas told Hamish about Lost Santos Motor Cycle Club and the vision that he had.
Hamish decided that this could be the something he has been waiting, that sense of belonging he longed for.

He decided to start the process of joining the MC and became a prospect. 
Quite quickly and due to being loyal and the 4th member to join the club he rose through the ranks.
He became a fully patched member and then 2 months later became a Road Captain for the MC. 
Hamish has never felt more at home than he does when he is with his Brother and Sisters. The MC isn't just a club it is family.
You will often find Hamish working on cars at Los Santos Customs, Driving around the countryside on his motorbike or hitting the poker tables with a bottle of whiskey in hand.




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Jimmy Irish


Jimmy Irish (born Dante Jimenez) grew up an orphan on the streets of Queens, NY after fleeing Nicaragua with his sister and mother. Separated during immigration, Dante had hardly any recollection of his family or heritage and at the age of 11 he fled the local church that had taken him in and quickly learned how to play the street, gamble, and hustle for money in order to survive. Dante scraped by for years on the street and began to flourish, earning big money from Poker games and blowing it on fast cars and gorgeous women, until one night while leaving a high stakes poker room on the Southside he was knocked unconscious from behind.


Dante awoke to realize he had been taken captive by a ruthless street gang who then gave him two choices; become a drug mule, or become a fighter in their underground club. Stripped of his belongings and identity Dante chose to fight, a choice that would haunt him for years but also give him the opportunity to break free from his captors.


The fight club was the largest in the New York underworld, with hundreds of thousands of dollars bet on each fight. The popularity came from one simple rule, the fights were to the death. 


Dante rose in popularity, fight after fight, viciously ending each opponent with his bare hands, until he was given the name Jimmy Irish by his captors. Jimmy was an abbreviation of his last name Jimenez, and a homage to his South American roots, while his surname Irish was given due to his fighting ability and ritual of taking shots of whisky after each round of a fight. Numbed from the violence and torture, he welcomed his new title and would use it for the rest of his life.


During a police raid on the compound where he and the other fighters were held by the gang, Jimmy was able to escape in the midst of the chaos by stealing a nearby motorcycle and evading law enforcement. Jimmy rode for days across the country, putting hundreds of miles between himself and the city that scarred him.


Jimmy eventually arrived in Los Santos and officially changed his legal name to Jimmy Irish, he then met a local who had noticed the motorcycle and referred him to a new club called the Lost Santos MC. After receiving a text telling him of a meeting place he eagerly raced to the location where he met Lucas and Ezekial, the club's President and Vice President. Although initially unsure if he would fit in, after agreeing to live a legal and law abiding life in Los Santos he was welcomed into the club as a Prospect, eventually earning his cut and becoming a fully patched member of LSMC.


These days you can find Jimmy in the basement of Tequi-La-La gambling and drowning his sorrows in liquor, or cruising around Paleto Bay, reminiscing about where his mother and sister may be.



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