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Turn Rule breaker into prisoners

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I see this having a lot pros then cons and here is why people that get banned or perm for a couple months tend to for get how to come back in right way mean like they might for get commands or how to handle scenarios the reason I think it would be good to put rule breakers into prison for there banned length because when a player gets banned they don’t face any consequences beside not being able to play but just imagine if they get put in Prison for 2 months with a fine and lose what ever is in there inventory and has to do the time that will take mental toll on them they would start to think like was it worth Combat logging,VDM,DM,Powergaming,Metagaming and other in-game rule breaking and this would increase prison Rp because most of the time there barely anyone in there for long and the other half just go afk and wait for there time to be up but the more people in there the more activity would be in which would make correction officers stay in there patrol and this would also be good for people to brush up on there rp skills so when they do get out hopefully that long sentence changes there mind set 

(So when you break a rule a price come with it also with long time to think about your actions)

Then the staff eclipse come up with fare price and Prison sentence  

I”ll just give a quick example how it work

Me- 1 Dm offender 

staff members- X1 DM prison time 

1 month =

43800.048 minutes

With $10,000 Fine if worse the Fine will increase and the time will increase 

This could pave way to less rule breaking because it’s a lot more harsh and comes with people think twice about there actions before doing 


I’m willing to see more people add to this and throw there idea into Because this can be a game changer in the long run


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Rule breaks already put you into prison, some of the times aren't long enough for certain punishments but thats it.


Staff used to also fine players for non-rps but it wasn't a large amount and didn't include prison time with them.



I believe that punishments could be reworked in a way but not exactly in this way 

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I have so strongly disagree with this idea. If you get banned it is for the reason that you are incapable of following the rules. The server rules still apply when you are an inmate. What stops someone from breaking the rules when they are put in prison? Absolutely nothing. Besides, prison is a sense of In-Character punishment for violating In-Character laws, while disciplinary actions taken against you by an administrator is Out-of-Character.

I understand that prison roleplay can be boring if there's a lack of inmates. If someone who is supposed to be banned for violating the server rules is instead imprisoned, then they would most likely start breaking the rules of roleplay and the server while in prison. There is no sense of risk of you being removed from the server if worst case scenario is that you are put in prison instead.

I can agree with one thing though, and that is that there should be a sense of punishment in regards to your character if you are caught committing a certain server violation. Let's say that you continously evade the cops and the reason for you evading the cops to begin with is that you are reckless driving continously, you bait the police into chasing you and so on, then I agree that the administration should be allowed to remove your vehicles, and that you would have to grind money to be able to obtain them again. But again, that is simply to prevent people from being completely mindless in traffic to the extent where they don't care about the server rules.

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Or make section in the prison for rules breakers or blacklist them from do damage like make it so they can’t punch I mean if you look at it people that get banned tend to come back rusty if there banned for more then a month this would be here for like a rehab on learn rules and how not to break rules.

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Rule breaks are an OOC matter and should always be handled using OOC methods. The biggest punishment for rule breaking is being banned which means you are completely incapable of RPing in the server. Sending would be banned rule breakers to prison grants them the capability to RP. Just as it is with every new player to the server, it is their responsibility to stay up to date on the rules and commands. 

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We shouldn't punish people in prison for IC charges with people who think it's okay to break OOC rules. They're two separate things and the situation itself breaks the whole meta-gaming side to things. How do you punish someone for server rules by breaking further server rules. 

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I like this idea. I'd rather see people get imprisoned by Admins then kicked or even banned. They should still be able to log in, have visitors and RP with, but may be released only after "Date". This could give you more prison kingpins.

Down sides though.

  • No IC Consequence - It only adds to admin record, they aren't charged with the crime that may be associated to the situation leading to it, so there is no IC history, whether it's voided or not. This could be easily adaptive and resolved though.
  • Contraband - They could end up in prison with weapons. Again, easily resolved if done correctly.
  • Repeat Offenses - They could still break server rules. However they could also be tossed in solitary until they learn what they've done wrong, or improve their RP with DOC personnel or other prisoners.
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