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Speakers are ridiculous and fail RP

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is there a way to permanently silence speakers or to decrease their default volume? 

I'm constantly pulling up to places and having to write /speaker to or 3 times, whats the deal? it just slows down the gameplay, leads to people using them to gank people. Ive never tunred up to a bank in my how the town and had to turn down the speakers, just have the default on like 2. 

This is a serious breach of RP. slows the game, breaks immersion and is leaving people in the open ready to be ganked,. 

**Edited for corrections**

Added suggestion - at the very least ad the command /sv for speaker volume atm i have to literally type    /speakerv every time as there are several speaker commands.


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14 minutes ago, Yputi said:

What is the suggestion exactly? To permanently place speakers or you asking if you can permanently lower speaker volumes?
For volume, use /speakervolume [speaker ID] [1-100]

Pretty sure he means permanently lower the speakers. Tbh it's a good suggestion because I see where he's coming from. Pulling up to a gas station with a very loud speaker dead next to the pumps does leave you open to being ganked, especially on a bike due to the recent changes where if you're on a bike and someone aims a gun at you, you HAVE to comply rather than dip off. It's not a big deal by any means but I see where he's coming from.


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9 minutes ago, Yputi said:

What is the suggestion exactly? To permanently place speakers or you asking if you can permanently lower speaker volumes?
For volume, use /speakervolume [speaker ID] [1-100]

sorry, i meant is there a permanent way to silence the speakers, all speakers, forever. 

i may not have been clear. My issue is that I do not find it good RP to have to pull up to a store when I am about to rob it, and then have to stand outside and turn 2 speakers down. it's just silly, music blasting everywhere. 

The argument against this is that one could just simply walk away from the speakers. This is easier said than done and is very situational. 

The argument I'm making is that speakers ought t be lowered by default when placed so that it is not as loud when you first approach it. If someone wants to listen to music then it should be on low then you have the option to turn it up. It is kinda wrong for players to have to turn it down if they don't like it. That is just the wrong way around, 

1. Speakers are set to 0 by default, players have the option to turn the music up if they want to see what is on,
2. Only only speaker allowed within 20 meters of each other, ist just spam after so much of going from garage to garage or from shop to shop and having to turn them all down.

It just slows rp, in a command-driven game why do I have to yet enter more commands, if you want to go listen to music then turn it up for you, but dont have it so loud when placed, have it on, just turn it down by 50%. 

and the ganking thing i meant, you could place speakers. and when people turn them down for the first time yu have around a 3-4 second advantage over them where they cant hear much, wont be using comms and are busy typing. 

another argument against this is that "nah bro, it's fine, it doesn't affect me" - this is just a terrible argument, it means you would not really notice the added change, whereas the person who does notice this would benefit massively. 

If the speakers were the same volume for everyone at every time then I might not suggest this as strongly, but because i can roll up to a garage and have loud music playing, whilst someone else (who got there earlier and who has turned down the speaker) has the gameplay advantage of both time, by not having to type, and by hearing, as the speaker volume is localized.

- decrease default speaker volume when placed
- only 1 speaker in xx amount of radius ( roughly 20m)_


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I think they can bring something extra to clubs and such if used correctly.

The way they are currently set-up though isn't good. At the very least have a command to toggle them for yourself personally so if you don't want to hear it, you aren't forced to.

For a server so dependent on voice roleplay, why would you add stuff like this that is inconvenient to ignore. 😂

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