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Automatically Delete Dropped Objects After "x" time

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So I'm not an expert, nor did I ever claim to be.


But there is no way that having 1000's of objects spawned on the ground inside stores and drugs labs can be good for rendering health or server health.


What I suggest is that after an item is dropped - it be deleted after 30 minutes from the world - I've noticed significant issues with voip and other lag issues when entering an area with a significant amount of dropped items...


or - when you drop multiple items on the ground, have it only create 1 object and then an inventory system (like a box) on the x y and z coordinates where the stack of items was dropped



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+1 but if only items get deleted except guns, as imagine a scenario you're getting chased by cops and you know they will catch you, you quickly get a gap from them, and manage to roleplay you dropping your heavy gun or something in a bush. And after 30 mins it would get deleted, hell nah..  Atleast each 3 hours or something.

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