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  1. I personally dont like how you cant die from dehydration and starvation anymore. In real life you would, whats the point in even buying the food and drink when it doesnt even matter because it wont kill you? Sure you will have low health but for someone who is a citizen and doing something like postal job or trucker it wont even really matter if you eat or not. I think lowering the rate that thirst and hunger goes down at was a good idea but why even spend the money on food and drink when your not going to die? To me i see it as something thats meant more for criminals than civillians, since your most likely going to want the full health when your a criminal. Thank you for reading.
  2. +1 i think this is a very good idea.
  3. VomitSpawn

    ID 83 NRP

    I am sorry but i do not accept your apology. I feel this whole thing could of been avoided if you would of just left my doors alone and walked away, but for what ever reason you kept at it. I also feel that you misused the Raterp command on me and was dishonest in the rating you gave me, all because of the rating i gave you from what you did to me at the bank. I am not certain that is what you have done as i can not see what you wrote in the rating. I do feel that is what happened though unfortunately, and that is not ok if it is true. I am just going to leave it at that and let the Admin take care of the rest. Thank you for reading
  4. VomitSpawn

    ID 83 NRP

    You are mistaken, my first time i met you was at the bank in the video i provided above. Also if you werent spamming the O button then why was the door opening and closing over and over? You were the only person near the part of the vehicle that opens that window, and it just does not open and close like that when someone presses it once. Your claiming you thought it was meant to be closed. What makes you think i want someone i do not know messing with my doors? I asked you IC to stop messing with my doors, you ignored me. Thinking realistically you would not go up to someones car you do not know and keep opening and closing the doors. I just wanted to sell tacos and you would not stop messing with my doors in a NCZ after i asked you multiple times to stop IC and OOC. This would not of happened if you would of just stopped when i asked you to.
  5. VomitSpawn

    ID 83 NRP

    I tried asking you IC to stop, you ignored me. I felt this was very poor rp on your end so i went to ooc. And you still didnt stop just to try to be annoying. Thats when i tried getting help from a moderator that was up at the bank at the time but he must of missed my ooc message. Thats who ID 22 was. Try looking at it from my point of view. I go up to the bank to sell my tacos like i always do. And someone who i dont even know starts spamming my doors with O. I first went a long with it and asked you to stop IC. You completly ignored me, i have no idea who you are or why you were doing that to me. So i go to OOC because that was very unrealistic and poor rp from you. Only reason i got you stop is by locking vehicle. Which is what i tried to do in the first place but didnt work, i feel this whole thing could of been avoided if you would of just stopped when i asked you IC. Id also like to add after the whole raterp situation. He noticed me up at city hall, and came up to me just to say this. Only interaction i have had with this player IC was asking him to stop opening and closing my doors up at the bank, even then he chose to ignore my attempts to speak with him. I do feel that this player misused the RateRp system on me for OOC reasons. Im not exactly sure why he came up to me to say this but im going to go ahead and assume it was because i did raterp on him from what he did to me up at the bank. I opened it to try to display my taco truck at the bank like i always do. But you were spamming the O button so i couldnt. I managed to get it locked with the window open like i originally wanted. But i knew i had to unlock the vehicle to get inside, and that would give you another chance to start spamming more doors again. I was trying to be quick with getting in and locking it. which teleported me out the vehicle because i didnt give myself enough time to get into the vehicle and i locked it. I then try to get in again after that, and you noticed me trying to get in the vehicle so you come over to try to do it again. But i was quick enough to lock it at the right momment. I would actually like to disagree with you there, from my point of view i feel i handled the situation pretty well. Im not exactly sure what you had against me but you were unresponsive in OOC and IC and had no reason to do what you did. Thank you for reading.
  6. VomitSpawn

    ID 83 NRP

    Player(s) being reported: ID 83 Date of interaction reported: 5/14/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Camron Bones Other player(s) involved: none Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? I went up to the bank to sell tacos and i get out to try to open my taco window, then ID 83 comes up and wouldnt stop opening and closing the door by spamming O. I asked him IC if he could stop and he wouldnt. I then went to OOC and requested that he stopped as i felt this wasnt really proper roleplay and was unrealistic. he was just doing it to be a troll it seemed like which is why i started recording. I only got him to stop by locking the vehicle and i had to leave it locked. Later on i run into him again, so i decided to raterp him from what he did earlier at the bank. I was just being honest in the raterp, first thing he does is goes to rate rp me back. I am pretty sure he misused the raterp system and was being dishonest with it to give me a low rating because i decided to raterp him for what he did to me up at the bank. I am not certain thats what the player has done, but i didnt want to take the chance and let it go against my raterp stats which is why i just wanted to put that in the report as well. Evidence of rule breach:
  7. House has been sold thank you everyone for the offers
  8. Selling 2g by sandy shores on the water am taking offers on it
  9. i think it would be cool for people to be able to buy a portable radio for music, one that you can drop on the ground and have the music play in that area. Would be great for parties, events, and fishing. Possibly have the feature to press P and carry it as well to have music play while your walking. I do also think if this was added would need a command or something to adjust the volume of the radio and to switch it on and off. Thank you for reading.
  10. -1 i can see this easily being abused to where no one would be safe. Theres already house robberies as it is you just have to roleplay it.
  11. -1 in my opinion the real estate is fine the way it is now. The only issue is the amount of house that are available. Once more houses become available that will balance everything out, no ones going to buy an expensive 2g when theres one available for normal price somewhere else. Which is why i think it would balance itself out.
  12. I remember when i first joined the server they had mushrooms i never figured out how to grow them but i was able to buy them, i found out recently that they were removed from the server at some point and you cant grow them anymore. But i heard they werent completely removed from the server and some players still have them just cant grow them. I think it would be cool to bring back the ability to grow them as it would add to the variety of drugs. Also what would be cool to see is more effects from drugs like if you were to take some hard/psychoactive drug you would have either a physical disadvantage or advantage against a sober player depending on the drug used. Would defiantly add to the roleplay when it comes to dealing drugs and people actually wanting to buy them. Thank you for reading
  13. I really love selling tacos to people, but ever since the new recent price change barely anyone wants to buy a taco. I suggest lowering the price of a taco from the taco truck to where its less than in the stores, when i tell people its 500 a taco which is lowest possible price right now for a taco 9/10 times they arent interested because it cost more and they just walk away mad at me for my prices. I dont get to engage in roleplay as much as i used to. This is just how i feel about it since the recent changes. Thank you for reading.
  14. Yea i believe you i just wanted to add that, not everyone is a scammer. It is currently bugged. I have witnessed some get scammed buying a taco before this though. It is still an issue. Hopefully they do fix the bug so i can sell tacos normally again.
  15. I hate to see people ruining the taco job, it is my favorite job. And i actually see this a lot. It is a shame i do enjoy the recent updates to the taco job. Please report those who are scamming in NCZ. This is not ok. Dont want nothing happening to the taco job, its seriously one of my favorite parts of the server. Just logged on and tried to deliver tacos, set my price and it was off. I set the price of a taco to 150 and it appeared as if that was the price until someone bought it. When the player purchased the taco it charged them 550. Taco truck is currently bugged.
  16. I think it would be cool if there was an option to open and close the taco truck whenever with a command. Maybe even make it where when its open the taco driver goes into an animation behind the counter in the taco truck. Would look more realistic i think.
  17. Property is no longer available.
  18. No thank you, as i said above lowest i will take is 350k.
  19. Thank you both for your offers! But unfortunately im going to have to decline, lowest im accepting for this property is 350k. Thank you.
  20. Thanks for the advice but only serious buyers please.
  21. Hello and thank you for the offer but price is firm, will not take any lower than 350k thank you.
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