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  1. Property is no longer available.
  2. No thank you, as i said above lowest i will take is 350k.
  3. Thank you both for your offers! But unfortunately im going to have to decline, lowest im accepting for this property is 350k. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the advice but only serious buyers please.
  5. Hello and thank you for the offer but price is firm, will not take any lower than 350k thank you.
  6. Thanks for the offer, but price is firm. Not taking any lower as said above.
  7. Please serious buyers only, i dont need people telling me its to high. If you can find a better house for that much then do it. Like i said above price is firm. Thank you.
  8. Serious buyers only please. As said above price is firm.
  9. Selling a 2g house is near sandy shores, im selling it for 350k. Will not take any lower price is firm. Serious buyers only please contact me if your interested at 5614301, Fred Jones.
  10. Player(s) being reported: ID 87 Date of interaction reported: 03/12/19 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1552451699 Your characters name: Fred Jones Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: 6.6 Non-roleplay 6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was selling Tacos in front of the bank, and then some more taco sales men come up. I dont know why it had to be a competition, i was minding my own buisness in the first place. And they were taking customers away from me, thats not really an issue though. We were told by a cop to move our trucks out of the crosswalk. So i go and move my truck, then ID 87 purposely runs into my truck with his in NCZ, and continues to back his truck up into the front of mine. I just thought this wasnt proper roleplay, like you wouldnt be doing that in real life. Evidence of rule breach: 09:00 is when he runs into my truck, he then continues backing into my truck after that. this is everything that happened leading up to what he did.
  11. +1 i do find it kind of difficult to find any available homes now. This is a good idea.
  12. Selling 1g house by the Bank for 350,000 Price is firm will not take any lower. Located at Alta St. 2 Tour of the inside: Email me if interested ((DISCORD: SourceSpooky#3156))Serious buyers only, thank you.
  13. -1 i like the idea of being able to stash items somewhere, and not have to worry about it disappearing. I think its realistic the way it is now.
  14. I really love selling tacos so far its one of my favorite jobs to roleplay as, one thing i notice is the amount of people who want to buy a taco but cant because they dont have cash. In real life a food truck would most likely have a card machine, would be nice if players could buy tacos with their bank money or cash.
  15. Date and time (PST) : 12:16 AM thursday march 7th 2019 Character name: fred jones Issue/bug you are reporting: Reconnecting to server wont join Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: when ever i try to join the server it says recconecting to server and it wont ever connect im not sure how this happened because i was playing earlier with no problems.
  16. My offer is 300k if its still available this is a lovely house and would be glad to pay 300k for it 🙂
  17. Character to be refunded: Fred Jones Date and time of incident:01/17/19 10:30 PM (PST) Requested refund (what and how much): The house located at Carson Ave. 16 and some pistols. Or at least my 80k spent on the house. Description of incident resulting in loss: I just havent logged onto the server in a long time and i return home to get geared up and i cant unlock my door. Was told that admins sell houses after 3 months of not playing and i should come to the forums. Evidence of loss:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JxrV3QzXmx2ymqh5ZfAMX1Gp2yLsM8mJdTaQfUUud5s/edit?usp=sharing Comments: i bought the house through another player, he made it so where i can pay half and pay the rest off over time. This is the only proof i have of purchasing the house. Im a little upset this has even happened considering how much time i put into the server for the house. I just got busy with life video games werent really a priority. Im posting this in hopes to get my property back.
  18. You know that isnt how it went down. I was doing my route, and you were flying down the road and t boned me. You went flying off your bike and survived. Please don't lie here, its certainly not going to help your case. Just makes you look worse.
  19. Thank you very much for the response, and i apologize for the language. And as i said above it was instictive because i felt as if he was in the wrong, i am fine with taking what ever punishment you feel is nessacary for doing so. It was a mistake on my part. And i do now realize that wasnt roleplay behavior, if i get into a similar situation again i will just let what ever happens happen. He has me confused with someone else, we never met before he t boned my bus and waited for me at the bus station.
  20. Like i said before just wait and see what an admin has to say about this. That never happened man, your just coming up with stuff on the spot at this point. Your only making it worse on yourself.
  21. Then we have never met prior to you t boning into my bus, you must have me confused with someone else. But you then go wait for me at the bus station to gun me down. Which is deathmatching because thats not a valid reason to kill someone. We will wait and see what an admin has to say about this whole situation. As you are to ignorant to tell the truth. No point in arguing.
  22. If i remember correctly, we already speaked about this in game. We came to an agreement that it was a mis understanding. The whole reason i told them is because when i pulled up to question you, you instantly went into defense mode and shot at me. There was no verbal warning, just point and shoot. Thats not roleplay behavior. So i decided to pull up to the mechanic shop, to inform them of the crazed gun man shooting civilians trying to hop the fence. Thats how i seen it at the time. You then followed me out of the lot and tried to make me crash a couple times. I went to the police station to get away. I went inside and hid, i wad in there for a good 5 or so minutes and come out and he was waiting for me in the parking lot. I went back inside and waited some more. Came out again and you were still there basically forcing me to stay in the PD or be killed. So i walked out there to talk to you and i explained what happened and i thought we came to an agreement that you will let me get away with it. Because it was a misunderstanding as you claimed to have not shot your gun when i pulled up. Then why the hell would you decide to kill me days later for something that could of possibly been a register bug where one thing will register on ones computer but not on the others. I think your just bringing that up to possibily help your case. As you didnt get punished for stealing those cars and i wouldn't of even told on you if you didnt try to kill me for asking what you were up to. And i already made that clear to you in game. Your seriously going to be like that after our discussion? You tried to kill me twice out of roleplay now without a valid reason too. How would you feel if you were on my end? You could of approached this whole situation in a different way, and in a more roleplay manner. There was no roleplay involved when you t boned my bus., then waited for me back at the bus station to gun me down. And when you just pulled your gun out on me and started shooting at the LSC. For simply attempting to ask what you were doing. Im not one looking for trouble, i have been grinding the bus job these past couple days saving up for a house. I literally havent done a thing to deserve what your doing to me.
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